Apparently, I'm not the Center of the Universe

My last appointment ran over, because she had a lot of serious stuff to talk about.

So I was late for my regular 8pm meeting.

Then the meeting ended before I had a chance to share.

Just a little put out.

I laughed on the way home, because of the reminder, once again the world does not move at my speed, lol!

r0rschach asked:

If you want to, give us some random Edward Elric headcanons? :0 Anything! Like what he does first when getting ready in the morning/least favorite bug/guilty pleasures/etc! Also Alphonse Elric, if you'd like. ^u^ (P.S. I adore your work and art style!! Fantastic art!)

youre in for a treat bc in my lil notebook (that i purchased bc it looks like… an alchemy notebook) theres a shitload of headcanons, and soon i will collate everything into a nifty post and feel bad bc my headcanons are so…. self-satifsying…….. and since its ed, itll be hedcanons about everyone around him too, since…. hes the center…. of my universe……………. 

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dear future kids?

oh man
dear future kids,
you are literally going to be the center of my universe. I know the second I lay eyes on you I’ll fall in love in a way I’ve never felt before. I promise to be the best mommy that I possibly can be. I promise to make the monsters go away, and get you ice cream every time the ice cream man comes around, but only if you finish dinner. I promise to take silly pictures on your first day of school and tuck you in every night. I promise to sing your favorite songs no matter how many times I’ve heard them and how much they annoy me. I promise to be there for you. I promise that as you grow up I will be a person you can come to, not a friend who’s eventually going to leave you for a stupid boyfriend or when things get too hard. I promise to never let your possible suffering go unnoticed. I promise to give you “us” days where me, you and momma can sit home and take a day to ourselves. I promise you get to pick the movie and the lunch every time. I promise to let you be yourself. I promise to let you wear pink fluffy dresses if you want to one day, and khakis with a polo the next if you so please. I promise to encourage a healthy lifestyle. I promise to be your biggest supporter, your biggest advocate, your biggest fan, and one of your best friends. I promise to love you with everything in me. I promise you, I will do everything possible to keep you safe, happy and healthy. I never want to be the mom who ignores her child’s sadness or suffering. I will be the best version of me, all for you.

Look at the way he looks at that coffee, it’s important to him. And then he taps it before putting it down, a solid reminder that Ed likes it, a reminder that he remembered Ed liked it. He sees it as a ticket almost, maybe not to Ed’s heart, but at least into a delicate handshake of friendship that only Harry gets. The canister is small, but the lettering of “French Vanilla” is fancy, which means he probably used some of his own money to buy the more expensive brand (everything else purchased with the Ghostfacer group budget). It’s something so small to everyone else, but it’s so big to Corbett. Because he’s giving the guy of his dreams something he likes. He’ll probably see a smile stretch over that perfect golden beard and Corbett can’t wait.

tfw ableist haters get all upset just because my rampaging and untreated mental illness causes me to harm them

like HELLO my disease is my identity??? and im proud of it and shouldn’t have to change or get therapy to fit your ableist idea of normal?????? 

how about you stop being so mean and let me say and do whatever i want without telling me my behavior is “symptomatic” like OMG way to shame me for being mentally ill and having a disability when i already know that and besides it only counts when i’m the one upset about it!!! you’re supposed to support me and make sure i’m never sad or anxious about anything and don’t you dare stigmatize me by reading self-help books about how to navigate my disability like i’m some kind of monster like um making my disease about you and your dumb “boundaries” and not me and my right to be the center of the universe is kinda????? super?????? shitty??????????? 


ps: uwu


Corbett just kind of gives everyone else their mugs and leaves them to it, but he stands (off to the side so he’s not bothering anybody, because he’s just that damn polite) and waits for Ed to take a sip. He probably made that cup last and with the most effort, maybe added something extra to make it special. He paid an extra two bucks or so for that coffee. He worked for the smile Ed is bound to give him and, dammit, he’s going to see it.

  • guitar string / wedding ring by carly rae jepsen
  • collide by howie day
  • be your everything by boys like girls
  • that’s beautiful to me by jaron & the long road to love
  • boom clap by charli xcx
  • all of the stars by ed sheeran
  • arms by christina perri
  • miss missing you by fall out boy
  • on top of the world by imagine dragons
  • sparks fly by taylor swift
  • rhythm of love by the plain white t’s
  • good riddance (time of your life) by green day

art belongs to whomackenzie


As most of you already know, the Ghostfacers are beyond my favorite characters in the ENTIRE Supernatural universe. I often refer to them as the “center of my universe”. I cried all day with these two. At the panel I cried asking about ghost stories (most people remembered me for that HI SORRY I WAS A SOBBING MESS). 

Long story short, I’ve wanted to, lbr, be a Ghostfacer since I was a kid. That dream has been met with a lot of support but also a whole lot of backlash. The ‘Facers, for me, represent fufilling that dream. The Ghostfacers, as well, were the only thing to make me really happy when my depression was at it’s worse and when I felt truly suicidal, they always gave me hope.

AKA They are super important I was a sobbing mess.

See the first picture where I’m actually crying and laughing at the same time.