Recovered Hearts {OSH}

Description: He would do everything in his power to make you happy again.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 10,153

Warning: mentions of abuse, mentions of rape, consensual smut, panic attacks, small PTSD moments (please do not read this if any of these things can/will trigger you)

Pairing: Police Officer!Oh Sehun x Reader (feat. Police Officer!Yixing)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ (THIS IS MY FAREWELL EVERYONE!! I hope you enjoy it, it wasn’t easy to write.)

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

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Sehun had seen it before anyone else. Yixing soon caught on after that, but you’d never admit it to them. Not only to hide your own shame, but the shame of how much you still loved the man who hurt you.

He hurt you in every way possible, and there was nothing stopping him from doing it again. Yixing and Sehun were both cops - partners that usually patrolled the streets together. It was the day that he’d beaten you until you couldn’t take it anymore that you finally called the cops on him.

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In Charge

Hello! Can I request Taemin (SHINee) reaction to you trying to be dominant over him (you’re submissive usually) but failing in a cute way XD

Member: Taemin (SHINee)

Genre: Smut

A/N: im sorry for this taking so longgg

Admin Rose 

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“I’m gonna do you so bad.. but if it’s to much just tell me okay?”

He burst out laughing. Your poor efforts of trying to be the dominant one are failing. Taemin was usually the one that conducted this whole thing, but you wanted to try it out. After trying it out, here you see him, laughing at how you’re trying.

You made a slightly dejected look. He noticed and stopped his laughing. “Don’t worry baby, i’ll guide you.” 

“You have a choice of hand cuffing me, or leaving me be. Which one would my princess like?” As you were thinking of what he typically does to you, you decided to do the same to him. You picked up the fuzzy handcuffs and with Taemin obliging to put his hands over his head, cuffed him.

“Even if I look like im in a state of pain, im supposed to feel it depending on you. You can reject anything from me and punish me if I don’t follow.” Taemin explained. “Okay. I think I’ve got this.”

You dived in to doing whatever you want with the body. You started at the most sensitive part of his neck, just the slight touch oh your lips making him euphoric.

Taemin twitched under your body, you almost stopping by how violent the spasm was. You remembering what he said, you continued. The pace of your licentious sucking and biting was slow, you not wanting to go overboard with being in charge.

His whimpers turned into light moans of ecstasy and shivers. You removed your mouth from his neck seeing a red patch sealed into the area. He gave you a look with his big brow eyes filled with lust. In general, he looked needy.

You quickly thought of what to do next, thinking maybe a blowjob would work. And so, you slowly crawled backwards to his throbbing dick. You enjoying the sight, stroked him carefully, him becoming reckless from the teasing. With how close your mouth was, he tried his best to thrust himself into your mouth, but with your quick reflexes, failed.

“Not until I say.” You said sternly looking him solemnly in the eye. Looking at his expression you felt kind of bad, but again knowing this is what you had to do. You continued to slowly trace him, you receiving more shivers. Finally, you placed your hot mouth on him.

You started bobbing your head, his moans harmonizing the room. He thrusted into your mouth causing you to gag, Taemin thinking of the noise as pretty sultry.

In a matter of seconds a warm liquid filled your mouth, making you release your mouth from him. The bitter liquid slid down your throat, you licking your lips afterwards. You then slid of your panties, getting ready for the next stage. He aligned yourself with him and slowly lowered youself.

You both moaned as you started to ride him in a leisurely manner. Your hold onto his hips were so hard you swore you could feel the bruises forming. You continued on until you decided, ‘Maybe I should go fast?’ And so you did.

Taemin was so taken aback that his breathed hitched so loudly that you thought he chocked on air. Both of you coming close to your orgasms, you got off and rolled next to him, both of you panting. 

“You.. you were… wonderful.” Taemin said between breaths smiling at you. You were glad. Maybe you can get used to this.

Mad: Part 5

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“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 6  Part 7

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“No Officer?” - Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine *SMUT*

AN// I had to upload this real quick because I have work soon…

Request// Can you do kinky sex with Parrish please?

Pairing// Parrish x Reader

Warnings// Much smut, very oral. Lmao no but seriously don’t read this if you’re young.


Request babies…

You were out to lunch with one of your best friends talking about this and that, mainly the men in your lives.

“I can’t believe Luke and I have almost reached our three year anniversary.” She sighed happily as she drank some of her wine.

“Nor can I, I’ll be shocked if Jordan and I get that far.” You said truthfully as you finished your salad.

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katanacupcake  asked:

yo fam i read ur grifnut/rvbnut tags,,like just make a post, i want to reblog this

OOH u mean my tags on this post yea? i’ll just make it THIS POST 8))) i was just gonna screencap all them juicy tags but since rvbnut [best term ever thank u for that] is otp, i will retype for better readability + i thought of some extra things to throw in, so here we go:

  • as mentioned already, there’s donut’s super secret diary where donut describes"gazing silently into each other’s visors” and feeling a connection, as well has having sat in grif’s lap”. i very much believe donut had a crush on grif at some point
  • there’s some PSA or something that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of, and it might just be a dvd extra cause I found it on youtube not through the rvb channel, where the reds are getting on motorcycles to go somewhere and grif has to share w/donut, and hes Very Hesitant and i dont remember what exactly donut was saying but it was Very Suggestive how he was telling grif to get behind him and hold on tight or w/e, and when grif didnt wanna get on it with him he was like 
    “whats wrong ;(?? dont be shy~”
  • ive pulled out my book now and donut describes the play they put on for tucker as being about “the band of handsome male survivors braving the elements together” so, donut thinks he + the other BGC members are handsome
  • “The first thing the doctor did when we got him back over to our base was pin Sarge against the wall with the Warthog. I always thought if anyone was going to ram Sarge up to the wall, it would be me, seeing as how I’ve been angling for a promotion lately” -another entry in donut’s diary. i honest to god have no idea how this could be taken as an innuendo, bc it straight up sounds like donut wants to fuck his way to the top
  • also in the book, simmons’ self insert fanfiction “Hero In Maroon” has… a special scene with “Donut the Enchanter,” who is “spreading his temptation magic through scandalous dancing.” This is SIMMONS writing this, and simmons has himself say “Tell me what you know about Sarge, else I will have to run you through with my long sword” and, sure, he has donut speak in innuendos and reply to that line with “I like where this is gong. Maybe I’ll keep you here… FOREVER!” but like, simmons literally wrote himself throwing an innuendo to donut. then you have the next few lines “DONUT USES OFFICER HOT PANTS HANDCUFF ATTACK” “”Oh no!” Simmons exclaims. A bed appears behind him. His hands are cuffed to it.” And while the next line is just donut laughing and saying “Now you must watch my rendition of the musical CATS” so while donut wasnt gonna do anything creepy, this really sounds like simmons writing a self insert fic that includes a provocative donut flirting with him while talking about musicals…. simmons dont repress ur crush on donut
  • ^not to mention the officer hot pants comes from donut having dressed up and jumped out of a cake for sarge’s birthday……..
  • at the finale scene of s13, donut says “I love you, too, Lopez”
  • Donut lived offscreen with Doc in valhalla, and then was dropped back off there to continue living in valhalla with doc (and lopez’s head) (i could talk for 60 years about them but anyone who’s followed me long enough has heard it all before and i’m tryin to keep the points b r i e f lol)
  • church has said “I like donut. He’s pretty harmless, man. I-I don’t think he’d hurt a fly.” and upon finding out donut got crushed by a spaceship, he paused his snarking to say “Oh, wait, the pink guy? Oh, I actually liked him!” to which grif replies “Seriously, what’s with all these feelings for donut?” 
  • tucker, thinking donut was a girl bc pink armor, asked donut if he “wanted to date one of us” and then called donut a “tease” when he said he wasn’t a girl
  • donut polished tucker’s codpiece 3 times when he and caboose were helping tucker get the black gunk off his armor, saying something along the lines of “a 3-coat waxing is just my way of saying I Care :)”
  • epsilon!tucker, while not canon to actual tucker, is implied to have jacked off to donut bc he thought he was a girl 
  • seems to be implied that tucker and donut were both assigned to the same desert location when everyone got split up, and donut passed out from thirst/exhaustion trying to get tucker’s distress call to the others
  • in The Best Red vs Blue DVD Ever of All Time, there’s a scene where tucker and donut are introducing “best couple.” Donut goes on about romance, while tucker says couple doesn’t necessarily mean romance, and  that “you[donut] think everything is romance! last week you called it romance when i accidentally took a bite of your sandwich” “was it really an accident tucker? was it?” “YES!” “time will tell” “ugh, whatever-” dudes, donut totally had a crush on tucker at least once
  • i dont have a good source but i remember seeing in a post a while back that there was a scrapped plotline that was gonna be a love triangle between donut, a “confused caboose”, and an unknown third party
  • i’m willing to bet the confused caboose bit is because caboose seems to have thought (and maybe still does? who knows) that donut was a girl, likely because of the armor. in caboose’s mind, donut’s a girl who says things like “I love caboose, and yet, I’m still afraid of him, he’s so scary :)” [cause he seems to think of himself as intimidating to the red team lol], and then in Head Canon, caboose!donut says something like “i like [something] almost as i like to paint my nails and not talk to boys. i would never talk to boys, especially not caboose for some reason!” which… is hard to make sense of tbh lol, but since everyone in caboose’s mind is how caboose perceives them, it maybe seems like caboose doesnt get as much of donut’s attention as he’d like?? lmfao, it sounds like “not caboose for some reason” means caboose doesn’t really understand either. 
  • donut tearily said to caboose way back in KITBFF: “ Mister Caboose, I just want you to know that even though we are on different teams, and we may never see each other again, whatever happens out there today, I’ll always remember the moments we shared together. You are now, and forever will be… my friend.” very emotional if i do say so myself
  • there’s this reconstruction deleted scene where i guess donut had gotten transferred to doing special agent stuff w/wash’s division or something (wash calls him Special Agent Donut so, i guess lol). Wash speaks in donut innuendos the whole time he’s talkin about donut [”He’s a back door expert” “if there’s an unsecured rear entrance, he’s your man” “legend has it he can get through even the tightest cracks-” lmfao and they address each other by name, so i like to think they’ve worked together and donut’s… mannerisms… have been Rubbing Off on wash ;p
  • ^also in that deleted scene caboose goes “DONUT! :D” when donut appears and talks, so he’s clearly excited to see him!!!!!!!!! 

ahem. point being: the bgc needs to embrace the donut love and i firmly believe that if someone didnt have a crush on donut, donut had a crush on one of them at some point in time

Jealousy (Im Jaebum x Reader x Jeon Jungkook) (M) Part ½

Written By: @another-insanewriter

Genre: Straight Up Smut

Warning(s): Smut, Daddy kink, noona kink, orgasm denial, handcuffs

Member(s): Im Jaebum(Got7) and Jeon Jungkook(BTS)

Summary: When Jungkook walks in on you and Jaebum about to do it, Jaebum allows Jungkook to join in, knowing about his jealousy.

Author’s Note: This is my first proper smut so I apologize if it’s absolutely terrible. While I will apologize for the poorly written aspect… I will not apologize for the fact that I utilized the time that I was supposed to be doing my school work to write this. I know I am going to hell… Also I added more kinks than originally intended, I literally went all out with this fic as I think is pretty evident. Also it was originally supposed to be a one-shot but I want to have so much happen that I am breaking it up into multiple parts. Now without further adieu, Enjoy!

