After quite some time of searching for male joggers and finding none, I took it upon myself to finally make my own pair, so here it is; my very first piece of CC! My blood, sweat, and tears went into this, but I’m fairly pleased with the result. These maxis-match pants are a nice, casual alternative to the limited assortment of pants that come with the game (mainly jeans, chinos, sweatpants, or dress pants) and come in three colors; khaki, black, and grey. They feature realistic touches, such as drawstrings and elastic around the ankles and waist. The Primo Joggers are available for male teen through elder. This texture was lovingly handmade by yours truly.

However, I am still woefully incompetent when it comes to meshing, so this is actually a recolor of lumialoversims‘s Hipster Denim Jeans. You’ll need to download the mesh from the link provided below. Thank you for the mesh, @lumialoversims! Enjoy!




“Thanks for taking me on such short notice.” I smile at Cam before climbing up on the massage table. 

“No problem.”He smiles, all charm and charisma.  

Once I’m laying down his warm strong hands start sliding over my skin, “You have a ton of knots girl.” 

“Ugh.. I know, it’s school, it stresses me out.” 

“Just close your eyes and relax, I got you.” His voice is soft, velvet smooth, y eyes follow his direction and close, I try to clear my mind and relax. Something that is normally impossible comes so easy, and I’m almost asleep when his hands leave my back. “All done.” 

“Ugh…. that felt so good.” I moan quietly and sit up. 

Cam helps me from the table and walks me to the washroom where I left my clothes.

“You got anything goin on today?” He asks once we stop in front of the door. 

I look up at him from under my lashes hoping he thinks it’s cute and flirty, when he smirks I give a slight shake of my head. 

“You feel like going to get a drink, maybe a bite to eat?” 

“Yeah I’d really like that.” I school my features making sure not to smile to wide, I keep my tone, cool and casual, but on the inside I’m squeeing and doing a fricking happy dance. 


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

put some comfy clothes on and took my face off, and put the Christmas decorations/tree up while Harlow and John watched. Then John and I spent the rest of the night baking holiday treats and homemade eggnog and built a ginger bread house. It’s been 2 years since I’ve had christmas in NYC and I’m so excited!

To my fellow LGBT+ Americans

I know that many of you don’t feel physically safe in the wake of this election. Some of you are fearing government actions taken against the LGBT community; others are fearing that individuals supporting Trump will feel freer to perpetrate violence against LGBT people.

I’d like to offer you a solution. In most states, if you are old enough, you can conceal carry a handgun on your person. The laws and requirements vary state-by-state, but suffice to say, most American citizens have legal access to firearms with a license.

The Republican Party is not interested in restricting gun ownership rights. It would be wise to take advantage of the fact that we have another four years during which we may exercise this right.

The benefit is twofold:

1. Owning a gun gives you a chance to protect yourself from the government should it become oppressive and tyrannical and

2. Owning a gun provides to you the ability to defend yourself from anyone who tries to do you harm. As many of you are concerned that hate-motivated crimes will increasingly target LGBT people in light of the new political atmosphere, it is very logical to give yourself a way to protect your life.

If you would prefer to walk around feeling vulnerable, that is your prerogative too. But it is my hope that, if nothing else, the fear-mongering liberal media that has convinced so many of you that Trump and the Republican Party consists of violent, racist, homophobic savages has also managed to bring you full circle into understanding why our Second Amendment is so fundamentally important.

Stay safe out there, and happy CC’ing.

The 7 Key Traits of Enduring Characters

Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that had such great characters that even now, months or years later, you still think about them?

That’s the real magic of storytelling. Being able to write a character that sticks in someone’s heart and mind all their life is incredibly exciting. Of course, what exactly sticks in a character for one person may be different for someone else.

But there are a few trends. If you study memorable characters that have endured over time, you’ll find that certain traits show up again and again. This article contains 7 traits in particular that can help your characters carve a spot in the minds of readers (although there may be more than these 7!).

Before we get into the good stuff, let me start this off with two caveats.

First: don’t make all of your characters all seven of these traits. In MOST cases, that’s just bad writing (but there are always exceptions). Pick one, maybe two. Or none. Or bits and pieces of several! None of the things listed are set-in-stone the only way to have an enduring character. They’re just guidelines.

Second: don’t assume that giving your characters one or two of these traits will instantly make them a great, well-rounded character. It’s not that easy. Strong characters have a lot of complexity and need a lot more depth than what I can explain in just one list.

And with those warnings, I give you 7 Traits of Enduring Characters. I got this information at a writing conference and I’m excited to pass on what I’ve learned.

1. An air of mystery.

There’s something about this character that we don’t fully know. If your character has a dark past, it’s usually best to keep most of it in the dark—at least for the first half of the book. Don’t tell us everything upfront. Make us wonder.

Example: Think of Strider (Aragorn) from The Lord of the Rings, the first time we meet him. He’s dark and mysterious and up to something. We don’t even know if he’s good or bad yet. Aragorn ends up fitting some of these other traits too, but right off the bat, this is the first one we see.

