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yeah I started watching mid-s7 and was just… continually underwhelmed by castiel and what were supposed to be big destiel “moments". I liked him well enough but didn’t get the hype at al

Yeah, exactly? And Dean was my favorite character! Half the time I was like “stop threatening my baby, Castiel!” the other half I was like “Yeah, Dean, you tell him off.” Like even when he and Sam started to care for Castiel, you could always tell that he was a tool to them. Which is why I don’t understand why people are got upset about what Jensen said (and has been saying for the past 2 Comic Cons at least) about Cas being a tool they use, about him not being fully relatable because he’s not flesh and blood, etc. I think it just goes to show how much people who walk in expecting to ship destiel, see what they want to see when canon is pretty clear on their platonic relationship. Even 5.03, which was supposed to be a big ~destiel~ episode, just left me feeling reaffirmed in Sam and Dean’s relationship. The entire point of the episode is that they need each other and that other people will come and go (like Cas disappearing without a word at the end of the ep– which is what he does again at the end of 5.22, when Dean could have really used a friend) but they will always be there for each other. And don’t even get me started on how that alley scene in 5.18 or the Swan Song rip-off in 8.17 are misconstrued.

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/gathers rose in a blanket and takes her away from ship-oriented questions


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I was tagged by @onewingedangeal, thank u sweetie <3

Rules: Answer 11 questions, make up 11 questions, tag 11 people

The questions :

1. First record / CD / album you ever got for yourself?

The first real ones, that I bought together at the same time where two album of Evanescence  (Fallen and Open Door).  (and in case you guys didn’t know I had a “2Edgy” Period - In case I’m destroying a myth). 

2. How did you come to ship whatever your current favorite pairing is? (If you don’t have one, why not?)


Making me talk about Clack how dare. Okay so, While I played CC when I was 13 and was already shipping others M/M ships, They didn’t come to me at all when I played the game?? Somehow I shipped Zack/Aerith and Cloud/Tifa hard  and Zack and Cloud was ultimate BROTP I cried over as BROTP(which is. Kinda fiunny to me considering I don’t especially find the Zack/Aerith scene that great in restrospect and that I can’t stand Cloud/Tifa as romantic somehow anymore and they’re now Ultimate BROTP). Also it was before Complete came out and I didn’t have that much knowledge of the OG to begin with.

Eventually, when the remake was annonced (if we forget the numberous time I saw FFVII on my dash before and mistagged Cloud “Cloud Fair” by pure forgetness and I’m still laughing at myself for that) I got extremely involved back in FFVII - And of course to my love Zack Fair. 

Eventually I changed a lot those past 8 years, my sensibilities to some dynamics especially (for instances elements I relate with Cloud about started happening about 5/6 years ago soo ye it gave a new perspectives). Thinking back about Zack’s death had me cry about his relation with Cloud, and two minutes in the Zack’s tag litteraly slapped me in the face remembering all the moments with Cloud.  2015!Me became extremely sensitive to everything they’ve been through.

It’s so odd to me because that’s where it got odd: When I came back, I immediatly thought about them as lovers and kinda forgot that, back in the days, I only considered them friends.  They went from BROTP to OTP naturally after years, just like any fics of that same scenario and it’s s o o d d to me. 

So honestly I don’t know exactly what triggered it. It’s just - meeting it again after all this years was just like “yes. It’s them.” And since then they’re ruining my life. (and considering I was already crying much more on their BROTP before than on the ships I shipped I.. think I was in denial back then, I can’t think otherwise)

3. How do you feel about cats?

I love them. They don’t love me though. Cats don’t like me at all ;;

4. If your life depended on cooking a delicious meal for someone, what would you make?

o h m y I kinda suck at it?? But I think I’d manage to prepare a Tahitian’s Salad. I helped my mom a few times with it and I kinda know how to make it *nods* besides, it’s the best meal ever.

5. Best episode of Spongebob?

I’ve never watched spongebob actually? Although to be fair, french voices are kinda more obnoxious than the English ones so I never really tried either.

6. If you could change exactly one thing in a fandom’s canon, what would it be?

W I N T E R S O L D I E R A U. Okay look. Zack’s body being taken by scientists once Cloud is gone from the Cliff. So Zack is kept alive somewhere by Scientifics, probably being brainwashed. Make it be from Deepground. It’ll have Zack comes back for DOC or after.

Look I have a full AU planned in my head about that so. Zack being still alive because he is still experimented on. This is. everything to me.