Word Count: 1,991

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The First Day (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey! This is the first imagine I am posting on here so I hope you like it!
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: It is the readers first day at the BAU and they get hurt, and Spencer is their hero. He admits feeling and it’s all fluffy and cute
Ok pull yourself together Y/N.
It’s the first day on the job and you have to make a good first impression.
Instead of standing in front of the building like a dummy, I decided to go into the FBI headquarters.
I have been through school and training to be an FBI agent but a colleague told me that the BAU would suit me the best.
I have previously talked to SSA Aaron Hotchner and he decided now would be a good time to start the job.
I have a degree in Forensic Science and Crime Solving.
I’m even a good Sharpshooter.
It has always been an interest of mine solve crime and to help others.
As I went up the elevator to the BAU headquarters I nervously tapped my foot.
“It’s ok.” Aaron said. “Everyone will love you.”
I hope he was telling the truth.
The elevator door opened and I could already see through the glass doors a few people around a table.
I approached them and gave them a warm smile.
“Hi you must be the new agent.” A girl with blonde hair said getting up to shake my hand.
“Yes Y/N L/N.” I said taking her hand gently.
“I’m Jennifer Jareau but you can call me JJ. This is Emily Prentiss,” she said pointing to a lady with black hair.
I shook her hand and smiled.
“Call me Emily. Everyone else goes by their last name. Like the head chief goes by Hotch, the Italian man over by the coffee pot is David Rossi, call him Rossi, Penelope Garcia…”
She was interrupted by a bubbly lady who came bursting through the doors.
“I’m Penelope Garcia! I thought I would have caught ya while you came through but I guess I missed you.” She said giving me a hug.
“Welcome to the team.” She said parting from the unexpected hug.
“Your L/N aren’t you?” The guy who they told me to call Rossi said walking over.
“Yes nice to meet you.” I said holding out my hand for him to shake it. “David Rossi. You can call me Rossi.” He said.
I nodded and smiled.
Hotch came out of his office and walked down the stairs along with a darker man.
“Let’s continue the case involving Michael Underwood. L/N, you can sit this case out. We are already into it quite aways. Only if that makes you most comfortable.” Hotch said.
“I’m Derek Morgan. You can call me Morgan. Nice to meet you.” The dark man said smiling and shaking my hand.
I saw him walk over to JJ and whisper something. They both smiled.
I though I heard ‘pretty’ something.
“Um sir may I don’t think sitting out would be necessary. I think I could.” I said confidently.
“Alright. A little help would be very appreciated.” He said with an almost smile.
Wait I thought there was seven members not six.
“Does anyone know where Reid is?” Hotch said looking at the empty seat next to me.
Everyone was silently shook their heads and then a tall handsome man stumbled through the door.
“Im so sorry I’m late. Traffic.” He said catching my eye.
I looked down and smiled, trying not to stare at him.
He was handsome.
Really handsome.
I could see him standing there out of the corner of my eye.
Then he snapped out of his phase and walked over and sat next to me.
“Hi I’m Y/N L/N.” I said facing him.
He shyly looked up at me biting his lip.
“Um Spencer Reid. That’s my name. I mean I’m sure you figured that out but I… just… thought… you didn’t.” He said awkwardly.
“Nice to meet you Spencer.” I said holding my hand out for him to shake.
He grasped it firmly and smiled shyly.
I saw Morgan looking at him funny.
“Ok so just a quick recap Harley Smith was left in a bathtub in his exes house dead. Cause of death was strangulation. Same goes for Steven Garcia and Michael Underwood.” JJ said pulling up the pictures.
I looked at them intrigued.
I saw out of the corner of my eye Spencer was too.
“We’re they all strangled with the same weapon?” I asked quietly wondering.
“Um the first two were ropes and the last was a plastic bag.” She responded with a smile.
Probably happy I’m participating.
“And they all don’t have the same ex?” Rossi asked.
“No but the first and last did.” Garcia said looking up from her laptop.
“Any criminal records from her?” Emily asked.
“Um nope.” Garcia responded after a few clicks.
“Or the second mans ex?” Morgan asked.
“No.” She said again.
“Did they know each other? They could be teaming up and having a pattern of kills.” I said when it was quiet.
“You know that’s not a bad idea.” Morgan said after everyone pondered on the idea.
“Yeah wait Heather Waggoner and Reese Bryan have exchanged texts and emails in a code I don’t recognize.” Garcia said.
“Print them out. Once Reid takes a look I bet he could figure it out.” Hotch said.
“Other than that Emily and Rossi go talk to Reese. JJ and I will talk to Heather. Morgan and Reid stay and try to figure out what those messages say.” Hotch added.
After his instructions were out everyone scattered to where they were supposed to be and left Morgan, Spencer and I alone.
Morgan ran over to he printer and grabbed the papers Garcia printed.
“Can you translate a lot?” I asked him.
“Oh I’m just really intelligent.” He said nervously.
“How intelligent?” I asked interested.
“Well I have an IQ of 187, 3 Ph.D.s, and an eidetic memory and I can read 20,000 words per minute.” He said.
“No way! That’s so cool!” I said fascinated.
He smiled and looked at the paper.
“It looks like it some type of Arabic writing.” He said.
I peeked over his shoulder and looked at it.
Once he noticed I got closer to him I could see him blush.
“Rabbana.” I said recognizing it.
“You know Arabic?” He asked.
“A few different types.” I said smiling.
I looked over at Morgan and he was smirking at us.
“Looks like we got our own little mini Reid on the team.” He said.
I laughed at his comment.
“Wait wait wait what time is it?” He asked looking at his watch.
“We… we need to go to 386 East 6th Street. They said they are meeting in 10 minutes at that location to meet the next victim.” Spencer said.
“Y/N stay here we are going…”
“I can come. I took the sharpshooting test and I passed. I can handle a gun. I just need one.” I said fast.
“Um you can wait in the car how about that? I don’t want to risk you getting hurt.” Morgan said as he started the vehicle.
I crossed my arms.
“I’ll have Reid stay with you.” He added.
“What? You can’t go without backup.” Spencer said.
“Call Hotch and Rossi. Tell them we know where they are.” Morgan said.
Reid pulled out his little flip phone and called them.
Not long from there we arrived at the house.
“They said they will be here in 5.” Spencer said.
“That’s not fast enough. I’m going in. We are already behind schedule.” Morgan said leaving the car.
“Morgan!” Spencer yelled.
“Go with him Spencer I’m fine.” I insisted.
He looked back at me.
“I don’t want you to get hurt.” He almost whispered.
He sounded caring and scared.
“I’ll be ok. Go help him.” I said.
He was about to say something but his little radio went off.
‘I need backup.’
Spencer started to put on his bulletproof vest on and then he looked back at me.
“Go Spencer. He needs you.” I said.
He hesitated and then finally opened the door.
“Be careful.” I yelled and he closed the door.
I watched him run to the front door that was already kicked down from Morgan.
I sat in the car and hoped they would be ok.
I looked around the car and saw all the cool things.
Guns in the side of the seats.
Then I felt a piercing pain in my shoulder.
I let out a little scream as I looked out the front window.
I saw a girl with a gun running down the street.
I quickly grabbed one of the guns from the seat and opened the door.
With my unwounded arm I took the shot and the girl fell to the ground.
I started to feel dizzy.
My arm was bleeding and I haven’t even noticed.
All of a sudden I felt arms wrap around me as I fell to the ground.
I look up and it was Spencer.
“I shouldn’t have left you. I shouldn’t have left you.” He kept saying.
He tore a piece of his sleeve off and held it to my shoulder.
His hands were trembling and he had tears in his eyes.
I tried to talk but I couldn’t.
I was still shocked by the fact that I was just shot.
“Your going to be ok. Your going to be ok.” He repeated.
Then he kissed the top of my head.
Somehow that gave me the ability to talk.
“Spencer…” I managed to make out. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry Y/N. Don’t be sorry. Morgan!” He yelled.
“I’m sorry I should have been paying attention.” I said.
“Y/N don’t blame yourself.” He said.
“I’ll be ok you help Morgan arrest her.” I whispered.
“No. The last time I left you you got hurt. I’m not leaving your side.” He said still shaking.
“Why?” I managed to ask.
“Because Y/N I care about you. The moment I walked through that door and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are. Then you got involved and helped with the case and its your first day. Your so smart and I… I have feelings for you. I… I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He said looking into my eyes.
“Spencer I feel the same way.” I said.
I could give out a long explanation why but I’m kinda shot.
He smiled and then finally paramedics were there.
They loaded me onto a stretcher and Spencer was by my side.
And in the ambulance he was holding my hand.
And in the hospital he held me hand.
And he stayed by me until I got better.
Just like he said he would never leave my side.
And he didn’t.


IMAGINE Jungkook as your cop Boyfriend who enjoys using his police status just to get what he wants.Always showing up to your work with his cop uniform and that stick that seems threatening in your opinion.

“ Y/N ,you’re under arrest”, he’d stare at you with that serious gaze

“What is it this time, Officer Jeon ?”, you roll your eyes “Did I steal your heart again? Seriously …please never use this line on me ever again”,

“ Babe, you don’t understand, I had to use that pick up line at least once on you~”, he’d nudge you with that cute tone and you chuckled at his adorable sight 

Of course, he had to act cute around you even though his uniform made him sexy at all times.

“ I mean…I’m an officer, I must arrest people that go against rules! Especially when they steal stuff like my heart”, He raises a seductive brow

“So what’s up? You want to put me in a cell now?”, you pout “ Sometimes, I don’t know if you’re supposed to be a cop or my boyfriend!”, you poke his cheek “How in the world am I supposed to address you?”

“ Hm… “, he taps his chin as if he’s thinking before staring back at you “I love it when you call me Jungkook…but the thing is that, I love how you call me Officer Jeon”, his sneaky smile shows up “ It sounds sexy, when you do”,

He gives you that seductive gaze as he pulls your waist closer to him to have a better look at your facial features.You’re beautiful to him and he wants to look at you, since it’s been so long since you’ve spent time together.

He touches the side of your cheek to bring your face closer to his. He stares at your eyes twice before biting his bottom lip and leaning to your lips level.You push his chest with your palm and he furrows his brows in disagreement.Why did you just push him away? He wanted to feel yours lips so bad against his, yet you just broke his moment. It has been for about more than a week  that he last kissed you, since he’s been on duty for so long.

“You sneaky little shit! I swear , you’re the crime, not me!”, you slap his arm “Are you insane?! We’re at my workplace! Please behave!”, you scold him

He stares at you in disbelief.

“ Did you just reject a kiss from me ,right now?”, he raises his brows while touching his chin

“Yes , I did! As an officer, you should now more than me, that this its ethically not correct to kiss your significant other while you’re on work hours”, you comment 

“ Who invented such rules?”, he crosses his arms against his chest “ You know what? I feel like going against the rules right now”, he smiles at you

He walks a step closer to you

“NO ,JEON!! Please no!!”, you tap his chest with your palm “My job is on line!! Let’s not break the rules for just a kiss! I need to keep this job!”

He snickers with that very seductive gaze he harbors on the floor before looking back at you

“I think you must have forgotten something after we got in a relationship”, he comments before leaning to your ear level “ I make the law”, his whisper sends shivers down your spine

“What are you saying?!”, you push him before pinching his cheek “Look Bunny, Go back home and wait for me instead of getting me in trouble. We’ll share all the kisses you want at home”, you smile at him still pinching his cute cheeks

He suddenly grabs your wrist and yanks it away from his cheek, before giving you that deep piercing gaze that amkes you weak to your knees

“ I’m the police Y/N, shouldn’t you treat me more seriously?”, he’d smirk

You feel yourself getting weaker as he steps closer to you

“ I-I-I…STOP staring at me like that!”, You stare at the ground “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“ Oh really?”, he raises a brow “ I think I’ll need to investigate that further”, he comments “ I’ll give you a choice”, he suddenly says

You seem confused.Just what is he saying now?

“  Is it me or your job?”, he stares at you

“ WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?!”, your eyes widden

“ Do not yell at me! I’m Officer Jeon Jungkook !! “,he flaunts his name on the badge “ You better behave, or I won’t be nice”

“Great… Are we cosplaying now?”, you rolled your eyes in disbelief “ I never thought you’d be into those kind of things”

“ So , choose”, he cuts you off

“ For now, its my job! I might love you Jeon, but I need this job”, you stare at him with a serious gaze “ Please understand…”

“I See…”, he nods his head still with that stoic expression “Seems like you enjoy being a bad girl”, he stares at you “ Well, I’ll have no choice,but to arrest you for that”

The next thing happens so quickly. You hear a metallic sound and feel something cold around your wrists.Did he just handcuff your hand together with his hand?!Your eyes widden in response

“ YAH! JEON JUNGKOOK!! ARE YOU CRAZ–”, you’re about to yell at him, but he puts his palm over your lips and smiles at you

“ I’m arresting you for offending your boyfriend , You have the right to stay silent and anything you say can be held against you.”

You quickly remove his hand from your mouth to deeply breath and frown

“what is he saying now?!”, you comment “ Jeon Jungkook, are YOU DONE BEING INSANE?!”, you glare at him “ You better free me , RIGHT NOW!”

“What will happen If I refuse? “, he smirks

“ I’ll kill you”, you show him your fist

“Damn, you just threatened me…” jungkook’s eyes rounded “ I don’t think I’ll be able to free a girl that just threatened a police officer that happens to be her own boyfriend”, he shook his head

“ Yah!”, you yell

“ I warned you”, he smirks before adding “ Everything you say will be held against you”, he winks at you “ Now, I think you’ll to follow me to the police station”, he drags you with him

“ Jungkook!”, you whine “ Let me go!!!”

“It’s not happening”, he stares at you as he drags you out of your office “ I’m not some easy cop that frees a girl, just cause she’s cute and she happens to be my girlfriend”


“ oh man …HOLY SHIT!!! THAT’S A DOUBLE THREAT!”, he frowns at you “ Y/N…you’re probably the first woman I heard trying to threaten me twice in a row without any fear”, he scoffs 

You sigh and grab the side of his uniform.Why not try to be cute ? Maybe it’ll work

“ Baby, please free me… I have to get back to work in 5 minutes! My break is over!”, you pout 

“ Don’t try seducing me with those eyes!!”, he stares away “ It won’t work!”

You sigh once last time before tiptoeing and pressing your soft lips on his rosy cheek. Officer Jeon’s cheeks are red like tomatoes and he’s holding on his cheek like no tomorrow. He’s shy and you know it.He wasn’t expecting this at all

“ Can I go now?”, you nudge him

“ Ok , I’ll let you go, this time!”, he replies in defeat

Of course you were the only exception to his law.

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Perfect GTA!Ryan x Cop!Reader

“ I swear to God when i get out of here im gonna fuckin murder Gavin.” Ryan mumbled angrily as he was thrown into an interrogation room the door slam shut behind him. 

Today just wasn’t his day. 

First, Gavin slips the silent alarm in the bank they were robbing, second Gavin accidentally fucking locks him in the goddamn bank alone. 

So now he’s sitting in an interrogation room alone. trying to plan his escape and how he’s gonna fucking murder gavin. 

his thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and an officer walked in silently and sat down n front of him without saying a word. 

Meanwhile Ryan was staring at the police officer sitting in front of him. Usually he didn’t give two shits about them, but he’d never seen one so…cute. 

She sat there wearing the police uniform with her h/c locks pulled into a pony tail, she was average height, but short compared to ryan. She didn’t look like a threat, with big e/c doe eyes and soft features, looking so soft and fragile. God knows how she became a cop. 

“ This is surprisingly silent for what seems to be an interrogation.” Ryan spoke finally, catching the attention of the attractive officer. 

She looks up and raises a brow and then shrugs.” well theres not much to say now, is there?” she asked and he then shrugs his shoulders.

“ i dont know, usually they want to rough us up ya know?” he said and she chuckled and laid her head on her hands, tilting her head to the side with a small smile.

“ do you want me to rough you up?” she asked playfully and he chuckled , raising his hands in defense, which were previously handcuffed but he was able to unlock them without the woman noticing.

“ no. im just saying your surprisingly calm for somebody whos in a room with a dangerous criminal, who just got out of his handcuffs by the way.” he said, holding up his hands for her to see and wiggling his fingers.

she rolled her eyes and let out a huff.” because im not afraid of you.” she said and calmly and he raised his brow.

