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This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called Cecile The Lion. All captions are quotes from current Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards , The photos are of Cecil the lion.

Morning New Rundown

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Lions lives matters /Black lives matters

But do you notice other people screaming all wild life matters too, I mean cheetas are hunted but they’re not being killed at the rate that lions are being killed,

White people will understand the statement above, but they won’t understand why its not okay to scream all lives matters /white lives matters.

Feel badly about Cecil the lion? These mustangs will be killed by the U.S. government if not adopted after their removal from the lands they were born on. Go to #SaltRiverWildHorses to see their beauty. #SaltRiverMustangs #Repost @the_su1c1de_king with @repostapp.
WHAT: Press Conference. Press and Public welcome.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 4th, 5 pm

WHERE: Butcher Jones Recreation Area, Fort McDowell, off of Bush Highway in Mesa, Arizona. (first exit after Saguaro lake)

Contact: Simone Netherlands, Salt River Wild Horse Management Group 928-925-7212
Congressman Grijalva’s press office: 202-225-2435

Forest Service Announces Plans to Annihilate Famous Salt River Wild Horses; Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to hold press conference on Tuesday August 4th at 5 pm.

Photo courtesy of @aklove

The biggest threat to African lions isn’t foreign hunters—it’s African people

“Whatever you think of big game hunters, the reality is that they aren’t to blame for shrinking lion populations. African population growth and economic development is.

In 2012, a group of scientists used satellite data to estimate the size of African savannas where lions could live without being bothered by humans. They found that between 1960 and 2000, the available habitat shrunk by 2.2 million square kilometers, to about 9.7 million square km (about a 20% reduction), while the size of the lion population shrunk by 75%.

While some populations appear secure, the researchers still expect further shrinkage in the years to come and more local extinctions—out of a total population ranging from 32,000 to 35,000, they identified some 6,000 lions in areas of “doubtful long-term longevity.”

That’s 6,000 Cecils who probably won’t make it.

Many African nations have created large national parks to protect their animals, some of the largest in the world. But nearby farmers tend to keep the majority of their wealth in livestock. When hungry lions stray off the reservation and threaten their farms, they get killed. Lions also can find their way into the snares of local hunters looking for wild meat.

“The biggest threats to lions are the loss of habitat and when lions come into conflict with people outside the protected area,” says Stuart Pimm, a professor of conservation ecology at Duke University who worked on the study. “The wider context for Cecil the lion is how we manage lions and other animals when they are outside of the protected area.”

Pimm works with National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative on several grant programs toward that end. One program helps farmers build sturdier enclosures, known as bomas, for their herds, reducing the threat of lions without having to kill them.

Whether or not Zimbabwe and other countries with lions decide to change their hunting-conservation model, they are unlikely to change their aspirations of increased prosperity and development. And that means more lions are going to die. They just won’t necessarily attract the same attention that Cecil did.”

Attention all Utapri Fans!

mangled-beansprout and I have decided that we want to start up a utapri RP! We haven’t decided what we wanna do yet, but if you’re interested message either one of the two of us, or send send a reply to this post about who you want to be! We’re thinking of making a skype group for all of us to RP in!
So we currently have:

Otoya: oujiusagi (?)
Tokiya: yosukehanamuraz
Masato: momsato
Ren: sxienxheart (?)
Natsuki: mangled-beansprout
Reiji: itschibi-tan
Ai: chiyamabunny

(?) - maybes! If you decide that you’re sure you would like to be in the RP, let us know!