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What We Have Become

Three years ago, we didn't even know each other.
Today, we're far more than comrades.
Perhaps... even more than friends.

(Art credit: episode 13 end card drawn by ノ村優)

Note: This is supposed to be a CCSS present, but for some reason I just couldn’t submit the photoset. Or maybe I’m just too dumb. LOL. Anyway - hope you like it nympshandcheese.

Eu disse adeus na insignificativa esperança de ouvir de volta um fica. E por mais que tenha sido doloroso ver você me respondendo de volta com um adeus, por mais que tenha me machucado, acabado comigo eu não parei de sentir. Por mais que houvessem brigas, desentendimentos, ciumes, dramas eu acreditei em cada palavra que você disse. E foi nessa esperança que eu permaneci aqui, por mim e por você. E mesmo tendo vontade de me afastar, desistir eu não o fiz. Mesmo que tudo tenha sido em vão, eu te amei, eu te amo de verdade. E o que eu sinto por você será carregado comigo, por onde quer que eu vá. 

▬ 3º dia sem ele


CCSS’ Boomwhacker Ninja’s rehearsing “Popcorn”!

Sabe o que realmente me machucou? Não foi você se afastar, não foi você me tratar com indiferença, não foi você fingir não sentir. Foi simplesmente você dizer que tanto faz. Tanto faz? Tanto faz o que? Tanto faz sentir e não dizer? Tanto faz querer e não tentar? Tanto faz fingir que está tudo bem, mesmo sabendo que não está? Se pra você tanto faz cura a dor, faz esquecer, faz diminuir o sentimento. Se pra você eu me tornei um tanto faz realmente tudo em que eu acreditava, tudo em que você me fez acreditar não passa de um tanto faz. 

▬ 6º dia sem ele


This April, my cosplay partner Rynn and I were honored to represent the USA at CICAF (China International Cartoon and Animation Festival) and CCSS (China Cosplay Super Show).  This is the performance we presented, as Moon Girl and Forest Girl (Rynn and Myself respectively) from Yuri Kuma Arashi.  We were so excited to take home Second Place!  <3 

High School Sophomore Rejection to PARCC

As some of you may know, New Jersey is requiring the PARCC standardized tests to be taken up every year up until 11th grade. I am strongly against this agenda and reached out to Governor Christie about this issue. If my statement is actually to be read, I am doubtful, but I still encourage other students to act against this issue…

“Dear Governor Christie:

I am not the type of person to groundlessly whine and fuss about standardized testing; yet the PARCC exam is ridiculous enough for anyone to kick up a storm.

The role of a student is to learn. The job of the teacher is to make sure a student learns. The purpose of the state is to ensure that each school meets a certain standard - beyond that standard, the state must act with reservation and allow classrooms to be original and specific to their students. Keep in mind that I am not debating emotionally - I have every well-grounded reason to be averse to the PARCC.

I gladly took the NJASK each year because it did a fine job of what was necessary. The NJASK ensured that classrooms were fostering proficient students, but the PARCC test is too extensive and and intrusive into what should be the responsibility of individual teachers. Our schools and teachers do not need to be profiled and students do not need to be treated as lab subjects. Enforce the CCSS through the NJASK and leave the rest to the educators.

It is especially troubling that I will be missing instruction time twice per year for an exam of which we are still skeptical. Especially being in all honors and AP classes, each minute is valuable. Some of the most important lessons - both educational and life lessons - have been taught in just 60 minutes of class time. Tell me why students and teachers will have to cram days of class into one; why we have to sacrifice time for an unreasonable, unreputable test.

Students, teachers, the NJEA, parents, principals, guidance counselors, mayors, board members - opposition is growing. I can understand why you think the PARCC exam should be implemented. I understand that the debate may soon blow over. I can see that the state is striving to reach an ideal education system in which a comprehensive test can evaluate the classroom, but unfortunately this is only an ideal, and even more unfortunately, the attempt to reach this ideal is poorly implemented. The problem with ideals is that they conflict with reality, and the reality is that the PARCC is the least agreeable way to go about things, conflicting with what is practical for students and educators. Mr. Governor, I am praying that this unattainable ideal be sacrificed for the greater, statewide good, and I truly appreciate your time - I only ask that you return ours to the classroom where it belongs.”