“ oh?” he asked and she nodded.

“ i know you and your crew are extremely capable of killing me or anybody who gets in your way, it’s just not something im afraid of.the only thing that really bothers me is the body count you guys have. and i know that soon your buddies will come and get you and theres nothing i can do to stop it, so why waste my time?” she asked and his emotionless face broke out into a sly smile.

“ oh i like you.” just as you were about to retaliate a large explosion sounded out through the building, causing you to stand up and grab your gun.

Ryan stood up and yawned, stretching his hands behind his back.” well, i guess i got to go.” he said before walking towards you and slipping something into your pocket and sending you a wink while walking out the door.

“ call me sometime!” he called out over his shoulder right before the door shut behind him.

you merely stood there , completely shell shocked.

well, that just happened.


ever since then ryan had been thinking about the cute police officer. and though he wouldn’t tell the others, he had started to drive slower when on a heist when he knew you were chasing him, giving you a smile when he tells you he’s on a murder break after you telling him you had a problem with the body count.

Every time he was in custody you were the one to watch over him, your cold one-sided conversations turning into chats about how your week went, sometimes you would even sneak him in a bag of chips and a cigarette.

Jack was the first to notice, when he got caught more often, when he stopped killing so much, whenever he escaped from custody he would come back with a small smile ( which jack could tell even when he was wearing his mask.( it was the tone in his voice)

so after a heist when they were all back home, she pointed a gun at him and everybody froze, wondering what the fuck was going on.

did ryan double cross them?

was jack double crossing them?

was jack going to kill ryan?

were they all going to die?

but all there troubles were put away when ryan sighed and said. 

“ her name is y/n and i think she really likes me.”


“ ryan remember treat her like a lady, that means no manhandling, got it?” Jack said as she fixed the collar of his shirt.

“ unless she totally into it, then you can fuck her.”

“ GEOFF!” Jack hissed. “ this is his first date with this girl, do you really want him to ruin it?”

“ who said he would be ruining it?” geoff asked as he took another swig of his drink.

Yes, tonight Ryan was going to have his first date with you, with took a little convincing from you when he sneaked into your house after a robbery ( you almost shot him in shock) but you sad yes, so now he is currently being dressed by jack, and being given horrible advice by everybody.


“ hey ryan, ready?” you asked and he nodded, trying to find words to describe how you look.

this was probably the first time he’d seen you out of your uniform, and you looked great. 

wearing a turquoise dress that fit you perfectly but flares out at the waist and stops mid thigh, with a pair of black vans to match. looking cute but casual.

and fuck did you look good.

“ uh uh um yeah im ready.” he stuttered and you laughed, taking his hand and leading him toward a tall building.

“ where are we going?” he asked and you smiled.

“ well , since we can’t go to a lot of public places since things may get out of hand-”

“ im on a murder break!”

“ ive decided for this instead.” you said and gestured to the ladder, having him climb up first to the roof of the building.

“ holy shit you did this?” he asked and you grinned.

“ yup, you like it?”

on the building was a large blanket set out, with a box of pizza and wine sitting on top of it. candles on the edge of the building.

“ this is amazing y/n.” he said and you smiled.

“ i know right? well lets not dilly dally, lets drink some wine and eat some pizza like classy people.”

“ yes mam.”

After some drinks and slices of pizza Ryan is lying down with y/n in his arms, staring at the sky. You could see all of los santos from where they were.

“ This is nice. “ you said and hummed as he hands ran through your hair.

“ hey ryan?” you ask and look up at him.

“ yeah ?” he asked fearfully, scared of what you were about to say.

“ i think i might be falling for you.” you said quietly, sure it was your first date, and the wine probably has something to do with this confession. but it was all true, ever since the first time you saw him you couldn’t get him out of your head.

he let out a breath of relief.” oh thank God.” he said and kissed you. 

your arms wrapped around his neck and you eagerly kissed back, your lips moving in sync.

“ ray, ray? whats going on?” jack whispered through the comm they all had, all except ryan.

ray was currently four buildings away, watching their date through a pair of binoculars, it was jack’s idea to spy on them on their date, she just couldn’t miss this.

“ theyre kissing jack!! theyre kissing it up!” he said and she grinned.

“ really! oh thats great!”

you pulled away from ryan with a smile.” you know theres a guy watching us right?” you ask and he sighed, hanging his head.

“ yeah.”

“ is he a friend?”

“ sadly yes.”

Long story short, your first date was amazing, and ray got the ass kicking of a lifetime.


“ hey ryan?” gavin asked as ryan cleaned on of his guns.

“ yeah gavin?”

“ we should all meet y/n!”

Out of pure shock ryan’s hand slipped and a bullet flew out of the gun, breaking the window across from him.

“ NO!”


Meeting the crew for the first time was….. an interesting experience.

you were currently chasing down another gang after they had robbed a bank when you got a phone call.

“ hello?” you said as you continued speeding after them.

“ hey babe so i was wondering….” ryan began and you groaned.

“ baby im a little busy right now. im currently chasing down some robbers.besides, you really want me to meet your family?” you ask and he rolls his eyes.

“ no i want you to meet the-”

“ ryan stop lying because theyre your family if you hadnt noticed, so stop shitting with me okay? besides, i dont think they will like me very much. im a cop in case you hadn’t noticed.” you sassed and he let out a nervous laugh.

“ yeah about that….” he said and your eyes narrowed.

“ ryan…..” you said slowly, he could hear the anger rising in your voice and it was not something good.

“ yes sweetums?”

“ james ryan haywood what the hell did you-”

your question was cut short when a car slammed into the side of your car and you swerved away frantically. when you did numerous voices from he car began to shout.


“ IM SORRY MICHOO! IM SORRY MISS Y/N!” A British voice shouted. your tuned your head to see two men in the front of the car, one of them looking pissed at life with curly brown hair, the other one looking like he might faint, with short brown hair and a large nose.

you knew who they were, they were michael jones and gavin free from the fake ah crew.

“ im guessing you know who we are right?” michael shouted through his window and you nodded, both of you still speeding.

“ yeah, it’s nice to finally meet you guys!” you shouted back, the back door of the car opened and revealed a girl with red hair and a big smile.

“ hi i’m Lindsey and were gonna have to steal you for a bit if that’s cool.” she said.

oh, you are going to kill ryan.

“ so your y/n it’s nice to finally meet you.” geoff said and patted you on the shoulder.

the ride to the crew’s house was not as awkward as you thought it would be, since lindsey was constantly asking you questions about your life.

do you like cats?

which do you like better, marvel or dc?

whats your favourite food?

apparently from yours answers to all of her questions she decided your her new best friend, which you were okay with. she seemed like a nice girl.

but anyways.

you nodded.” yeah, nice to meet you to.” you told geoff and he sighed.

“ well , theres not reason to beat around the bush.” he said.” have you and ryan had sex yet?” he asked and you and ryan both went bright red.

“ GEOFF WHAT THE HELL?!” Ryan shouted.

“ e-excuse me?” you squeaked and geoff rolled his eyes.

“ theres no reason to be embarrassed, were all adults here. so, have you guys fucked or no?”

“ ohmygod ohmygod” ryan mumbled, hiding his face in his hands, leaving you to speak for both of you.

“ no, we havent had sex yet.” you said and geoff nodded.

“ okay, are you suing him?” he asked and everybody froze. i guess it was a question on everyones mind, since you were a police officer, even ryan looked up from his hands.

“ no.” you said firmly and geoff raised a brow at you.

“ oh? and why should we trust you?”

“ the same reason i trusted him enough to bring me here.” you said with a shrug. “ i know you all must not like me very much but im not using him. if you hadn’t noticed whenever the cops go after you guys , they’re not as violent? i believe everybody has a chance at life, that’s why i gave ryan a chance. because i dont judge him for choosing a different life style than mine. you guys cant think whatever you want  about me but that’s not gonna change how i feel about ryan. i love him.” you said with crossed arms. 

ryan look at you with a smile. “ you love me?” he asked and you nodded with a small smile.

“ i always have.” you told him.

geoff walked forward and he gave you a big grin.” welcome to the family kid.”

the rest of the night was you all shoring stories about your life, and you telling embarrassing stories about ryan.

even telling them the dreaded gnome story.

who knew someone could attract so many Chihuahuas?

the crew had decided, you were perfect. perfect for ryan, perfect for the crew.

the perfect addition to their fucked up family.

okay so this was a ton of fun to write and i loves it! i love writing about the fake ah crew and i have another idea for one to write that’s kinda like a sequel to this one. but if you guys want to request for anything like these ( do it dudes) especialy anything with baby reader and fake ah crew, that i also love. also i have starting writing for rwby so if you want a rwby x reader i’ll do it! please request for anything and everything! see ya later!


So part 2 is here! I decided to write a second part just because. I don’t have a reason. Either way it’s gotta end in Noct fluff! Am i right? Mind you it might take a while to get there. Hope you all enjoy. Please like or reblog if you do. Tagging @airlea-sicarius and @angel-dream.

Thing’s didn’t end too well for you last night. You not only went into the wrong part of the citadel, you were also caught red handed, by none other by the Prince of Lucis. You wondered how you could of possibly got it wrong. You did recon beforehand. You spent days watching the citadel, watching how the guard’s operated but somehow you got it all wrong. To top it off your sister had to witness you get carted of in cuffs and thrown in a cell below the citadel, and there was naff all she could do to help.

You sat on the edge of the bed in the cell, twiddling your thumb’s. Thinking what was going to happen to you. You knew you would eventually be brought to the king and questioned about your actions. You just didn’t know what the next step was going to be. It made you nervous. You didn’t want to spend the rest of your life in a prison cell. You didn’t want to get on your hands and knee’s and beg the king for forgiveness, that wasn’t your style. You start to wonder if all this was really worth it. You think back to your encounter with the prince, how he outsmarted you, how he jested you. “Cocky little shit” You thought. You thought about how he pretty much saved you when you jumped out the window. Got to be greatful for something i suppose. You stood up and walked to the window with bars across it. It was beautiful sunshine outside, you could hear the birds singing. You swung round when you heard the door behind you open.

It was Crowe, in her Glaive outfit that fit her form perfectly. She was angry with you, and who could blame her? She told you before she left to join the Kingsglaive “Stay out of trouble please?”. Well that fell on deaf ears. She walked over and leaned her back against the bars.

“What in the hell where you thinking sis? You promised me you would keep your head down. And imagine my surprise when i find you pinned to the floor by the prince!”. She had disappointment in her tone.

“I was doing what i had to do to get by!”

“Get by! What in the hell is wrong with you! You broke into the citadel Y/N!! How did think that was gunna end?” she shouted.

“You left me Crowe!! I had no one! Nothing! I needed a place to belong and this is all i have!” Your eyes started burning but you refused to let the tears fall. Crowe was silent.

Your home was destroyed by the Niflheim empire, your family and friend’s also perished in the fires of war. You and Crowe only had each other. You seeked solace in Insomnia. Both of you were offered a small place to live along with the other refugee’s. You managed to get by doing odd jobs here and there. And then Crowe started showing signs of being able to use magic. She accidently set the curtain’s on fire when she was opening them one morning. Then things escalated very quickly. The citadel caught word of Crowe’s magical capabilities, they took her in and trained her, eventually she was made a Kingsglaive member which meant she was barely ever home (if that’s what you’d call it) and you were always alone. That’s when you were approached by a man named Gunner, he saw you steal a wallet off a guard who was harassing a woman in her shop. You were quick with your hands , the guard hadn’t even noticed. Gunner followed you that day. He approached you while you sat and ate an ice cream, paid for by the guard of course. Gunner was kind to you, he looked after you, taught you neat tricks and eventually brought you into his thieves guild. He trained you hard, but you didn’t mind. You felt you belonged somewhere, finally. A few years later, and here you are. In a prison cell.

“I’m sorry Y/N. If i had known how you were feeling then…..”

“Just forget it Crowe. It’s too late now” You cut her off.

“I have to take you to see the King now. He’s waiting” Crowe pushes herself off the bars and unlocks the cell door with the key. She pulls handcuffs from her back pocket and puts them out towards you.

“Cuffs? Seriously? You know i can undo these in seconds” You smirk.

“Just put them on please? At least look willing” impatience in her tone.

“Fine, but if they get uncomfortable im taking them off!” Crowe smiled at you and shook her head. She tightened the handcuff’s around your wrist and escorted you out of the room.

The citadel was huge inside. Doors everywhere, paintings everywhere, stairs everywhere. The decor was amazing. You couldn’t imagine living in a place like this. It was more a maze on the inside than it was outside. Guards were posted outside most of the doors. Important looking people dressed in suits and skirts. All looking at you still dressed in your black attire, looking completely out of place. But you didn’t care. They’re snobs with money. Eventually you were brought to a massive door with weird engravings on it. “Why the hell would you need a door that big?” You thought. You looked at Crowe and raised your eyebrows. She chuckled. She knew what you were thinking.

The guards opened the door and Crowe held your arm, gently urging you forward. As you walked in you see the king sat in his regal chair at the top of the stairs. His council all stood at the bottom. Stood on the balcony to the left of you was Prince Noctis with his arms folded, looking fed up. But the moment he saw you, his eyes lit up and a smirk started to form on those pretty little lips of his. Son of a bitch!

You stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked up at the king. He looked tired, very pale and very ill. You knew he had been deteriorating as of late when it was plastered all over the news. You just didn’t realise how bad.
Crowe nudged your side and mouthed for you to bow. You rolled your eyes at her and she looked at you as if to say “just do it!”. You reluctantly bent over. You looked up at the king to see him smiling at you. You stood straight, slightly confused as to why he looked at you like that.

“So your the infamous Y/N Altius. Tell me this, why did you break in to the citadel? Or should i say my sons room?” He was still smiling. His voice was calm and low. You weren’t sure how to answer. You couldn’t drop Gunner and the rest of the thieves guild in it. You looked over at the prince who was still smirking. A tall man with a big build and tattoo’s stood next to him.