7. Dream crossover that will never happen because copyright law?

(so it doesn’t include FF games, clever girl) look, a DGM/FFVII crossover would be fun. And I’m not biased over the fact that Both Allen and Cloud had been puppets from someone who got inside their head and is turning them in something they are not and carry a huge sword that is linked to a lost loved one, or how Cloud and Zack both were experiments like Kanda and Alma, or the fact that Kanda, Lavi, Tyki and Lou Fa are voiced by Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth and Aerith’s voices actors in Japanese. It would just be f u n.

Although to be fair, a crossover I’ve seen sometimes that I still love is DGM/HP. Especially those involving Allen going udnercover at Hogwarts during Harry’s 5th year and implications of Umbridge around; I’ve read one like that, which was great plotwise but sadly not as deep as I wished it would be ;; Kinda love those ones.

8. Post the most horrible sentence you’ve ever written out of context. (Mine is: “I didn’t care yet, because we were having an escape-ation celebration!” and I wrote it when I was 10)

I wrote a 90k Naruto’s bad fic when I was 13/14 you can’t ask m e to wri t eht ha t (don’t get me wrong I wrote more recent ones but they are actually fun and not absurds, even if they’re crack so still)

From that one fic I have: “I turned livid. BLUE. WHITE. RED. Wait shit my tailor is black not blue it doesn’t work- what the fuck am I saying”

Otherwise I have, from another (more recent + in english) fic: “Can someone explain to me how one can talk about boobs and make it repealing” or “Walking out to take a pee. I didn’t want to touch my dick after that.“ (it was in the same chapter of the same fic btw)

.. and I might have more (especially from the first fic, but I refuse. I refuse to even try to find the exact line to  “Your ass is as tight as a chicken asshole” or other aberations I might have written. Help.)

9 Are waffle fries a sin, or are they the work of God?

How can you pretend food is a sin how dare u

10. If you became an all-powerful ruler of your country for one day only, what would you do?

“lmao sorry I’m gonna sink this country bye”. 

Nah seriously I’d try to pass more rights for people. All the important issues, protecting people who are marginalized, all those kinds of things. But huh, considering how I handle simple stresses, ruling a country won’t.. do me any good ^^’ So eventually, probably delegate to people I find trustworthy to bring a positive change and make sure they don’t step out?

11. Dream hairstyle, assuming workplace restrictions don’t exist?

I like my hair long, and if I stylize them it’s with a single braid or ponytail - with a huge red bow in them. I’ve never had any complains about that yet though so ye.

My questions!

1- What is your favorite song at the moment ?
2- What was your favorite movie as a kid? Why?
3- Share your favorite pun with us!
4- Is there a character you like to make fun of? if so, who?
5- What’s the most embarassing thing you’ve ever been part of?
6- Take your favorite character. If they were an animal, who would they be? and if they were/had a pokemon?
7- Which song do you think of when you hear “Hello”?
8- What fictional charater inspires you the most? Why?
9- If you suddenly, out of the blue, popped up in your favorite fiction world, what will you do? Do you think you’ll surive?
10- What would you qualify as the weirdest, most unreal 2016 moments? (could be anything, from celebrities drama to something happening in your life ect.)
11- What was the best character’s arc you’ve ever seen on fiction? Why?

and I tag: @transjohnnygill, @ttachibana, @madeoficeandfire, @golden-chocobo, @loveless-rhapsodos, @miladyrue, @mariyekos, @seasaltsitar, @candy-crackpot, and @braxtonmonek

if you want to of course!

Take care <33

Matthew Rosenberg & Frank J. Barbiere​ signing comics this week on the west coast all week! (cc: @fjbarb)

7/13 Wed. LA

Earth 2 Sherman Oaks. 10-11AM

P.Dots 12-1230PM

Golden Apple 2-230PM

Blastoff 330-4PM

The Comic Bug Culver City 6-630PM

Pulp Fiction Culver City 730-Close

7/14 Thurs. ANAHEIM Area

Pop! Comics 4-430PM

Comics Toons N Toys 530-630PM

7/15 Fri. Las Vegas

Cosmic Comics 1-2PM

Maximum #3 3-4PM

Maximum #1 5-6PM

Maximum #2 7-8PM

7/16 Sat. Bay Area






7/17 Sun. L.A. AREA

Njoy Comics 4-4:30PM

The Comic Bug (manhattan beach) 6PM

7/18 Mon. SAN DIEGO

Comics N Stuff (Grossmont Center) 1-130PM

Southern California Comics 3-330PM

Comikaze 4:30-5PM