Eu prometi que não iria me afastar de você, que não iria te deixar, muito menos te abandonar. Ironia não? Fico me perguntando o que foi que aconteceu para que terminasse dessa maneira. Sinceramente, sinto sua falta, cada segundo que passa, cada minuto, sem você para poder conversar, sem você para poder brigar, sem você para me fazer sorrir. Estou perdida, sem rumo, sem saber para onde ir. Apenas vivendo, na esperança - sim esperança de que a qualquer momento você apareça e diga que foi tudo um engano e que não deveria ter desistido, muito menos ter permitido que eu me afastasse.

▬ 9º dia sem ele

Tudo que você me disse foi sincero? Eu só queria ter essa certeza! Porque sinceramente eu não consigo entender a maneira como essa amizade acabou. Assim, como um dia de sol. E de repente vem a tempestade. Tempestade essa que me fez desmoronar, me fazendo perder o rumo. Me tirando a visão. Me fazendo ficar cega. Porque é assim que eu me sinto. Tentando encontrar respostas. Respostas essas que talvez eu nunca vá encontrar. E será tudo em vão? Não quero. Eu não posso me permitir. Eu tenho que arrumar uma maneira, um jeito de fazer com que essa tempestade desapareça. Eu preciso encontrar um dia de sol, belo, quente, aconchegante e que nunca me deixe em dúvida de uma próxima tempestade!

▬ 27º dias sem ele

A Rivamika Playlist for the Crimson Cravat Secret Santa.

“Glory and gore go hand in hand.”

{Listen} {Artist}

(i hope you like this mix, dear! merry christmas and more presents are on the way!)

“Shut up.”

♦ ♦ ♦

Hi Rhianne~!! It’s me, your ccss!! :D I’m so sorry my gift to you is so late u.u However, I hope you still like it, and that you have a splendid New Year!!! 

- AHHH THANK YOU, DEAR!! It’s beautiful!! I’m sorry I haven’t said anything; I’ve been getting ready for the family party I’m at right now. But it’s so cuuute; I love it! I actually really adore your drawing style. :D


I’m really sorry for the long silence but here is a rivamika+yukata pic I hope you like ^.^

your CCSS

THIS IS FOR ME????? Okay let me now attempt to articulate how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE (loooove) this where do I begin. Umm this is BEAUTIFUL it’s exactly what I wanted thank you so much!! I MEAN LOOK AT THEIR YUKATAS AND THEY’RE FACING AWAY FROM EACH OTHER and okay I failed at staying calm :D You are the best secret santa don’t you even worry and Merry Christmas!

Okay, I’m seeing this go around and I want to shut this right down. 

This is in no way more confusing than the way I was taught to subtract large numbers. 

Think about it, here’s how I was taught in elementary school.

-    38
= 287

The way I was taught took this to solve it. 
15 - 8 = 7 (ones place)
11 - 3 = 8 (tens place)
2 - 0 = 2 (100s place)

The only reason the way we were taught doesn’t look completely ridiculous to us now is because we:

A. Learned it as kids.

B. Do most of the work I just laid out in our heads. 

So yes, this is different. Yes, it may seem silly to you. But the real thing that blows my mind is how you could dismiss this as a way to learn without figuring out if it works for kids. 

Not once have I seen this analyzed from the point of view of children. In fact I usually don’t see any attempt to see if children understand and comprehend this way of doing math. It’s always analyzed by adults, my age or older, who obviously learned differently. 

I guess I was confused by the people saying they oppose common core because it’s bad education, because it seems to me that you don’t care if a child can learn this way (a few kids crying over their homework doesn’t prove that this is a bad way to learn either, I cried over my homework as a child), only that they have decided that this way to learn was not the way you learned and it’s apparently your way or the highway when it comes to education. 