“I…uhhhhh…was curious?” Was all you could say. This caused people to whisper and look at you confused. The king raised his eyebrows.

“I mean, i didn’t intend to break into the Prince’s room, i was thinking i was breaking into a study or something and i just wanted to look around” You were beginning to sound more confident the more you talked.

“Lies!!” One of the council shouted. The king raised his hand for quiet.

“So you weren’t a decoy?” He asked curiously.

“Decoy?” You asked confused at his question.

“What i mean to say is you didn’t break into the palace as a distraction so your people could break in and take what they needed?”

You were stumped. A distraction? None of what he was saying made any sense to you. The kings smile had disappeared, replaced with a frown. You thought back to what your mission was. Gunner had given you instructions to break into the citadel and steal a valuable painting that resided in the Kings study. He gave you the blueprints to the citadel, told you where you needed to go. Why would they use you as a distraction?.

“You seem a little confused Y/N. Did you not know what your people were up to?”.

“I….I…don’t understand. Why would they use me and then take the painting themselves?” You said out loud. Trying to Piece your thoughts together.

“Painting? It wasn’t a painting they took Y/N. It was something much more important than that “.

You look up at the King who could see the hurt on your face. You had been betrayed. You had been set up. It was becoming clear to you now. Gunner lied to you. It felt like you had been stabbed in the gut. You felt vulnerable. Weak. You let your guard down because you trusted him. Gunner, a man you thought was your friend had now become your enemy.

Let Yourself Feel it

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Reader

Word Count: 1,900+

Dean recently lost his mother and doesn’t know how to cope with the pain. He turns to alcohol. When he gets in a bar fight, the cops come and arrest him. He only has one girl to call.

A/N: This was kind of based on a video I seen on youtube,  ( This is just plain angst and its bad so. My first imagine or one shot. THIS IS FICTION. NONE OF THIS ACTUALLY IS HAPPENED OR HAPPENING TO MY KNOWLEDGE. HIS MOTHER DID NOT ACTUALLY DIE AS FAR AS I KNOW. And I do not know how jail works so don’t judge. 

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Arousal (Dangerous Pt. 3)

REQUESTED: Again, lots of you wanted to see this up!


Part three of dangerous? I loved the first and second part! ❤️  - @re789

omfg this is soooo good - @idontknowwhatimdoingdamn

omg please write the rest already i’m dying over here lmao - @hush-littlebunny

Bless u all <3

WARNINGS: Smut af (you don’t understand how long I’ve been waiting to write this one omd), cursing, Dom!Stiles

SUMMARY: You had just finished your mission with Stiles, and were told that you could stay in the hotel after the mission, in an attempt to stop any suspicions being aroused. Stiles sees this as the perfect opportunity for the pair of you.

NOTES: Thank you for loving this, I only want this as a 3-parter, because I feel it works better that way, but if you want more then I am totally up for writing it!

Anyways, hope you enjoy :)

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Chatper ThirtyFive


6:25am Saturday 10th

The stiffness in my shoulders turned into pins and needles long ago and the blood dripping from the side of my face had turned dry and numb. Slouched back in the chair, I ignored the questioning that Detective Rogers had been delivering for the last 6 hours and instead stared at the mental table in a trance.

I was beyond boiling with anger and I had to use every ounce of self control in me to not lash out on these pigs. The events that occurred hours before replayed in my mind like a broken record, fueling my anger as every second passed in this dirty room. Closing my eyes I took a few deep breathes as Isaiahs screams and Lani’s cries filled my mind. If there was anything I had never wanted my family to see it would have been that moment last night.

Worse of all I couldn’t react. It was bad enough Zay saw me being arrested and I was not about to make him watch me lose myself to my manic episode. Though it was physically and mentally painful to control, I held it down until I was out of the house and thrown in the back of a police van. It was only then, did I let myself go and kick the van doors so hard that it lift big dents on either side.

Hours had now gone past since the arrest and I could slowly feel myself losing my mind. All this was too familiar. The four concrete walls caving me in, the restraints on my arms and the officials barking words that went through one ear and out the other. Memories of the years I spent in the mental institute washed over me and reminded me why this all felt like deja vu. I suddenly felt like that little kid back then, held down in a straitjacket as the doctors tried to pry information from me and beat me senseless. 

So instead I tried to stay sane throughout the night, allowing my mind to drift off to Lani. Images of her smiling, her sleeping, when she has her hair all curly, even images of her when I was buried deep inside of her, filled my thoughts. But after trying to envision her for so long, my mind became hazy and the pictures became blurry. And without feeling close to her, I once again felt my anger rising and this time I was too exhausted to fight it. 

Now the cold metal cuffs, pinched at the skin of my wrists and all I could think about was head butting the detective so hard that he would knock out and shut up, “You’re making this harder for yourself Brown”, Detective Rogers spat out causing me to lift my head and slowly smirk, “Lawyer”, I muttered the first words since being brought in. I knew the sound of me suddenly speaking shocked him but he quickly regained control of his facial expressions.

“You going to need a lot more than a lawyer to get you out of this one buddy, try asking for God next time”, He chuckled at his pathetic excuse of a joke which only made my smirk wider, “I got someone better in mind”, I mumbled under my breath causing him to snap his head over and narrow his eyes, “You say something kid?”, He chuckled causing the smirk to wipe off my face and instead narrow my eyes at him, “I got the devil on ma side bruh. Who you got? Yo fancy badge and a 5 dolla gun that Id remove from you grasp before you had a chance to bat them pretty eyelashes, kid”. 

Knowing what was coming, I braced myself for the blow and seconds later the detective grabbed the back of my head and slammed it down against the the table. Flexing my jaw, I lifted my head off the table and grinned as I ran my tongue across my bottom lip that was now dripping in blood, “Now why would you go and do something stupid like that?”, I questioned him with a raised eyebrow that only seemed to piss him off more.

“You think this is a game mother fucker? A girl is dead and everything points to you, I am going to make sure you never see the outside world again”, He spat out as he sat back down on the other side of the table, desperately trying to make crack. What this pig didnt know was that I had been to the darkest corners of hell and back and I still made it through without so much as flinching. He needed to try a lot harder than a few empty threats and weak punches to have me confessing to some murder.

“Now I am going to ask you one more time, do you recognise this girl?”, He asked in a more calmer voice as he pulled out a A4 sized picture. Looking down at the girl in the photo, I allowed memories of her to fill my mind before looking dead straight at the detective, “Yea, I use to fuck the shit outta her”, I said nonchalantly as I rolled my neck to loosen up the tightness I felt around it and sat back to enjoy this little heart to heart we was having.

Instantly the detective looked over at me with a look of disgust and feeling unappreciated for my honestly I frowned back at him, “Why you looking at me like that cuh? You want the truth and Im givin it to you. I use to blow that bitches back out, always had her begging for more.  Can’t say much about her head game though, shit was kinda a disappointment if we being honest”, I shrugged as his chest heaved in anger. Once again I braced myself for the blow and let out a chuckle as his fist landed in the side of my face sending a jolt through me body. Before I knew it a second punch came and the salty taste of blood filled my mouth, only causing me to grin wider. 

“That all you got big boy, keep em coming nigga cause I can sit here all day”, I laughed as I fueled his anger more, loving that it was so easy to get him worked up. The sound of his chair scraping against the concrete floor filled the room and seconds later he was charging around the metal table ready to lay into me. Waiting for the perfect moment, I released my hand from the cuff that I had unpicked half an hour ago and brought it up to catch his wrist.

Staring down at me with wide eyes, I squeezed his wrist so hard that he crumbled to his knees in pain. Making sure I left enough damage so that he wouldnt be about to use that hand for a while, I bent it back until I heard a little crack. The detective tilted his head back and yelled out in pain as he tried to use his other hand to pry me off. Seconds later the door to the interrogation room that I was currently in, burst open and three armed officers rushed in. Letting go of the detectives wrist, I slumped back in my chair calmly and held my arms up behind my head as a smirk graced my lips.

“I would watch it the next time you thinking about raising your hand on me bruh”, I said calmly as one of the officers helped the detective up while the other two came behind me and re cuffed my hands, only this time using a zip lock, “How the hell did he get out of his cuffs!?”, Detective Rodgers yelled as the officers helped walk him out of the room while he cradled his broken wrist.

“It gonna take a lot more than handcuffs to hold me down nigga! Lemme catch yo bitch ass in the street”, I laughed as Remy walked in the room followed by Mark who was the head of my legal team. Behind Mark walked in another man who I had yet to meet, “Jesus Tyson, really?”, Remy sighed as he looked over at me while shaking his head, “He started it”, I shrugged nonchalantly as my gaze didn’t leave the unidentified man, “Fuck is you?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow as he took the seat in front of me and sat back in his chair.

The silent front I kept up since being brought in had come to an end. Now I was just beyond pissed off at this point, not to mention I was hungry as hell and a nigga just wanted to see his wife. To make matters worse, every fiber in me had me wanting to use somebody as a punching bag and I instantly regretted not releasing a bit more built up anger on detective Rodgers. 

“Lawson, come unbind his hands”, The man yelled out, not once breaking our intense stare off, that neither one of us looked like were backing down from any time soon. A younger looking officer came in the room carrying a pair of scissors, sitting up I allowed him to cut the zip lock off from around my wrists.

Rolling my shoulders, I stretched out my arms and enjoyed the feel of them not being restrained, “My name is Senior detective Hawkins, I’ll be taking over the case from here on out, Rodgers has been pulled off”, He explained causing me to throw my head back and let out a good ole laugh. 

“There is nothing funny about the situation you are currently in son, you are looking at a long time behind bars”, He stated causing me to stop laughing as I looked over at him with a smirk and raised eyebrow, “You think so detective? Why exactly would that be?”, I asked, genuinely curious as to why these people thought I would actually end up in prison.

“Detective Hawkins, we would like a private room so I can discuss the details with my client”, Mark spoke up as he stepped forward causing Hawkins to turn his attention to him, “We will grant you a few hours tops with the prisoner, then he is ordered to spend the weekend in holding until court on Monday”, Hawkins instructed as he stood up from his chair and gave a stern look to both Remy and Mark.

Nodding their head, the detective began to leave the room before her face  suddenly filled my mind, “Wait, look Ill cooperate but only if you let me see my wife”, I said as Hawkins slowly turned around with the slightest smirk on his face, “Ill get back to you on that request”, He said with amusement dancing around in his eyes. Clenching my jaw, I burned holes in the back of his head as the two younger officers came in, “We will be taking you to a private room now, hands behind you back”, One of them ordered. Standing up roughly, I kicked the chair back and held my hands behind my back like instructed. My mood was rapidly deteriorating and thoughts on how I could get a few blunts back here filled my mind.

Keeping my head down, the officers led us to an all white room that had one window which was all barred up. Un cuffing me, the two officers left the room and I subconsciously looked up at all four corners to make sure there was no cameras, “How bad is it?”, I grumbled in annoyance as I took a seat and sat opposite Remy and Mark who both looked official in their designer suits while I was made to wear a ugly ass orange jumpsuit.

“Heres what we got so far. Her body was found in the bathtub, half a bottle of painkillers found in her system and her body covered in bruises as well as fractures, which are believed to be from the fight with Lani. They originally thought suicide but after one of her friends came forward about the fight, police sparked up an investigation”, Remy said straight away as he laid out all the details although the only thing I heard was when he mentioned Lani’s name.

“Lani aint in trouble is she?”, I frowned as I felt my breathing pick up at the very thought, “Relax man, Lani’s in the clear. You on the other hand, not so much”, Remy explained as I let out a sigh and briefly closed my eyes. I didnt care how much trouble I was in, my only concern was Nalani and Isaiah, I had put Lani through enough in life she didnt need this added as well.

“Bring her to me Rem, I need to see her”, I mumbled as I opened my eyes and rested my balled fists on top of the metal table, “Ty there is other times to see her, right now we need to focus on this case and proving that you’re not guilty. And honestly man? Its gonna be hella hard considering they have video footage of you walking into Adriannas apartment building a few weeks ago”, He grumbled out in anger while staring down at me with a frown and disappointment in his eyes.

Shaking my head, I brought my hand up and rubbed the side of my jaw in frustration, “Get me Lani”, I ordered in a calm tone before sitting back in my chair and lifting my legs up on the table. If they wanted me to cooperate, the only way I knew how was if I had some sort of grounding vice. I needed to focus and the only way I could do that is if the only person who constantly was on my mind was with me now.

“Ight fine, but lemme take some pictures of your face first. Once we beat this case, we can sue these mother fuckers for police brutality”, Remy grumbled in a angry tone as he pulled out his iphone and began snapping photos of my battered face. Though my face was the least of my concerns, right now I just needed her. I needed her so I wouldn’t lose myself even more and make matters for myself worse.

What if I was wrong? What if I couldn’t beat this case and I was kept away from Lani for years? I wouldn’t survive, anyone who knew me the slightest would know that I wouldn’t be able to last without her. The very thought had be pounding my fist down on the table as I subconsciously clenched my jaw tightly, “Ty, man just relax ight”, Remy tried to coach but I wasn’t having any of that.

“Just get her here !”, I yelled as I roughly stood up and grabbed the chair I had just been sitting on. Turning around I launched it against the wall as my chest began heaving up and down in anger, “I need her. I need her”, I breath out lowly as I made my way to the corner of the room and rested my forehead against the cold concrete wall. Ever so slowly I began to bang it against it repeatedly, ignoring the pain that was already coursing through my entire head and face.

As much as I didn’t want it to happen, I knew better than anyone that I was losing myself in a way that I hadn’t in a long time.


The errie silence in Tysons mansion had just about sent me over the edge. Since his arrest last night, the house had been a damn circus of frantic phone calls, media stakeouts and corporate visits from the big bosses. Nalani had barely spoken two words and Isaiah cried himself to sleep after spending hours crying for his ‘daddy’. As for the rest of us? Not a wink of sleep was shared between the four of us. 

