cease asked:

hi! your digital coloring is so appealing!! i especially love that your art doesnt have black lineart, like in the enchantment/fresh picked/spring photoset ;v; could i ask how you started to digitally paint? im very overwhelmed about colors B( thank you! and im very sorry if this is too vague aaa

thank you!!

What can help you out is plotting a palette before delving into painting! Cause, knowing the colors you’ll use before-hand, is good practice for gaining an intuition for which colors work best with others.

also a little nice tip when plotting:

if you can, plan your colors in the order that they will be juxtaposing each other in the painting, cause that’s when u see the color combos REALLY work

deconstruction and coherence

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - Arcade Fire // Kettering - The Antlers // Youth - Daughter // Crown Of Love - Arcade Fire // Flume - Bon Iver // Like Real People Do - Hozier // Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes // Epilogue - The Antlers // Talk - Kodaline // Cherry Wine - Hozier // Us Against The World - Coldplay // Run - Snow Patrol // See You Soon - Coldplay

I made this playlist straight after I finished reading Ceasefire by @hollyhark.