Chloè Bourgeois's Guide To Proving The Class Rep Isn't A Selfless Angel

before this chapter begins, i have a long rambling note. if you’d rather ignore it, please just read the chapter on ao3. i think it’ll be easier to scroll past it there. 

feel free to send me asks, and if you’re a new reader, welcome!!!

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Over the Roof Tops 88 of 365 (4) by Mary Ellen Bleeden
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The Green Line Elevated train running down Lake Street in Chicago.

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad that Chloe Bourgeois's Guide is updating again, it was one of the first chlonette fic's i read and really cemented them as my favorite pairing by far. Thank you for writing it.

i’m so glad?? oh my god, let me tell you a secret: when i first published the story, i did not ship chlonette. shocker, right? 

at the time, i was still trying to find an appeal in their dynamic. and then, as i came up with more ideas for what i could do in the story, i started liking the ship more and more. until eventually, i couldn’t stop thinking about their relationship in different dynamics. it’s just so important to me, you know? so i’m glad to have written something that had the same effect on you as it did me. 

and thank YOU, for reading it, and sticking with it despite my horrible hiatus (that i didn’t even warn any of you all about, my goodness). if you feel like i’m taking too long to update next, just like. spam my inbox with “hey BITCH can you update already???” i promise i wont fly off the handle, because this is me giving you permission.