Taking Tysons request seriously, Ace and I had left in the early AM to grab a few duffle of clothes as we would be moving into the mansion until shit was settled out. Lani didn’t object to the idea but I think it was mostly because she didn’t even hear us when we told her.

My mind was still reeling over what had gone down last night and to make matters worse no one knew what was going on. Now at 7 am Lani, Ace, Briana and myself sat around the lounge room as we silently smoked Tysons secret stash of weed. It was the only thing that seemed to even slightly calm our nerves and worries.

Closing my eyes, my mind vividly went over the scenes last night like a movie. The way Ty stop talking and changed instantly in black mode, blew my mind away at how he just knew that in that moment they were coming for him. I was never one to question Tysons instincts but even I was left speechless at the perfect timing and all. Then there was the way he asked me to look after his family, almost as if he knew what was coming and that he would be gone for a while. The very thought had me fucked up because I was always so sure Ty would never and I mean never ever get caught.

Opening my eyes my gaze fell on Lani and almost instantly I wish it hadn’t. Six years of knowing her, six years of watching this poor girl go through hell and back thanks to Tysons mania, yet never had I seen her look so broken. Her eyes were bloodshot red from all the crying, her cheeks puffy and pink, skinned paled, her hair thrown in a messy bun while her small body was covered in one of Tysons hoodies.

She just looked so? Empty.

Now she sat there staring at nothing at all as she had gathered the sleeves of the hoodie up to her face, trying to desperately hold onto the scent of him. 11 hours they had been separated and after watching Lani crumble the entire night, I could only imagine how Tyson was taking it.

“Sweetheart you have to eat something”, Briana said softly as she stood up and made her way over and knelt in front of Lani who was sitting in Tysons favourite recliner lounge chair, “Im not hungry”, She whispered hoarsely as she had damaged her throat from all the screaming and crying she had done last night. Looking over her shoulder for help, Briana’s gaze locked on mine causing me to sigh. She hadnt eaten in the longest and her hands had began to shake at the lack of food in her system, “Nalani com-”, I started only to stop as she shook her head.

“I dont want to eat, I’m not hungry. Please stop asking me”, She plead at us both as tears swelled in her eyes. Feeling my own chest start to get heavy at the sight, I nodded my head and didnt press her anymore. Letting out a sigh, Briana stood up, kissed her forehead before coming back over and stilling next to a stoned Ace.

I dont think I have ever seen Ace so silent in my life. I was so use to him always being the life of the party and always making fun of a bad situation to lighten the mood, although now he seemed like a completely different person. No funny remarks or stupid questions came from him and over all the years Ive known him this was the first time Ive seen him go for so long without cracking a smile.

It wasn’t a secret that Adrian looked up to Tyson like a role model, he considered him his hero and I knew he was hurt to see the one person he believed to be invincible, brought down. But I knew he was mostly mad at the fact that he didnt know if Tyson killed the girl or not. Ace made it his duty to always be with Ty whenever he went on a killing spree and last time Ty killed someone and we werent there, Ace was pissed so I knew he was feeling like shit that he once again wasnt there, that is if Ty even killed her.

Once again the room was drifted off to silence and what seemed like half an hour later, Brock’s heavy footsteps could be heard as he made his way through the house and towards the lounge room. Sitting up in my seat, I handed the blunt to Briana and watched as Brock came into the room with a blank look on his face.

Instantly, Lani pulled out of her daze and looked up at Brock in an almost pleading manner, “Any news?”, Ace asked before anyone could speak up. Letting out a rough sigh, Brock ran his hand down his face before sitting back on the edge of one of the lounges, “Someone beat Adrianna to death, she been dead for a few weeks now. Police saying they got evidence linking Ty and not only that but someone from the club came forward and told em that they saw Lani and Adrianna fighting. They saying that was his motive”, Brock explained as he looked around the room with a sympathetic look, although I could tell he was holding something back.

“So this is pretty much all my fault”, Lani whispered as tears streamed down her face, “Hell na Lani, dont be thinking that shit ight?”, Ace immediately grumbled with a frown, not liking for one second that she was blaming herself for this, “He right Nala, beside we dont even know if Ty did it or not”, Briana blurted out the one thing that everyone had been thinking, yet no one said out loud.

“You think he did it?”, Briana asked as Lani’s chest heaved up and down while looking at us with a pained expression, “I dont know”, She whispered, trying her hardest not to break down crying again. Trying to take the attention off her as I knew she was having trouble keeping it together, I turned my attention back to Brock, “You heard from Remy? He can post bail right?”, I asked unsure what the process was and hold long they were going to hold him for.

“Remy already scheduled with the courthouse for first thing Monday morning, hopefully we can post bail and buy us sometime to clear his name without him being behind bars for too long”, Brock explained as Lani started shaking her head, “Can I see him before?”, She asked softly, that we had almost not heard her.

“Ill talk to Rem and see what he can do but there aint no guarantee Lani”, He warned her in a sympathetic tone as she just nodded her head and wiped the tears off her cheek, “Look, Rem already called in a team of lawyers, once we find out more details on the charges, they can build a case and fight for his innocence”, Brock assured her although she let out a bitter chuckle that caused us all to look at her confused.

“And if he’s not innocent?”, She cried while looking over at us with a helpless look as if wanting some kind of assurance that he was indeed innocent. Unfortunately though, It was something that none of us could give her, because knowing Tyson, anything was possible. Just because we knew Tyson like the back of our hand didnt mean with knew all his secrets. Not because he was the type to keep them but because if he was manic and alone, he could have committed something and completely forgot about it when he was sane.

Standing up, Brock walked over to Lani and engulfed her in a tight hug that she broke down into. Rubbing her back, Lani sobbed into his chest while I mentally went over the whereabouts of Tyson these past weeks. Nothing added up though, the only times he had been manic was when someone was ALWAYS with him, so how the hell could he have killed her when he was with us?

The sound of Brocks phone ringing, caused us all to snap our heads in his direction. Pulling away from Lani, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked down at the name skeptically, “I gotta take this. Keep yo phones on ya and ill call if I hear anything else. Lani you dont leave this house unless you have one of us boys with you, ya heard?”, He told her sternly causing her to nod her head as she pulled away and used her sleeves to wipe her cheeks.

Kissing the top of her head, Brock sent us a head nod before walking out the room just as Jas entered, cradling Isaiah, “He just woke up, he was asking for you”, Jasmine said softly as Lani spotted them coming in. Holding out her arms, Jas placed Isaiah in her embrace and came over to sit beside me. Wrapping my arm Jasmines shoulder, my gaze stayed on Lani as she cradled her son while desperately trying to keep it together.

After everything went down last night, witnessing Zay scream and cry for his dad had to be by far the hardest thing Ive ever had to watch in my life. No three year old should ever have to watch their dad having his head smashed down on the table before dragging him out with blood gushing from his face. Though Lani could barely keep it together herself, she spent majority of the night rocking Zay’s crying self to sleep.

Noticing Ace standing up, I looked over at him with a questioning look, instantly he silently nodded his head out the door. Kissing Jas on the forehead, I stood up and followed behind Ace and headed straight to Tysons office. Closing the door behind me, Ace headed straight for Ty’s mini bar and poured two glasses of straight scotch before handing one over.

“What ya thinking?”, I asked before taking a sip of my scotch, trying to mentally will my throbbing head to stop, “When the fuck did this nigga get a chance to kill her?”, He asked with a frown, once again causing me to rack my brain through all the events these past weeks, “So you think he did it?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow causing him to let out a sigh. Through out the past 11 hours, Ace and I and yet to actually speak about the matter. It was something we had both avoided as we didnt have the answers to all these questions.

“Man I'on even know anymore. I mean, I wouldnt put it past him cause lets me real, you and I both know he already got a large body count”, He shrugged as I couldnt fathom why he would throw away all that progress over this hoe, “Forreal I thought he was doing so good all these months”, I sighed out in frustration as Ty had indeed been doing so well lately.

“Yea but you know that nigga would do anything to defend his girl, even if that means going back to his old way”, He said as I shook my head, silently praying that he didnt.

It was true though, Tyson would gladly resort back to his old ways when it came to Lani. Shaking my head of thoughts I took another large gulp of my scotch and ignored the burning sensation down my throat, “Ty aint messy though, they said they found evidence and Tyson has killed dozens and dozens of people and he had yet to leave a spec of evidence so shit aint adding up right now”, I stressed as I tried to find some logical reason as to why this wasn’t done by Ty.

“He didnt do it”, I said more sternly this time as I refused to believe it. He had barely spent any time alone, matter of fact every time he was manic I was almost sure he had some of us with him, “I get you tryna stay positive but J come on, this is Ty we talking about. That hoe been a pest from the start and that fight was the last straw for him, you know he wouldn’t let any bitch get away with it so why the fuck would he let her?”, Ace stated facts though I shook my head, not wanting to believe it.

“He had no chance to do it Ace! That nigga always had someone with him these past weeks and plus he ain’t what he use to be! He better than that now”, I spat out harshly though as I said the words I knew I was trying to convince myself more than I was trying to convice him. Chuckling bitterly, Adrian downed his scotch in one go before looking up at me and shaking his head, “You know for a smart nigga you really know how to act dumb sometimes cuh”, He muttered as he slammed his empty glass down on the table while I instantly felt a frown form on my face.

“The fuck is that suppose to mean?”, I grumbled with annoyance as he returned the frown, “You act like you the only one who knows him nigga! You forget I’ve been right there too ? He’s my brother too!”, He yelled in anger as we stood facing each other, breathing hard in rage.

“You try so hard to see the good in him, as you should but you know deep down that this was his doing. You deny it cause you tried so hard to shelter Ty and I from that life, tried to keep us from the streets and killing and now that it finally caught up, you in denial cause you scared to think that you failed”, He muttered in a much calm tone while I still clenched my jaw hard, hating how he could read me so easily.

“You dont know what your talking about”, I grumbled while shaking my head, “Don’t I? You think you know him so well, but all them times when you was at home with your head in them books, it was me who was running out in them streets with him. It was me who watched that nigga kill countless of people with his bare hands. You thought you saw the half of it? Was you there when that nigga raped Lani? Huh J? Was you?! You wanna know how many times I sat on the stairs at her house and listened to my best fucking friend rape the love of his life?! The same night this nigga killed a mother fucker for glancing her way, so dont tell me he wouldn’t kill this groupie for her because he would and you know it!”, Ace yelled as his chest heaved up and down out of anger.

The sound of sniffling caused us both to snap our head to the direction of the door. Lani stood there tears pouring down as she helplessly looked back at us, “Lani”, Ace instantly sighed before mumbled a string of swear words under his breath. Walking in she closed the door behind her and made her way over while wiping away her tears, “He’s right J. Tyson is capable of anything and everything points to him right now. But this isnt about him being guilty or not anymore. Even though he may have done it we need to find a way to prove innocence, because if Tyson goes to prison I can almost guarantee he won’t be coming out”, She said softly as she stood in front of us, looking back and forth between the two of us with a pleading look.

“What you mean he aint coming out?”, I asked confused while Ace seemed to have understood what she had meant, “With Tyson manic and nothing to help him refrain it, he will kill people in there J. He will kill other prisoners, fight the officers and that means more jail time. So right now, you need to stop fighting because in the end of the day, you three are all brothers, Tysons loves you as if you were his own blood and if he knew you were turning on each other over this he would whoop both of your asses”, She smiled the last part as if she was playing it out in her head.

We stood in silence for a few moments, letting Lani’s words sink in. She was right, she was alway right when it came to him. With him being manic and non of his vices Tyson would most certainly cause havoc in there. I wasn’t worried about him handling his own in prison, what I was worried about was if one of them bold niggas tried to step to him, best believe Ty ain’t gonna let em live to see another day.

“You’re right, look Im sorry man. I aint mean to come at you like that but I just want you realise that we cant be closed minded about this. Lani’s right, we need to realistic and right now whether he did it or not our only concern should be doing everything in our power to get him out”, Ace sighed as he rubbed the back of his head.

“I know bra, I know. Ma minds just fucked up right now, you know? He was going so good man, so good and now this? But you’re both right and first things first, we needa find out when this hoe actually died so we can see if Ty has an alby and if he aint, we gonna make sure he do before the feds find out”, I stated causing them both to nod their heads in agreement

Holding out his hand, I took it and dapped Ace before pulling away and looking over at Lani who was gave us a soft smile, “Group hug?”, She said in a hopeful tone causing both Ace and I to playfully suck our teeth and roll our eyes. Chuckling, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and brought her into a group hug. If a group hug means seeing her smile, than a group hug was what she was going to get .


The sound of my phone vibrating, had me pulling away from the group hug and digging in my pocket for the device. Seeing Remy’s name, I instantly answered it and brought it up to my ear as J and Ace looked down at me a raised eyebrow, “Rem? Is he okay? Is everything okay? Is he still manic? Can he come home? Whats going on?”, I fired off questions before  finally shutting up as Remy’s gruff voice came through the phone.

“Just breathe Nala. I spoke to the detectives and Tyson isnt being too cooperative right now, he’s refusing to speak until he sees you. Brocks coming back now to pick you up, I could only get an hour or so for you guys but its better than nothing”, He said as I nodded my head while wiping my tears away, “Okay, okay. I’ll quickly go get dressed and Remy?”, I sniffled as I held onto the phone tightly as if this phone call was a dream my mind was playing on me.

“Thank you”, I whispered genuinely causing him to let out a sigh, “Dont thank me yet Nala, when I get him outta here you can”, He said in a confident tone which seemed to ease my nerves just a little, knowing that Ty had such loyal people fighting him. Exchanging our goodbyes, I hung up and looked up at J and Ace who had been watching the whole time.