This also blows my mind because I regularly hear people hate on Common Core for being one size fits all, but every time they propose a new way to teach a lesson you automatically scoff at it and call it silly. Because clearly if you learned it one way, then everyone should learn it the way you learned it…even if they have trouble learning that way. 

Sounds a lot more “one size fits all” than Common Core does. 

Their First

Author’s Note: Merry Almost Christmas! I am your CCSS and I have come to present you with the first of your gifts. I’m sorry it’s so crappy OTL But I hope you like it!

Their first date was a blur, and he honestly couldn’t remember most of what happened.

He’d asked her to lunch. Mikasa wore a blue knee-length dress and he remembered feeling both enchanted and strange – he’d never seen Mikasa in anything else besides her uniform. They went on a picnic and sat beneath the shade of a tree, on top of a hill overlooking the ocean.

They were quiet most of the time, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. He’d asked her what Armin and Eren were doing. She said they were planning to go on a trip all over the world. She’d asked him what he was going to do in the future, now that the titans were gone. Levi had shrugged and said, “Just keep living, I guess.”

Then they fell silent. Neither felt like saying anything. They’d been working together for years – they were even called Humanity’s Strongest Duo – and both had come to respect each other, and, eventually, love each other. Levi knew her and Mikasa knew him. There was no need for small talk. Being with each other was enough.

Afterwards, they cleaned up and went to the beach. At first they walked with their hands hanging at their sides, but then he slipped his hand into hers and their fingers intertwined and he felt like he’d found the perfect fit. Levi had looked away then, trying to push away his thoughts.

They walked along the shore, the waves occasionally washing their bare, sandy feet – he’d protested at first, saying he didn’t want to take off his sandals, but the sand got in anyway and in the end he gave up – and pulling the sand beneath them away. He found it strange, but he liked the feeling of the earth falling beneath him. Because he was with Mikasa and he couldn’t care less about anything else.

Mikasa began to kick the water whenever the waves reached them, accidentally splashing water onto his pants. He’d glared at her but all she did was laugh – that was strange, too; he’d never heard her laugh before. He wondered how someone would have the nerve to laugh at him, but then he remembered that it was Mikasa – strong, feisty Mikasa who didn’t take any shit and wasn’t scared of him but instead challenged him. It was one of the reasons Levi had fallen in love with her.

She began to splash him again, and again, laughing as he grew impatient. Levi didn’t know why he did what he did, but he didn’t feel regret for him actions. He splashed her back.

She yelped, sea water splashing her in the face as the waves washed her ankles. Mikasa looked at him in disbelief, but then smiled; in that moment he knew war was going to happen.

It was fun now that he thought about it, but at that moment he was fuelled by the desire to make her soaking wet – no sexual pun intended. It wasn’t romantic at all; it was childish, it was different, it was nice.

When they both called truce the two were soaking wet. She smirked when he glared distastefully at his new button-down shirt. Levi thought she was pushing it. He walked her home, draping his somewhat dry jacket over her shoulders. She’d blushed and thanked him, and he thought that that was probably the only romantic thing he’d done the entire date.

When they reached her new house – the house she shared with Eren and Armin – they’d stood awkwardly in front of the door. He didn’t know what to say, but it seemed she knew what to do.

Mikasa kissed him.

The kiss was the one thing he remembered most about the day. It was slow and gentle and surprising. Her lips were soft and tasted salty and she still smelled like the sea, but in that moment he didn’t care what she smelled or felt or tasted like. He just cared that it was her.

He’d rested his hands on her waist and kissed her softly. When Mikasa pulled away, she was blushing like mad. Levi didn’t even try to hide his smile.

She glared at him, and he noted how her lips were pursed and how her ears were still red, how her wet hair clung to her face and how her blue dress still dripped water. Levi felt like he was falling in love with her all over again, thinking, Shit, she’s beautiful.

And she really was.

FrostyMikasa: OMG, and I’m getting more than one gift!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This was so perfect, I mean it <3 I loved it :D

Happy Holidays!