No, Seriously.

It irritates me so much that people turn a blind eye to B.A.P. And no, this isn’t just because I find them cute or hot or anything like that.

B.A.P is seriously the most different kpop group​ out there. I can say that with confidence. Absolute confidence.

Other groups out there produce the most trending music. They create hard dances. Show off their bodies and aegyo to get fans. At the end of the day, all of that fades. Bodies fade. Music trends die. Doing cute stuff when your thirty loses it’s appeal. 

It’s all be done before. A cycle of unoriginality mixed in with what’s the most popular thing right now creates​ stardom. It ceates​ main stream groups and the same old songs just with different keys and different vocals.

Here’s where I make my point.

B.A.P, the six men that make up the band. It isn’t all about smiling. It isn’t about putting off the picture perfect boy group, where everything is cookie cutter with them. No, it isn’t.

B.A.P has been through things most people never do in their lives. Contracts that pay them less money than minimum wage. Being forced to work when sick and having other issues. Eating disorders. Suicidal thoughts. Alcoholism. Lawsuits that make them lose a huge amount of their fanbases. They’ve been through struggles I hope no one else has to go through, sincerely.

I was just minding my business today, but a song popped up in my head. Their song ‘Wake Me Up’. I listened to it, and unconciously clicked on ‘1004’. I watched their old episodes of Weekly Idol, and voyaged further back into their history. Watching their performances and their interactions.

In the end it left me thinking: Do people not see what the lawsuit did to them? Do they not see how strong they are? How they decided to put out harder songs about real issues in the world rather than gain back popularity with another generic pop song?

They don’t have to dance hard to get your attention. They don’t have to be the best rappers or vocalists to get noticed. If you’re open to deeper concepts than just a school love or sadness over a girl, B.A.P is perfect.

And that’s what makes them unique to me. They chose being real and sticking to themselves when they came back from their hiatus. They chose to give out real concepts with their songs. Have you seen the ‘Wake Me Up’ music video? The diversity? The emotion? How the members struggled throughout it?

What about the choreography? Where the leader walks through two other members. Where he takes back the leader position and leads the boys. It makes everything so much more intense, and my heart aches for him. For his axiety and panic disorders. I respect him so much for coming back. I respect all the boys.

Sure, you could go against me and say, “What about ‘Feel So Good’? That song was just upbeat and smiley. They’re fake too.”

They have never been fake. They have never acted like a perfect group. They’re so much more than that. Yes, they put out a smiley song about happiness. But really, how often do they do that concept? How many of their comebacks were about dark situations and deeper stuff?

“But my oppas are special too!”. Yeah, they are. But, just hear me out, what’s their latest comeback about? It it about a girl? Is it EDM? Pop? Maybe they lift their shirts. Maybe they do some wild hip thrusts. Hell, they might even lick their lips and tease.

Is that wrong groups are like that? No. Each group has the right to want to be popular, and find the best way to do it. The only reason I stress this is because it shows how different B.A.P is.

I’m happy your oppas are singing about their first loves and heartbreak when they aren’t even legal yet. I’m happy they’re doing that. Genuinely. It’s popular, and spreads K-pop around the world more. 

Most people start off with the most popular groups before moving to others. So yes, let them sing their heart out. Let them dance in tight pants and shirts that are a little too unbuttoned because that’s what’s popular. And that’s what spreads. Has B.A.P partaken in these actions? Hell yeah. But they don’t make their career about it. Look at all their comeback songs. 'Badman’, 'Warrior’, 'No Mercy’, 'One Shot’, etc. Tell me now, are they generic?

Long story short, before I make a book out of this, B.A.P deserves so much more. 

They might never be the trendy group they were before the lawsuit, but they’ll probably always be the realest group out there. Pumping out songs that challenge society. More than many other groups out there can say.

Go stan them and stan them hard. They deserve it so much. You will never regret it.


A big ol’ BABY (fandom name of course)

grda-polsestra  asked:

Hey :) I'll be starting mechanical engineering in college in October. May I ask, how is it to be a woman in such a male-dominated field? Whenever I tell anyone I'm going to study engineering, I get mostly very shocked and sceptic feedback from people (even though I've always been an overachiever academically), but those are usually coming from non-engineers. Would you say that changes once you're actually in it, or should I get used to it? Thank you so much :D

So to put this in a little bit of perspective, I have some stats to share with you. For my specific university, in our college of engineering:

  • 16% of graduates overall are female
  • 11.3% of Mechanical and Aerospace graduates are female
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is made up of 1,582 students as a department, including graduate students

Put it all together and that means that there are 184 female students in the Mechanical and Aerospace program at OSU. Outside of OSU, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Aerospace workforce is made up of 13.3% females.

Those are some pretty some small numbers if you ask me.

Now, I’ve always had a driven, go-getter sort of attitude, and I’ve always loved math and science, so I’ve pretty much always been told I was going to be an engineer. Then again, that probably has something to do with the fact that Mom was an engineer as well, so I always had a strong, STEM female role model.

That being said, I was always met by someone who would ask me what I’m going to school for, then raise an eyebrow upon receiving my answer. I wish I could tell you that it gets better, but it doesn’t. It continues. It’s some strange combination of sexism and societal expectations that somehow is perpetually in place. It. Sucks.