“He wants to see me and they are letting me go”, I sighed in relief even though it was nothing more than a 1 hour visit. Instantly the boys facial expressions lit up and I knew that they were almost as desperate as I was to see him. Heading to the door, I looked back over my shoulder only to find them rooted in their places, “You’re not coming?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow, causing them both to break out in a grin.

“We can come?”, Ace beamed as he made his way over, “Im sure he wants to see you guys as well. Brock’s on his way back, Im just going to run up and quickly get changed. Can you see if the girls are alright to stay with Zay for a bit?”, I asked as we all headed out of Tysons office. Not waiting for a reply, I dash to the stairs and jogged up them until I got into my bedroom. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and instantly felt my chest become heavy. I hadn’t stepped into the our bedroom since last night and it hurt to much to enter in here when it reminded me so much of him.

I missed him so much that it had me feeling physically sick and just the thought of him being locked away broke my heart a thousand times over. Yesterday had started off to be the best birthday I had ever had, only to quickly turn into the worst night of my life. Seeing them aggressively cuff him down, as Zay screamed and cried in the background would be something I never forget.

Letting out a sigh, I hurried into our en suite bathroom and tried not to let the tears fall at the smell of his cologne lingering in the air. Turning the sink on, I quickly brushed my teeth before washing my face a few times, desperately trying to get rid of any signs I hadnt had a wink of sleep. Looking up in the mirror, I cringed at the sight of my red, puffy eyes and quickly turned away as it only made me want to shed some more tears.

I left the bathroom and made my way into the ensuite where I proceeded to avoid looking at Tysons side, in fear that I would break down once again. Running my hands through my closet of jeans, I quickly pulled a pair out and slipped them on and proceeded to throw on a black sweater. Taking a seat on my chair in front of my vanity, I attempted to cover my bags under my eyes with cover up before attending to the rest of my face. 

Satisfied that I looked semi decent, I was silently thankful that my hair was straight so that the messy bun it was currently in, didnt look so tragic. Lastly, I opened the side draw and started to load on my jewellery, including my engagement ring that now filled me with nothing but sadness as thoughts of me not having a chance to marry him filled my mind.

Blowing out a string of air, I fanned my eyes to keep them for watering before standing up and heading over to the full length mirror. Looking over my outfitI mentally gave myself a pat on the back for getting semi decent in such a short period of time. With my bag and phone in hand, I jogged down the stairs and headed to the lounge room where I found everyone sitting around, including Brock.

“You ready?”, He asked as soon as his eyes landed on me. Nodding my head, I walked over to Briana who had Isaiah in his lap as he ate some fruit and yogurt, “Baby, mommy has to go for a little bit but she will be back soon”, I whispered as I knelt down in front of him and ran my fingers through his curls. Tearing his gaze from the cartoons playing on the screen, Zay licked his finger before looking at me, “You come back with daddy?”, He asked causing me to close my eyes for a moment so he wouldn’t see my tears.

“Im not sure sweetheart”, I managed to get out through a shaky voice. Though he didnt seem pleased with my reply, I was thankful when he didnt say anything else and instead handed his bowl to Briana. Slipping off her lap, he wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me, “Okay mommy, be back soon and tell daddy I love him”, He said as I pulled away and kissed all over his face in pure love and adoration for him. 

Squeezing his body close to mine one more time, I stood up and placed him back on Brianas lap. Looking over at Brock, I nodded my head indicating I was ready to go and after giving the girls both a hug goodbye we headed out the front door.

Walking straight over to the heavily tinted SUV, Brock stood guard as I narrowed my eyes towards the end of our long driveway. There beyond the large gates that kept people out were dozens upon dozens, media crews and camera men. Frowning in anger, I shook my head and allowed Brock to open my door and help me into the back seat. Ace got in the back with me, while J sat in the front seat. Brock jumped into the drivers seat and began backing out almost instantly.

“Them motherfuckers been here all night”, Brock grumbled in an annoyed tone, while I looked over my shoulder to look through the back window as we got closer to the media circus, “They cant see in, right?”, I asked nervously as cameras began snapping vigorously as we came closer to the gates, “Na they wont be about to see in”, Ace assured me as a team of security waited for us at the end of the gates, ready to hold back the paparazzi as we drove out.

Slowly the gates rolled opened and the security men stood in a line, acting as a barrier around the car. Questions were yelled out to the car and I closed my eyes at all the horrible name calling and accusations they were spewing about my fiancee, “You ight?”, I heard Ace ask softly causing me to open my eyes that were now glossy. Sniffling, I sent him a small smile as I rested my head back, “Ill be okay once I see him”, I whispered although the truth was I wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be okay until he was cleared of the charges and back home in my arms.


The drive to the police station only took us a good half an hour, though the security process and forms that needed to be filled out, ended up taking an entire hour. Lowkey I knew they were dragging the process out of spite and judging my the way J, Ace and Brock mean mugged the officers,  I knew they thought so too.

The anticipation to see Tyson was bubbling inside me, almost so much that I couldn’t even think straight. My palms were sweaty and chest hurt as my eyes roamed the police station. To think he was locked up in here was hard enough but to know he could possibly end up in a place far worse, only made me want to break down.

“Alright, you guys are up. Follow me and keep up”, One of the officers instructed as he looked us up and down with a disgusted look. Placing my hand on top of Brocks arm as I knew he was about to go off, I sent him a pleading look causing him to let out a rough sigh. Wrapping his arm around my shoulder in support, we followed closely behind the officer as he lead us down a long hallway before stopping at a door where two officers were standing guard.

“This his girl?”, One of them chuckled as he looked me up and down while moving aside so the one who led us could open the door, “Yea mother fucker you got a problem?”, Ace mugged him instantly as Jeremiah took a step in front of him just in case he lashed out, “Lorenzo, quit it”, The first officer ordered with a frown before unlocking the door and holding it open for us. 

The three boys stood still, mean mugging the three officers while my gaze darted into the room for any signs of Ty, “Come on guys”, I said softly breaking the boys intense death stares and causing them to turn their attention to the opened door. Ace was first to head through, followed by Jeremiah and finally Brock and I entered in last .

As soon as we were inside, the door behind us shut closed and my eyes darted to the tall figure sitting in the chair, “Ma nigga!”, Ace exclaimed loudly as he let out a chuckle and dapped Tysons figure which was hiding behind the boys. It was the first time I had seen Ace grin or speak with his usual enthusiasm and it lowkey made me grin that I was not the only one who loved Tyson so dearly, “What up bra bra, had us worried there for a minute”, J said next as he leant down and embraced him in a hug while patting his back.

Brock gave my body a slight push forward and I finally got a glimpse of the love of my life. My face immediately scrunched up with overwhelming sadness and before I could stop myself, tears freely flowed down my face. Standing up from his seat, the strained expression was evident across his features  while his midnight black eyes burned with need. Not wasting another second I rushed across the room and melted in his embrace in an instant.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, Tyson wrapped his own around my waist and squeezed my body into his as we held each other tight. Dropping his face into my neck, he inhaled deep as I broke down in his chest, desperately trying to hold on forever. My body shook from all the crying and I could even feel Tysons own chest heavying up and down due to his hard breathing.

I dont know how long we stayed like that but if I could, I would have never let go. Every ounce of love I ever felt for Tyson came down, hitting me hard as my grip only got tighter. Just holding him in that moment did something to me, it made me want him and want to love him even more than I already did. Was this what Tyson meant when we would say that he loved me so much that it was literally overwhelming? If it was, I now knew why it was so hard to describe. Nothing could ever justify the feeling I felt for him and simply saying 'I love you’, didnt feel like it even came close to doing it justice.

Pressing his lips against my neck, I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the small piece of intimacy. Though it had only been less than 24 hours since the arrest, it felt like a lifetime since I had felt his touch, “I missed you”, He whispered against my skin causing me to slightly pull away as I repeatedly sniffled and tried to calm my crying. Cuffing the side of my face as he continued to hold me close with his arm round my waist, Ty ran his thumb across my cheek, wiping the tears away.

Looking up at his face, I subconsciously found myself pouting with a frown as my gaze fell onto one of his many cuts and bruises he had acquired since his arrest, “What have they done to you”, I cried as I removed one arm from around his neck and carefully ran my fingers across his bruised cheek, “Nothin I cant handle”, He said lightly, trying to make me not worry though it didnt work, not even slightly. Frowning at the thought of all the abuse the officers were inflicting on him, I was about to take my ass back out there and turn shit up but Ty  crashed his lips against mine.

As if everything else was at a standstill, I melted into the kiss and had to refrain myself from letting out a satisfied moan. Moving our lips in sync, I parted mine, allowing him access that he took in an instant. Once again his arms found their way around my waist, pulling me in closer as we continued to devour one another with our lips. Of all the kisses Ty and I had shared, this one had to be the most passionate, the most consuming of them all and even though we had an audience, I didnt want it to ever end.

Finally after what seemed liked a life time later, we pulled away to catch our breath though our hold was still as tight as ever. Resting his forehead against mine, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed being in his arms for the moment, “I want you to come home”, I whispered with desperation laced in my tone, “Soon baby”, He muttered as pressed his lips against the crown of my head. 

Pulling away, I looked up at him with pleading eyes, I so needed him to tell me he didnt kill her and this was all one big mistake. That the police had it all wrong and that he could come home with me right now. But this was Tyson we were talking about, meaning everything and anything about him was far more complicated and he never had such luck for these chargers to be just a 'mistake’.

“Zay alright?”, He asked as we ran his hands up and down my arms, trying his best to remember the feel of me, knowing that he might not get a chance to for a long time. The thought made me want to break down again, but this time I willed myself not to and instead gave him a small smile, “He’s okay, he misses you though. He told me to tell you he loves you”, I said softly causing him to let out a sigh as he brought his hand up and rubbed down his face in frustration, “My little man”, He mumbled with a strained expression that once again broke my heart

Remembering we were not alone, I pulled away a little bit more and looked over at the table that had all the guys gathered around as they spoke. Noticing our attention had been turned to them, they stopped talking and looked over at us, “Fucks going on nigga?”, Ace sighed as he sat on the edge of the table and waited for Ty to explain everything.

“Man they saying I killed that hoe”, He chuckled nonchalantly as he shook his head and headed over to the seat. Looking back he patted his lap for me which I gladly went over and sat down comfortably on, “Did you?”, Ace asked bluntly causing everyone to go silent as we turned our attention to him. 

It was the question on the back of everyone’s mind. Though we wanted to believe he had left that life behind, I knew better than anyone that Tyson was capable of anything and that meant resorting back to his old ways one last time to kill Adrianna once and for all.

Sucking his teeth, Tyson shook his head, “Why y'all looking at me like that?”, He chuckled while wrapping his arm around my waist, trying to pull me closer into his embrace. When no one said anything or laughed along side him, Ty’s expression became serious as he let out a sigh, “I aint kill her”, He said simply causing the boys to let out a sigh of relief, apart from my and Ace who stared at him intensely, making sure he wasn’t lying.

Shaking my head at the thought, I let out a sigh of relief as I knew Tyson never lied. He may have his many faults but lying wasn’t one of them. It was simply because he didn’t care what people thought of him and he always told it straight.

“So why do they think it was him?”, I asked Remy who looked over at Ty with a raised eyebrow. Turning my attention back to Ty, I found him slightly shaking his head at Rem before noticing my stare and immediately stopping, “We aint really talk bout no details yet, I wanted to see you first”, Ty explained although I was now wary of what was going on, “Is is that bad?”, I whispered with a frown causing him to sigh before shaking his head, “It aint nuthin you needa worry about ight? Let me and Rem handle this and you focus on Zay until Im out”, He said sternly as I narrowed my eyes at him before standing up and making my way over to the window.

Though it seemed I was watching the outside world, in reality my mind was running a mile a minute as the boys started up their own conversation. I hated being left in the dark, if there was one person who could handle Tyson and all his demons it would be me. But of course Tyson always thinks of me as this delicate flower that couldn’t handle to much.

Closing my eyes as they were beginning to burn due to all the crying I had endure these past 11 hours, I silently prayed that for once in my life things worked out in my favour. It was like we took one step forward only to be knocked three steps back and honestly I was exhausted. I was so physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted that I was so surprised that I hadn’t had a mental break down yet. 

I sensed him behind me and seconds later he confirmed it by wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder, “I promise you everything will work out”, He mumbled with such confidence that I couldn’t help but relax back into his body and believe his words, “Im so tired Ty”, I whispered knowing he would understand that I meant mentally tired, rather than sleep deprived.

“Me too Lani and it breaks my fuckin heart that I put you through all this”, He muttered in an almost painful tone that caused me to squeeze my eyes shut, trying to hide myself from our reality, “I need you to promise me something”, He once again mumbled before pressing his lips against my neck, “No matter what you hear or see in the news, I need you to trust me”, He said causing my own heart to start beating faster. 

Pulling away from his grasp, I turned around and looked up at him with a frown, “What did you do Ty?”, I cried as the boys looked over while Tyson kept his head down, too afraid to look up at me, “You said you didnt kill her!”, I said a little louder as I felt every emotion start to pour out.

Clenching his jaw tight, he looked up at me with his black eyes that use to haunt me in my sleep, “AND I DIDNT!”, He yelled causing me to jump a little while both Brock and Ace stood up from the seats. Sighing roughly, he looked over at the boys and narrowed his eyes causing them both to sit back down. Turning his gaze back on me, I took a step back causing his eyes to flare with panic and regret, “I didnt mean it, I didnt mean to yell”, He mumbled helplessly as his mood rapidly changed within seconds. Some that we were all too familiar with and use to.

“Just trust me Lani, please. Thats all I need, is for you to trust me and I swear Imma get outta this then we aint never gotta deal with no bullshit again”, He pleaded while my eyes literally began hurting while the tears kept falling. Nodding my head, I mouthed 'I promise’, causing him to cautiously stretch his arm out trying to desperately close the space between us. 

