Today I am thinking of women too often ignored or even hurt by the feminist movement. Trans* women, women of color, disabled women, fat women, queer women, elderly women, poor women, women in prison, women who are sex workers, women who are undocumented, women who are more than one of the above. Today is your day, too. I celebrate you and your strengths.

To make my view very clear: trans* women should definitely be welcomed at women’s colleges. Trans* men who know that they are men should not be. Obviously this can only happen if other people also know that they are men, ie they are out. If a person is already attending a women’s school and come out to themself as male, they should not be forced to leave and should not be discriminated against. Trans* women at women’s colleges and trans* men at women’s colleges are two different issues. Both need addressing.


This also was not on my blog. And it needs to be on my blog.