DIY Knockoff CC SKYE Lucky Horn Rosary Bracelet Tutorial from Sprinkles in Springs here. This is an elastic bracelet which makes it so much easier to wear - just slip it on. Top Photo and Right Bottom Photo: DIY by Sprinkles in Springs. Left Bottom Photo: $60 CC SKYE Lucky Horn Rosary Bracelet here.

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All Black Everything

Whoever said orange is the new black, obviously hasn’t worn this outfit yet. This look is all about taking risks, so don’t be afraid to show off a little skin with this curve hugging mini dress and platform shoe combo…legs for days! 

Dress: Joe’s Jeans

Shoes: Balenciaga

Backpack: Chanel

Hat: Free People

Gold ring: CC Skye

Lipstick: Mac 

Hair by: Nikki Lee

Makeup by: Seama

Shot by: Elias Tahan

I'm Giving Up On You CH.1

Skye rushed back down to the bar after may’s door closed. At first she hadn’t felt like drinking alone, so she was going to try to actually get to bed at a reasonable hour. But then her world had been flipped. He chose may for comfort over her. Were they already together? Is that why he wouldn’t talk to her? He already had a shoulder.

She snapped her fingers at the bartender. Signaling him to give her another drink. Whiskey. She normally went for something that went down easier, but tonight she wanted the pain. She wanted the distraction. It was easier to deal with the burning in her throught than the empty feeling in her chest. No, it wasn’t empty. It was a black hole. It felt like her whole world was crashing. Like someone had pumped liquid nitrogen into her veins and her heart was doing its best to save her while it was slowly freezing up and shutting down.

She through the tumbler back, swallowing the contents in one go.

* * * * * * *

She woke up feeling like she had just clawed her way out of a grave. Her head was exploding with each beat of her heart and her mouth was so dry that she couldn’t swallow.

Someone started banging on the door and the sound made her want to cry out in pain. She tried closing her eyes and drowning out the noise but the knocking got louder and more persistent.

She pushed herself up from the bed and had to pause to keep her legs from falling out from underneath her. Who ever it was was still knocking away.

“I’m coming!!! Fuck!” The knocking stopped.

She opened the door to ward looking extremely frustrated. “God, for a while there I thought you weren’t in there, or that you had died.”

She leaned against the door jam. “Well, sorry to dissapoint, SO,” she told him with a cold, even tone.

“Is something wrong, Skye?”

“No, sir. Was there a reason you were trying to break down my door?”

“Its 11am! We need to check out and get back to the bus!” He lowered his voice,“Are you sure your okay, Rook? You look like death….”

She huffed and softly shook her head. “Thanks for the comment.”

“Just get dressed and get down stairs. You have fifteen minutes.”

She slammed the door as he turned away. She faught back her tears. If he didn’t care, she wouldn’t either. She stepped away from the door to get ready.

* * * * * * * * *

Grant was taking deep breaths while the elevator made its way to the ground floor. He had no idea what had gotten into Skye, but when they got back to the bus he fully intended on making her talk to him.

The doors opened to the rest of the team waiting.

Coulson looked up from his phone. “Did you manage to rouse Skye?”

Ward just nodded, not trusting himself to speak while still trying to calm himself from Skye’s sudden change in demeanor.

He looked over when he herd the elevator ding. Skye got off and walk up to the team, apolagizing for her tardiness. The headed for the exit. Grant walked next to Skye but she didn’t look over or acknowledge him inn anyway.

* * * * * * * * *

Skye still hadn’t spoken to him by the time May pulled the suv into the cargo hold.

When the team head headed up the stairs Ward grabbed Skye’s wrist and signaled for her to wait. She sighed and managed to look extremely annoyed with his antics. The pulled her wrist from his grasp and crossed her arms.

She glanced at the staircase, making sure everyone was up stairs. “What to you want, Ward?”

“What the hell is wrong with you? You were totally fine last night, now your acting like you wanna take a swing at me! Last night, you said we were fine. So, what’s wrong?!”

“Nothing! Maybe I’m just tired of constantly reaching out to someone who obviously doesn’t trust me or want me around!”

“You know that’s not true, Skye… I’m just not one to open up and talk.”

She shook her head and walked over to the side of the cargo hold and took a seat. “Well of course you didn’t want to talk last night!”

“Excuse me?”

“You and May were to busy with other activities…”

Ward inhaled sharply and stared straight ahead.

She chuckled dryly. “For a super spy, your not very sneaky.”

Ward walked up and squated in front of Skye. “Skye, it isn’t”- “I done care, Ward! I don’t want to hear about whatever you and her are doing! If its training or a mission, I’m all ears. Other than that I’m done.”

He tried to reach for her hand, but she pulled back and crossed her arms. “Skye, please…”

“No! Why should I keep trying when you keep pushing me away! You don’t want to trust me? Fine. But, I give up. I’m done trying!”

Grant felt her heart race. “Skye, please don’t. If you’ll just listen…”

She was done listening. She just pushed past him and hurried up the stairs, to the main part of the plane.

Grant stayed in the cargo hold, head hanging down. He felt like had messed up in so many ways. Not forgiving her. Not talking to her. Sleeping with May. He never said anything, and Skye gave up on him…

* * * * * * * * *

Authors note: I’m thinking about making this one multi-chapter. I love the idea that instead of getting overly emotional, skye would shut down her emotions and give Grant the cold shoulder.