Not wanting him to be in anymore pain or doubt, I took a step forward and ran my thumb across his freckles like I always did when we silently lay in bed, wrapped up against one another. Pressing his face against my hand as he closed my eyes, I briefly closed my eyes at the sight before taking another step forward and wrapping my arms around him. In an instant we were back to holding one another like we we afraid one or the other was going to float away.

Though I knew nothing and was more confused than before I got here, I knew I had to trust Tyson. No matter what Ty always had a reason for his doings, even if they didnt make sense to most people, I always believed in whatever he did was done for a reason. He said he hadnt killed her, therefore that was what I believed, as for whatever the media twisted with lies, I knew that no matter what I needed to ignore it.

Sexy // Ashton Irwin (Smut)

side note: this is my first shot at something like this and i don’t even know if this is my thing yet i’m conflicted which is probs why this is awkward but i think it fits so if you don’t like it i apologize alright i should probably stop typing now lmao

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So You Like It When I Fuck You (Luke Smut)

Author: B

Requested: yes

A/N: Its not being tied up exactly, but there are handcuffs and its VERY dom and I apoligize for the grammar errors please ignore them. And this is the first time i have written smut in a really REALLY long time so it’s probably not that great just letting you know xx


It was the third day in a row the weather forecast showed rain which meant another day of you staying in and watching Netflix the whole day. You would do something with your boyfriend Luke- anything, but he’s so tired all the time due to his recent return from tour and all he wants to do is lay in bed all day and cuddle. Now, cuddling with Luke is one of your favorite things to do, but it just doesn’t meet your needs that haven’t been fully fulfilled since he left for tour. You guys have had sex since he’s been back, but it was only twice and it was pretty… vanilla. After having to rely on yourself for sexual pleasure for months you didn’t just want to have sex with Luke; you wanted him to fuck you, but you didn’t know how to bring it up to him.

You sighed before getting up from the bed and silently creeping into the living room, you didn’t want to wake your boyfriend from his peaceful slumber. You sat down on the couch and checked behind you one last time to make sure Luke wasn’t behind you and ypu slipped you hand down your panties and started rubbing your clit. The thought of Luke doing dirty things to you in your bed alone was enough to make you wet. Not long after, you slipped one finger inside of you and let out a whimper. One whimper turned into more and soon you were quietly moaning Luke’s name as you fucked yourself with your own fingers. “Oh god, Luke…” you whimpered again and you were so close to reaching your climax before a voice interrupted you.

“Y/N? What…what are you doing?” Luke’s voice said from behind you, and ypur actions came to a sudden halt.

“Uh…” you trailed off, not really sure what to say.

“Why didn’t you just wake me up, babe? You know I would’ve taken care of that problem for you,” he told you, sounding slightly hurt.

“I just-I want more Luke,” you blurted out before you could stop yourself.

“What do you mean? Am I not good enough for you?” He was now standing in front of you, biting his lip with a worried and offended look on his face.

“No I just- I just need… more Luke. We have had sex twice since you got back and both times were just sex they weren’t kinky or exciting like how we used to fuck,” you explained.

“So you liked it when I fucked you princess?” he asked, his demeanor changing completely. “You liked it when I’d fuck you against the wall and gagged you to make sure the neighbors wouldn’t hear and when I punished you because you were still being too loud?” The blue eyed boy was now kneeled down in front of you, leaving small kisses on your collar bone and rubbing your soaked core through your panties ever so slightly.

“Is that what you liked? Is that what you want y/n?” He whispered in his deep sexy voice which turned ypu on even more.

“Answer me y/n,” he demanded. “I’ve punished you before baby girl, I can do it again,” he told you sternly and a moan escaped passed your lips.

“Yes-fuck, yes Luke.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes that’s what I want,” you said feeling frustrated.

“Is that an attitude I hear? Looks like someone needs to be punished,” he smirked before attatching ypur lips im a hasty kiss. You moaned at the feeling of his tongue exploring your mouth and the feeling of his lip ring cool against your skin. You kissed him back with an equal amount of hunger and ran your fingers through his hair. You felt hands slide underneath your thighs and lift you up as feet carried you to your bedroom. On the journey there Luke stopped to push you against the wall a couple times so he could grind his hips against yours to get you even more worked up. Once you both made it to your bedroom he kicked the door shut with his foot and layed you down on the bed before he hesitantly tore his lips away from yours.

“Strip,” he ordered, and you obliged as he dug through his nightstand. After your body was vacant of any clothing besides your soaked underwear, Luke had finally found what he needed; two pairs of handcuffs. He connected one end to the bed post and the other around your wrist. After the action was repeated on your other side Luke teased you by slowly removing his shirt and crawling on to the bed, his face inches from your throbbing heat.

“Luke,” you moaned in desperation. “Do something- anything.” He knew he shouldn’t push you too far, so he decided you had waited long enough. A kiss was placed on your inner thigh before your underwear was removed and you felt the cold air hit you which caused you to buck your hips. Luke’s hands hooked around your thighs and then you felt him like a bold stripe up your clit which emitted a moan from you. He started sucking it and then without a warning his tongue delved into you which emitted an even louder moan. His lip ring felt so good when he was eating you out.

“Luke-god Luke go faster baby,” you encouraged him through your whimpers. In no time at you could feel your release building and you almost reached your climax for the second time today but Luke removed his mouth from you before you could get there. He licked his lips and looked up at you with that smirk. You whined in protest and struggled to move your hands to finish yourself off but the cuffs just weren’t budging.

“Bad girls don’t get to come,” he told you as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants along with his briefs. His length sprang free and stood up straight, showing his arousal. You drooled at the sight and desperately wanted him to insert himself into you, but you knew if you made another sound your release would be held off even longer. “Bad girls have to prove that they’re good girls by taking by taking every single inch down their throat.” Luke positioned himself over your mouth before he started roughly thrusting his dick down your throat without a warning, triggering your gag reflex. You could feel every inch of him as he slid in and out of your throat and even though your boyfriend was fucking your mouth you could feel it in your throbbing pussy which caused you to squeeze your thighs together to try and relieve dome of the pressure, but it just wasn’t good enough. You needed Luke and you needed him now and as much as you loved taking his cock down your throat, you’d rather be fucked where you needed to be the most.

“Oh god, y/n I won’t be able t-to last much longer,” he stuttered through a moan as he thrusted into your mouth one last time before slipping himself out. “I think you’ve proven yourself to be a good girl now, princess.” You didn’t take your lustful gaze away from him as he spoke.

“Now I’m going to fuck you so hard the last word you’ll ever use around me will be vanilla.” He moved down and started sucked on one of your nipples and you let out a strangled breath. His other hand payed attention to your other breast, kneading it and rolling your nipple between his forefinger and thumb. His mouth was removed from your skin and connected once more to your collarbone to plant a soft kiss before he entered you slowly. You couldn’t help the long moan that came from you as he thrusted roughly and slowly into you. He knew this was ypur favorite way to be fucked and he was going to take advantage of that.

“Say my name,” Luke breathlessly demanded as his hips rammed into yours once again.

“Luke,” you whimpered, barely managing to get the word out due to the pleasure that flooded your entirety and put your mind into a haze.

“Louder,” he told you through gritted teeth, and you carried out his demand. “Louder princess, I want the whole neighbourhood to know who’s fucking you this good.”

“L-luke,” you practically yelled as he thrusted into you again and your walls clenched around his length as you experienced one of the best orgasms you’ve ever had. Your back arched off the bed and you felt his release pull into which only added to your pleasure. You didn’t want your climax to end, and the loud moan coming from Luke showed that he didn’t want his to either so you both rode it out as long as you could before you both felt yourselves come down from your highs. You were both a sweating, panting, tangled mess as you felt him slip out of you.

A long exhale was released from you as you heard the sound of the handcuffs that were restraining your wrists being removed. You peeked your eyes open and saw Luke throwing them back into the nightstand before he walked back over to the bed and got in next to you, pulling you into his side and resting his head onto your chest as his finger traced circles on your stomach. He peered up at you before he spoke, “So was that too vanilla for you y/n ?” He asked and placed a kiss to your breast.

You gulped and contemplated your answer. You knew which answer was the truth…but you wouldn’t mind if Luke got his point across one more time. “I don’t know Luke…maybe just a little,” you answered with a smirk.

Eminem CXVPHER rhymes

he’s really good and really fast and i 100% fucked up some of these lyrics so pls don’t message the blog all angry saying I got something wrong. I tried. Thank you and enjoy.*

“My name is Marshall. I’m reppin’ that mother fuckin’ motor city, bitch.

I just turned Slaughterhouse into a quintet,
began to trend set,
murdered a friends pet,
made shit as ill as it can get when in debt,
like a fucking vignette,
like when two bars,
skins wet I’m already covered in sweat
and I wasn’t even ready to come in yet.

Let me set this drink down,
eat up a gal, start beef with a pal,
probably be wild til i’m wrinkled and senile.
The Rap God was a fucking freestyle off the top of the dome piece,
while I was asleep on the couch.
And I’m free-styling now.

I need a towel,
sweat leaks from my brow,
it’s burning my eyes
my cerebral is foul.
Cause the shit i’m thinkin’ bout should be illegal I need my head ban.
Like the guy who left Clevland Ohio who went to south beach with his talents.
Screaming ‘fuck you’ on the way out
and wink with a smile.

This whole game can eat a dick,
going back deep underground but right now,
I’m back on that bullshit.
And you? I’m singling out.
Cause you’re so fucking outdated, you should mingle awhile. 

What the fuck is this cluster fuck of busters bunch of busted douglases, Mother fuckers is one-hit-wonders,
one swing in your crown.
Knock one out the park,
one catchy jingle and now you think you’re fucking with me,
cause you sold like 300 thou?
Bitch I can jump without my feet ever leaving the ground.
Reach up swing from a cloud, with 3000 people around,
Evil and vial enough to leap in the crowd
and heave a child into a sink hole on Cinco De Mayo while I’m sprinkled in _____(?) mardi gras beads and a towel. 

I just made that up.

I don’t know much spanish,
I’m not bilingual but I’ll show you a mexican stand off between just these two amigos cause neither really wants to say what they thinking out loud.
But I sure as fuck know how to read body english no doubt.
Cause we’re trying to kill each other
But lyrical fuckers humility, what is a real MC?
He came up with this shit with me.

Never spit that hustle
That shit it wasn’t fit for me.
Let them adjust til they just get the jist of me,
Just not giving a fuck
Plus with a history of muscular disagree,
It wasn’t a mystery why this middle finger was stuck in this upward positioning.  

So what in the fuck is a list to me?
I’m used to not being on it.
I expect it out 'em.
Heck, I’ll get my respect without em.
Ain’t really been in to diamonds since I put my first record out but I can put a chain around my second album and wear em as a neck medallion. 

Became a millionaire,
went downhill from there,
became civil,
office swivel chair,
sterling silver ware,
screaming life is still unfair,
til i get a real career,
the fuck am I going to do until then,
this job is too fulfilling,
2 cu-jillion pairs of super villian shoes to fill,
the mood to kill in mood to kill
til i plowed my coup de ville at two some children at the food pavillion at Build a Bear?

Warriors mine em,
pour hydro-chor on ya,
phoria in the drug emporium line,
Im souring I’m pouring Vicadin four at a time,
ignoring the warning signs
before a go four-wheeler riding.
Gorey and violent,
You surely wont find anyone more appauling than I am
with this retalitarian rhyming for glory or stylin’

But I finger her like a witness,
show me a line up,
I usually am abusive but excuse me ma'am
I guess I must have threw you for a loop like Tucan sam when I said I can use a sample
Cause yous a tramp but look at how you react to this trigger like when I call you a bigger dyke than the hoover dam.

Youre playing right into lexs luthers hand,
its such a ruthlessplan,
but even lose a fan,
but fuck it even superman wouldn’t change in a phonebooth for stan.
I’m a brand new being,
Like grand pubas ban.
Happy as Anderson Cooper having a tube crammed in his pooper with lubricant.
that’s too…
I can’t.

Since honesty’s the best policy,
I’ll give it the old college try,
try to acknowledge my mistakes,
probably wont qualify as a gentleman and a scholar
but it’s time that I swallow pride and say that I’m sorry.
Sorry I can’t apologize.

I think of all them times I compromised my bottom rhymes
and thought of all the rhymes that sodomized your daughters minds.
But then i’m like… 'dollar signs’.

But I may fight for gay rights,
especially if they dyke,
it’s more of a knock out than Janay Rice.
Play Nice.
Bitch I’ll punch right in your face twice like Ray Rice
in broad day light
in plain sight of the elevator surveillance,
til her head is banged on the railing and celebrate with the ravens.

Never date an assailant who self-medicates with inhalants.
I meditate but I need a better way to escape the aggression,
and the anger.
Cause lay restraints on the ankles,
heavy weights and the ankle
with handcuffs and chains this ain’t enough to contain it
but i still get the same respect as Jay if i came on,
stage with a fucking negligee everyday in Liz Claiborne.

Devasted from breakups with Kate Hudson,
wait slut,
youre friends,
what are they gonna say cause make up ain’t gonna cover that eye ain’t 2/8ths of the way shut,
pepper sprayed with your face cut.

Make my bank like the way up,
off these effin’ skanks on the way up.
Oh bitch thinks she’s heavan sent,
it’s evident that she ain’t never been with 7 inches,
yes i said seven I measured it.

Seven inches from the floor, while I’m standing on the fourth floor from the balcony from the Sheraton while I’m stretching it. 
Bitch I’m a pimp so a limp dicks all you’ll ever get.
So if she’s hesitant to get the hint
I betcha that i get the message sent
who’s shes messing with
is hella quick
when i tell a chick
to never use sex as a weapon when i step in to beat the wretched witch with a crescent wrench. 

Existential detriment to a lesbian devil in the ??? unpresent??? stench ???of the estrogen level the separatist
the ????? rebel ??? impressionist ????pencilist ????with his lips??? pressed against the edge of this rebel.