Now, don’t lose heart. Because it may be small numbers, and we may be surrounded, but that doesn’t mean they’ve got us beat. 

So every year, the senior Aerospace Engineering students at OSU are split into two teams for their senior capstone, and then compete against each other to see who has the better design. Each team functions as real-life, industry style team, complete with a Head Engineer. This Spring, we were lucky enough to have one of those Head Engineers be a female, who happens to be an Ambassador for the College, a CEAT Scholar (which means they give you money for being awesome), is on her way to Grad School in the fall, and is the first person ever to graduate at OSU with a minor in Homeland Security.

She and I have both discovered that you can’t expect the guys around you to do you any favors. At first, they sort of try to coddle you. Then, they try to take charge. Don’t let them. Be their friends, of course, or else you won’t have any. Join their study groups, be in their clubs and on their teams. Join Student Council, become president of a professional organization. Outscore them on an exam. Don’t let them perpetuate the stigma that women can’t be successful in the field, because dammit we kick ass once we get there.

Everyone in engineering school is amazing, but so are you. It doesn’t matter that what differences you may have. Sometimes you just need to make them know that.

I make it sound like I’m bitter and angry, but honestly I love my guys. My study group are my friends, and my family. There are 7 of us, and I’m the only girl. They’re my lunch crew, my football buddies, the people I go get ice cream with at 9:00 at night. They’re my people and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

It’s kind of funny. Sometimes we’ll be studying, and I’ll be in my head, and I’ll be having a meltdown and telling myself that I can’t do it, that engineering isn’t the right place for me. But then they talk me down from my mental ledge, they remind me that I’m the one keeping study sessions on track, I’m the one who crushed that Thermo exam last week, I’m the one who is now an Ambassador for the college, who has a fancy scholarship. They’re my reality check, if that makes sense.

You’ll be surrounded by boys, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s going to be what you make of it. Put yourself out there, make yourself known. Introduce yourself to the people around you and to the professor. You’ll find the way that you’re meant to shine. I promise.

I hope that helps, and I wish you the very best of luck!

OOC:// So, I have this “Itachi’s Will” verse where Sasuke puts off taking Itachi’s eyes for the mankekyo sharingan until he can better understand what Itachi would want him to do with his new knowledge and power. He wants to carry on his brother’s will, but Sasuke doesn’t know how, so he travels about slowly going blind. As he descends into mental distress over time, he makes his trips to receive ointment to preserve his eyes less frequently.

What I really, really, really wanna do with this verse is a plot where Sasuke finally gives in and accepts Itachi’s eyes. The first few days that he has them and he is wrapped up, he is only seeing Itachi’s memories. He needs help doing everything, and someone has to cradle his sanity for him so he can get through the emotional event.

Also, a plot where maybe in this state he’s talking to a version of itachi that he actually just ceated in his head in the darkness while his transplanted eyes are healing. But he becomes so attached to this version that he forgets it isn’t real and goes basically berserk when he undresses his eyes to find that Itachi wasn’t real at all.

Even just Sasuke pining over his brother, feeling lost and slipping from sanity. I want a raw, vulnerable guy who has been traumatized one too many times. I’m interested in seeing how he makes his relationship ties. Do they last only until he is well again? Does he fall in love? Does he continue to insist on solitude? Does he make a new friend or ally? Anyone interested in something like these?

Teotihuacan | Pyramid of the Moon (foreground), Pyramid of the Sun (top left), and the Citadel (background), all connected by the Avenue of the Dead 

Teotihuacan, Mexico, main structures ca. 50–250 CE

At its peak around 600 CE, Teotihuacan was the sixth-largest city in the world. It featured a rational grid plan and a two-mile-long main avenue. Its monumental pyramids echo the shapes of surrounding mountains.

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Somergraham video created by emir fans! Enjoy and like on Youtube!!!

Aaaaawwwww <3 so cuteeeee their friendship! <3

Mark your calendars fellow Lasallians cause WE WILL ROCK DOWN THE HOUSE! 

Malapit na ang Pinaka Astig na Concert ng Taon! 
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DECEMBER 14, 2013 

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Good Morning :*

Happy friday! :D Later may CEAT General Assembly kami 4-8, tapos Judgement day na sa LSFDC. Hindi alam kung san ako pupunta,e required sa GA eh. Anong dapat gawin? Nagpaalam naman ako kay Mommy KC eh, kaso ang sabi, humabol daw ako. Waaaa. Goodluck na lang sakin. Tatakas na lang ako sa ga. Huehue

LEZZ DO DIZZ BATHC 21! VIVA! Performing Arts :D


Mga ilang minuto bago ko itype ang post na ‘toh eh nagtataka ako kung bakit medyo masakit ang likod at binti ko. Nga pala, parusa ang pag-akyat ng CEAT. Sira daw ang elevator. Balita pa nga daw eh nahulog daw. Wooo. Katakot naman yun.

Ilang steps din yun. From 3rd basement to 4th floor. 12 stairs bali yun. Tang ina. Makahanap nga ng salompas.