30. ハイラル城 | 剣の間(夜2)
Hypatia’s ᴀʟᴛᴇʀɴᴀᴛᴇ ᴢᴇʟᴅᴀ ᴄᴏsᴛᴜᴍᴇ + ʜᴅ ᴛᴇxᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ
! ᵈᵒ ᶰᵒᵗ ʳᵉᵐᵒᵛᵉ ˢᵒᵘʳᶜᵉ

I had a great time at Xivents, Lana and JMO were both amazing.

A couple of things that may be interesting for SWEN….

I had the same presents for both ladies, and they had different reactions to them. I tried to explain everything in the few seconds I had because their assistents made both clear that there was no time to opening presents. (good thing that they weren’t wrapped then!) :P

I met Lana before and I gave her my Swan Queen edit by misslane to sign, asking for a SQ tag (I know many didn’t have to ask, I did cause I wanted to be sure ;) )

…and then I gave her the booklet + keychains a group of chinese fans asked me to deliver:

I told Lana they will work on a manga soon and she asked me to explain what a manga is. (comics!)
Then I gave her the Swan Queen tea (no time to explain that, she’ll figure it out)
and then the Swan Queen Star papers.
This is where she high fived me and went “WOOOOW. OH. MY. GOD”. (Janice-from-Friends-style!) I told her it was in the constellation of the Swan, and to check the papers for instructions about how to see the stars on google earth and she said she will. She was super excited for it!

I’ve explained that when she did the picture with the SwanQueen sweater We all did something to celebrate, the star was just one of the many things, and that SWEN is such a talented and active fandom that we have new projects every week.
We donated money to a charity for Xmas (that was the “star project” for an hospital, same name as SQ star, i know it’s confusing, but she understood it was a different thing) and that we’ll do more, and She went crazy about it and I got my second high five”. ;)

Then I gave her one more thing but it’s personal and I don’t want to share. :P

I got the impression that Lana knew many of us didn’t speak english and she tried to “exaggerate” her reactions to show how much she appreciated her fans (does this make sense?). She wanted to make sure we knew she cared.

JMO was more smiley, she asked if I was enjoying xivent and if I was having fun. I got the same speech from her assistent “we don’t have time to open presents”, but agan there was nothing to unwrap ;)
While she was signing my Swan Queen edit she stopped to read what Lana wrote, and then she signed this one too (+ another copy for a friend of mine):

while I told her I loved her “Prince Charming” outfit ;)  (Is this the same one she said it’s her favorite at the Q&A? When she said “I love girly stuff BUT my fav outfit is the “adventure Emma” one?)

She gave more attention to the Swan Queen tea: “I know you have the CS one so I got you this” and she said “Well now I have both!!” and I didn’t have much time to explain what the Star is even if she looked at the papers. I gave her a beautiful paint of her Joana did and she said it was amazing…

I told her about charity (same speech I did to Lana) and she rested her chin on her hands while smiling and listening to me between a “wow” and a “that’s great” and this was the best moment of my 2 days. *heart eyes*

Then one personal thing with her too….and I left.

That’s it. I was lucky enough to close my eyes in both pics with Lana and JMO so I had to re-take both of them (one more hug for me, I’m not complaining!)

no but i remember when i was like 10-13 is was OBSESSED with artemis (i still am but not as much) and i would talk about it all the fucking time with my friends and i loved her so much and now i’m wondering if any of my friends caught all that foreshadowing 

kitty-bandit asked:

3 Sentence Fic - Laven - Camping Trip AU

♠ Oh my god this is going to be great yes. (Honestly the only reason why I asked you for this is to have an excuse not to write the next chapter of PMDTM! XD)

Lavi held his already overly roasted marshmallow over the burning hot flames, each of the prancing around in warm hues of yellow, red, and white, his marshmallow catching on aflame in the same warm hues of the larger fire below it. 

Lavi suddenly jerked his flaming treat out of the flames once he noticed it caught fire, quickly blowing out the burning sugary treat with quick puffs, Allen, his partner that was seated beside him, began to laugh at the sight, and Lavi frowned, that was until an idea popped into his mind.

Lavi told Allen to open his mouth, with he followed… confused, and Lavi suddenly pushed his overly burnt sweet into Allen’s mouth, pulling the stick out of his mouth with ease, and before Allen could protest at all, Lavi gave the other a kiss, tasting of burnt marshmallows.

EEEEyyyyyy!! Guess who's back my lovely's~?

It’s me Fawn mun of war-and-peace!

I have returned from a very hard week of school. And now that I am back my heart yearns to be with the Hetalia fandom.


I swear I missed you all very so T-T I had it very rough and disappointed myself and others this week to much. So I hope I can finally have fun and hang out with you and your muses.

Cause Mongolia and Tibet ARE BACK IN BUSINESS BABY!! 


These two are still single and ready to mingle (sorry my little noddles but you guys need a bae)

Yep I’ve been hearing that there is a coming Halloween Hetalia party starting. Tho it’s celebrated through Halloween Rp’s, Asks, and Drawings.

But in all Fawn Mun missed her heard hommie followers, and my close friends here. TwT I felt so alone out and about in school.

See you guys very soon I’m going to make some Rp starters and work on my asks and drafts!


Come over here and HUG ME!! You little dorkable Potato’s I LOVE YOU ALL!!