Pedal to the metal
I’m ripping this shit right away
cause I'l give it to a bitch like a pedestrian,
deadliest ever. 

See what kind of affect she has on the opposite sex when I push her, flexible little sexy ass through a plate of plexy glass.
perplexing as
the last 15 years
and I’m predicting my next relapse
when I spit these lyrics
so don’t look at me weird
when I start shifting gears
and shit re-smears
all over Britneys beers,
and this little disney queers,
Who use chicks for beards.

Just made that up too.

oh, and in shady 2.0,
we wrote it in roman numerals,
like they do for the superbowl
cause it’s suppose to confuse you hoes,
so flows,
loose you as usual. 
So juvenile,
2 year old,
when i go to the studio,
it’s only music but dont be foolish tho,
you dont know me through it hoe,
but you can blow me to it tho in my homies buick 
been known to lose it tho so if i over do it,
you drove me to it when I step in the vocal booth 
like i’m supposed to do,
murder you on a fucking track like tony sweart.
In one take,
if i fuck and
i dont redo it.
you couldn’t sound grown on a beat if you were moaning to it. 

The day I dont say 'fuck you all’
you can throw me through it. 

Routinous, Tootinous, shooting it from the hip ???eminem???
I’m the enemy to them??????? 
The epitome of an inconsiderate idiot, ???
but they consider me equivalent to chlamydia
they’re trying to get rid of me

But I stiggity stand for the fliggity flag for the united states,
and the freedom i distribute these raps through
and if i catch you
doing anything hindering or prohibiting that
after i give you that a tattoo with your lips on my ass
imma literally be picking up
deliberately whipping the statue of liberty at you 


Mister Caniff (For Jocelyn)

As I entered the house the familiar smell of weed and alcohol filled my nostrils, I sighed in frustration; I had been here for less then five min and already lost sight of my best friend Bella. “Yo Jocelyn!” I heard the loud voice of a boy I didn’t recognize “Uh hey” I said doing my best to sound like I knew him “It’s me! Sam from math class” As soon as he said that I kinda recognized him but not completely, I blame all the smoke for fogging not only my eyes but also my brain.  "Oh yeah hey, have you seen Bella?“ I asked growing more anxious at the amount of time it’s been since iv'e seen her, "Oh yeah she’s in the bathroom with gilinsky, wouldn’t interrupt if I were you” He said running off with A chuckle. 

“Oh my god” I whisper shouted to no one particular, I began to feel more annoyed and just want to go home, it’s not that I don’t like to party, okay well yeah I don’t. I would rather be at home watching gossip girl and eating, but no I am hear with watery eyes, sweaty palms, and A nervous stomach ache. After standing in the doorway for what felt like an eternity I headed into the party on the hunt for the kitchen, I needed a drink. As soon as I got there I pushed through the people ignoring the half naked girls doing body shots and did my best to find some vodka. “Ahh there we are” I said as I reached for the large bottle of vodka “Not so fast" 

An unfamiliar voice broken through the loud screams of everyone around me "Id like some” He said slipping in between the counter and I holding the vodka in his hand before taking a big drink “Can I please have that?” I asked trying not to sound snobby but failed “Wow, sassy; I like that” He said before winking and coming super close to my face “Im Taylor by the way” He said his warm breath that smelt like weed and vodka caused tingles down my neck “Jocelyn” I said back trying to sound stern but causing my voice to crack. 

Before either of us could say anymore we heard the music cut off and people began to holler and shout “Everybody out!” Someone shouted but I stayed in my place trying to figure out where Bella was “Fuck” Taylor mumbled before two cops stood in front of us “Both of you come with us” One spoke sternly as I placed the bottle of vodka down and headed outside the house to the front porch “Names please” The cops asked us as I being to sweat nervously doing my best not to cry “Taylor Caniff” Taylor said from behind me calmly “Jocelyn Holmes” I replied feeling tears form in my eyes “How old are you?” “17” Taylor replied as I gulped nervously “16” I replied shaking “I need you guys to blow into these” He said grabbing some plastic gun shaped object first going to Taylor then to me “You are both under arrest for underage drinking, anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law, you have the right to a lawyer if you cannot afford a lawyer one will be supplied, please put your hands behind your back" 

As the handcuffs snapped around my wrist I could now not stop the tears from falling, my heart was pounding my wrist were already feeling sore and Taylor wouldn’t stop smirking at me. As soon as we were placed in the back seat of the car I broke the silence "What are you smirking at?” I asked rudely already extremely annoyed with the boy “You” He replied in a smug voice as I rolled my eyes, after driving in silence for about five minuets I decided to take in his appearance, light brown hair tossed all over the place with a black bandanna across his forehead, a plain white tee adorn his torso and simple black skinny jeans on his legs, but what stood out the most was the tattoos all along his arms and even one on his chest “Like what you see baby” He said sapping me out of my trance. 

“Shut up Taylor this is your fault” I spat as the police car came to a stop “Uh huh, alright then” He said laughing as we were lead inside the police station “pat them down and place them in the holding cell” The tall rather intimidating cop said to a women cop who seemed to be in her mid thirties “Alright you first” She said to me as she stood behind me patting my legs and pockets “Lift up your arms” She said before leaning down and whispering in my ear “You’ll be okay” I sighed in relief when she said that, I assumed she noticed my tears and fearful face “Thanks” I mumbled as she went to pat down Taylor. 

As soon as she was finished the two of us were placed into the cell and our handcuffs were removed “Finally, the only time I want to be wearing handcuffs is in bed” Taylor sighed before sitting down on the floor in the corner of the cell “Really? we just got arrested and you’re making stupid sex jokes!” I replied in more of a shout then intended “You need to relax” Was all he said to me as he came and sat next to me “How am I supposed to relax!” I shouted again trying not to cry “Well first stop yelling, not helping my headache” I rolled my eyes but allowed him to continue “Second all they’re going to do is allow us to call someone to bail us out, we need to make sure that person isn’t our parents” My heart began to race again just thinking about what I will have to do if my parents find out “And third Kiss me” He spoke but before I could reply he place his lips on mine. 

Before I could process what was happening our lips were moving in sync and his tongue slowly moved with mine, my heart began to race as I put my hands in his hair “Taylor” I whispered as he slowly kissed down my neck causing me to gasp when he bit down leaving a slight mark  "Mmm" He moaned into my lips as his hand slipped up my tee “hey separate!” A loud stern voice from the same male cop from earlier snapped us out of our thoughts “You each get one call and if the person doesn’t answer you have to stay here tell tomorrow morning” I stood up walking toward the gate “Can I call now?” I asked the cop hoping he would allow me, he nodded his head opening the gate allowing me to walk to the phone. Who to call, who to call, I thought to myself unsure who would answer. After awhile of contemplating I decided on Bella. After about four rings she answer “Oh my god, Bella I need your help?!” I said nervously hoping she could help “What’s going on?” She asked as I could hear her shuffling around ‘Dammit where are my keys jack!?“ I heard her ask actually causing me to chuckle for a moment "I’m in jail” I replied as she gasped “Omg okay, were coming to get you right now, oh and P.S this isn’t the greatest moment but this is so like that time Serena got arrested in gossip girl” Bella Said laughing before saying something to jack “Oh my god, not the time hurry up” I said before hanging up the phone and heading back to the cell. 

Once my phone call ended I was beyond relieved I wouldn’t be stuck here tell tomorrow, and also nervous. I just made out with Taylor, what the fuck was I thinking, I can’t let it happen again. I thought to myself as I was allowed back into the cell, the second the gate was locked and the guard was gone I felt hands on my waste as my body was carefully but firmly pushed against the wall. 

As soon as his lips came in contact with mine I mentally slapped myself but soon fell back into rhythm as our lips moved in sync “You’re so beautiful” Taylor whispered leading me over to the small bed placed in the corner of the cell. “I wish I could show you how beautiful you’re” I moaned as he bit down on my neck once more this time allowing his hands to wander up my  body “Id make you feel so good baby” He whispered in a husky voice as he began to leave kisses down my stomach “Separate! last warning or you’ll be moved to separate cells” The guard shouted causing me and Taylor to pull away from one another now just sitting side my side on our bunk.

“So Taylor, in order to keep us from getting in trouble how about you tell me about yourself?” I said trying to keep myself from attacking his face “Im not a sharing type, thanks though” He said rudely causing a bit of a sting “Fine, then you can listen” I said rolling my eyes “I am 16, I go to SCVI highschool, ive been single since 8th grade because guys fucking suck. I am very uncoordinated so I stay away from sports, My best friend Bella will get her ass whooped later for dragging me to this dumb party that allowed me to get arrested” I added the last part in kinda drifting off of the whole 21 facts about Jocelyn. 

“Well Jo, your life sounds boring, But I admire how fiesty you’re, and not all guys are douche bags” He finished matter of factly “Well you’re
 I snapped back regretting it as soon as the words left my lips, was he really a douche? or was it an act "I am so sorry, I didn’t mean that” I replied as soon as the words left my lips “No it’s fine you’re right, I am” As soon as he replied my heart broke “No you’re not, you just pretend like you’re” As soon as the words left my lips he rolled his eyes. 

“Oh I pretend, really. well so do you” As soon as he answered back I chuckled “No I don’t, I am who I am” I replied with a smirk “That’s what you want people to think, but really you’re self conscious and awkward so in your mind pretending you’re a good girl is much easier” I was taken a back by the words that left his lips but couldn’t say much because I knew it was true “Jocelyn, you’re beautiful and pretty bad ass, once you see that then you’ll truly be yourself” I smiled as he looked me in the eyes, the words he just spoke were kind and sincere and I knew it “Your not a douche bag, far from it actually, you’re just lost, you just need someone to love you”  After the words left my lips he didn’t say anything he just kept looking into my eyes as he held my hand in his.

“Holmes you’re free to leave” The officers voice broke through our peaceful silence “What about Taylor?” I asked concerned for the boy lve grown very attached to in the last three hours.  "Nobody answered or came to bail him out, he has to stay tell the morning" I sighed disappointed in this info “will you be okay?” I asked looking down at my tattered converse “Yeah, don’t worry babe” He said kissing my forehead “Let’s go!” the guard shouted allowing me to leave the cell and soon be met with Bella and Jack Gilinsky. 

“Oh my gosh you’re okay, thank god” Bella shouted pulling me into a hug, “Let’s get her home” Jack said awkwardly as he led us to his car “So was anyone else arrested with you? Jack asked curiously as I leaned my head against the car window watching the rain drops fall, As thoughts of him swirled through my mind. The way he smirked, the way his ruff hands felt along my body, the way his kisses caused my body to tingle, everything about him. "Yeah” I replied continuing to think of his messy hair, and adorable accent, the slight smell of weed and alcohol that flew from his lips as he whispered into my ears, the way he made me feel. 

“Taylor Caniff" 

Michael Clifford smut - Tease

okay, so i had that requested “stripping for michael” from anon,… but i had no idea how to make it long and nice to read… i kinda transformed it into this… hope you enjoy.



You had been alone for the past 3 hours in your appartment because your bestfriend Michael left to band pratice. Let’s say, between you and mike it was more a ‘Friends with benefit ’ type of thing lately. Can not say you didnt like it though, he was a really good shot.

When he was not in your shared flat, you would usually clean because he never does. Today was not the exception, you decided to clean your shared walk-in. While you were cleaning you found an old sexy kit you bought for fun a while ago. You decided to try it to see if it was still fit. You got undessed and then dressed again with the kit, it was a sexy police officer thingy.(i could have said a nurse to more cliché.. but naaah) You looked at yourself in the mirror placing the plastic gun where it belongs while playing with the fuzzy handcoffs who comes with it. You took some back heels in your wardrobe and while walking in your room you were practicing to handcuff and unhandcuff your own hands.  As you were doing that, you didn’t notice Michael standing in the door frame. You jumped when he said “ i’d like you to arrest me ” with a smirk on his face. You quickly took whatever you found to cover yourself from the really revealing costume. “ No need to hide (y/n). I like it ” he smiled

“Michael please, go away ” you shyly pleased him. he shook his head as a No. “Im not going anywhere because you’re way to hot ” he smiked again

“Mike come on, just leave” he nooded a no again. “ FINE” you grumbled “ then we’ll do this my way ” you pushed him on the bed, while handcuffing his hand to the bedhead. He begged you not to do this because it’d be unfair, but you didn’t care.

“Oh michael…” you whispered in a sexy voice while tracing random shapes on his stomach, totally ignoring his begs “ you know it’s not right to spy on someone ”. you stared at him with your evil look.

“ I swear i won’t do it again. please dont do this ” he knew what you wanted to do and it scared him cause you’re really good at it. He was laying on his back and you had a leg each side of him, kinda sitting on his lap near the scroth area.

Not listenning to his begs, you slowly started undressing. You threw you heels away and got your top off quickly revealing you cute black lace bra and leaving you hair in a mess (a sexy mess). You then got up on the bed to remove your skirt. Once done, you sat back on his lap. he moaned at his view bitting his lip. You smiled felling him becoming hard. You started dirty talking to make him please you. “ Please (y/n), stop being such a tea- ” “a what michael? what were you gonna call me? ” you cut him off grabing his obvious bulge trought his skinny jeans. “You’re a fucking tease (y/n), i hate you ” he moaned. You started undoing his belt and kissing him right above the end of his jean. He let out a satisfied moan. As he was moaning your name pleasing you to go further, you got up and started walking to the door. Seeing you were not coming back, he started shouting “ hey, what are you doing?’'  ’'don’t leave me like that. you have no rights.” which made you even more satisfied. he couldn’t see your face but you were smiling. You found yourself quite funny to be honest. you then thought “Let’s end this right” to yourself. As your back was facing him, you undone you bra letting it fall on the floor just before passing the door and going downstairs, not turning back a second. You giggled as you heard michael yelling that it was not fair and you had to finish what you started.

After all, maybe you actually were a tease…