Look at the way he looks at that coffee, it’s important to him. And then he taps it before putting it down, a solid reminder that Ed likes it, a reminder that he remembered Ed liked it. He sees it as a ticket almost, maybe not to Ed’s heart, but at least into a delicate handshake of friendship that only Harry gets. The canister is small, but the lettering of “French Vanilla” is fancy, which means he probably used some of his own money to buy the more expensive brand (everything else purchased with the Ghostfacer group budget). It’s something so small to everyone else, but it’s so big to Corbett. Because he’s giving the guy of his dreams something he likes. He’ll probably see a smile stretch over that perfect golden beard and Corbett can’t wait.


…in which Inuyasha realizes that Kitten(s) are the key to happiness. ;)

For, of course, @artistefish‘s Miroku PI AU. What can I say? I just love all your AU designs and stuff. :U

This is one of the first pictures they had taken after getting married I know you said that’s still a while away because money and the like but shhhh and I imagine they have it up in their house somewhere. :U

My dream voices for the Diamonds are all Broadway actresses and / or top notch singers, to be honest. Seeing how Patti LuPone is Yellow Diamond, and for the sake of things, let’s say Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, she’s voiced by Susan Egan, it only makes sense.

Imagine White Diamond being voiced by Queen Latifah and Idina Menzel as Blue Diamond. We’d have them all fucking slay. We would need a music number with all four of them together.


Corbett just kind of gives everyone else their mugs and leaves them to it, but he stands (off to the side so he’s not bothering anybody, because he’s just that damn polite) and waits for Ed to take a sip. He probably made that cup last and with the most effort, maybe added something extra to make it special. He paid an extra two bucks or so for that coffee. He worked for the smile Ed is bound to give him and, dammit, he’s going to see it.

True love :)

I wish to find a girl that Is down to do anything, like seriously anything. I want to go on road trips and turn over and see her sleeping in the passenger side, I want to buy a dog on that trip and give him/her a cuts name. I want to look at her and know I love her, I want her to be the center of my universe and more. I want her to be my everything because I know when she leaves I’ll have nothing.

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connverse story, please!

send me a ship & I’ll write a three-sentence fic for them!

She pushed forward, he pushed back, they were fumbling for each other’s hands and they had no idea which one of them tripped. But next thing they knew, Connie and Steven found themselves falling into the tide.

“The kiss was nice,” Connie giggled. “But next time, maybe you shouldn’t surprise me like that.”