2. Worthy of redemption.

This can apply to anti-heroes, villains, or anyone else applicable in your story. They’re a big jerk, but a tiny spark of humanity can sometimes help bring them to life. Maybe they’ve got a soft spot for someone or something, or maybe they truly believe they’re doing what they’re doing for the greater good. It can even make your villains scarier, because it makes them harder to pin as nothing but an evil monster—it’s not black and white like that. The real villains aren’t always so obvious.

Example: This can become a really gray area of morality, since some characters do things so awful that some readers will NEVER forgive them, regardless of their redemption arc. But a character like Loki in Marvel’s Thor movies is a good example. His bitterness causes him to lash out and do awful things, but Thor still believes his brother is capable of redemption. He still sees the good in a family member who he loves so much.

3. Highly loyal, or highly treacherous.

Either you know you can trust them, or you know you can’t. Obviously you can’t give this trait to all of your characters. And actually, it’s not as predictable as you might think. Just because we can’t trust someone doesn’t mean we know what they’re up to. We’ll be anticipating their move but completely unaware of what they’re planning—which is actually a great place to build tension. As far as highly loyal, sometimes it’s nice to have that one character that is a “safe spot” for your character. You need to take breaks from the tension every now and then!

Example: Back to Lord of the Rings, we have Sam, who is infinitely loyal to Frodo. When Frodo is trying to leave the Fellowship and go on his own, Sam follows Frodo’s boat into the water even though he can’t swim and almost drowns as a result. When the end is near and both are completely spent, Sam finds the strength to carry Frodo partway up the mountain. This incredible, selfless loyalty and friendship endears Sam to viewers.

Example: Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles fits the opposite side of the spectrum as someone highly treacherous. She is loyal to absolutely no one and will lie, manipulate, and mislead to get what she wants. She claims loyalty and faithfulness to her kingdom, but knowingly imposes harsh living conditions on the vast majority of her kingdom. She claims loyalty to the man she’s in love with, but manipulates him just as much as everyone else and twists the promises she made him to her own benefit.

4. Consistent, but capable of surprises.

People are usually pretty consistent based on their personality traits. They tend to make choices based on their core values, which can vary a little, but for the most part they stay on the same route. At the same time, they’re not flat—they’re capable of making an unexpected choice

Example: Since we’re talking about Lord of the Rings so much… how about Merry and Pippin? They’re consistent in their role of comic relief, and in the earlier movies, they’re not capable of much (they don’t have special skills or combat training). Despite this, they show themselves to be quick-witted and brave when the time calls for it and they pull of incredible, unexpected feats.

5. Highly self-sacrificing.

These characters accept the challenge. When no one else will volunteer, they step up. When it comes to the life of someone they care about, they’re willing to risk their own welfare. This can make for an interesting read when we know they’ll give 100% when things get rough—even die if they have to.

Example: One of the most obvious examples here is Katniss from The Hunger Games. She speaks up and volunteers for almost certain death to save her sister’s life. This sort of knee-jerk reaction that she had to speak up is one of the first impressions we get of her, as readers.

6. Part of a love story.

This doesn’t have to be a romantic love story—just any powerful relationship. The lengths your character will go through for their friend/lover/family member/etc can make them more enduring as a character, because of the worth in their relationship.

Examples: Romeo and Juliet; Katniss and Prim; or even Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Really, it’s more about the relationship and the lengths one will go to save/protect the other.

7. Succeed at the impossible.

They are an expert of their task—they can do things most couldn’t dream of accomplishing. Sometimes there’s a little bit of wish-fulfillment in a character meeting this trait, which is why you can’t have it in every member of your cast. Occasionally, however, it’s nice to have someone who’s really good at what they do.

Example: This describes a TON of main characters, especially in the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Think about Luke Skywalker, Katniss Everdeen, Frodo Baggins, Furiosa, Celaena Sardothian… the list goes on. Anyone who’s overthrown an empire/government, anyone who saved the world from certain doom. You’ll also notice that many of these characters are an expert at a certain task or skill. When they’re in their element, we have someone we can root for because we’re confident in their ability to come out on top.

A lot of iconic characters possess 2-5 of these traits, so remember—you’re not limited to one, and you don’t have to squeeze in all 7.

Do you think there are any other traits that you see in memorable characters that should be included in a list like this? Which traits do you see in your own main characters?


Functional Nintendo 3ds XL!

Functional Nintendo 3ds XL!. :) Let me know if there are any problems!

Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: sul–sul

The bottom is flipped and oops sorry about that ;w; Hope that’s not too big of an issue.

========= INFO =========  

  • Functional (works as a tablet)
  • § 250
  • Lots of swatches that have different games / Nintendo cases

========= TERMS OF USE =========  

  • Don’t reupload
  • Don’t upload to pay sites
  • Do not include in a CC folder download
  • Feel free to recolor!