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Request: Can you write a smut story where you go through the tower. You thought nobody was home until you catch bucky pleasuring himself. So you decide to help him out. - Anon

Warnings: masturbation, unprotected sex (please wrap it before you tap it), oral (giving and receiving)

Word Count: 1,500+ (kinda got carried away)

A/N: yeah so first smut. Feedback please. I’m not v experienced so please excuse how bad it is. Hope this is what you wanted, anon. @fvckingavengers @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills (hap bday bby) @annadier @buckystories @shamvictoria11 @totheendofthelinepal @thelazyorange (I finally finished it)

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The compound was quiet today. Usually it was a symphony of Tony and Steve arguing, Nat and Clint laughing and other things. But today everyone was out, some party that Tony had been invited to. Bucky was still fragile from the 70 years he had spent as a prisoner of war so he stayed back. You had also decided to not attend the party because parties weren’t really your thing.

You were walking from the kitchen to your room when you heard something from Bucky’s room. You changed direction to see what it was. You heard something else, your name?


Yeah, definitely your name. You walked toward the door and Heard him grunting. Maybe he was having an episode and needed you to help calm him.

But why would he need you? I mean you guys were friends and all, you flirted all the time, but he usually needed Steve.

You opened the door to find him, shirtless, spread out on the bed, his sweatpants were round his thighs to expose a very impressive member. His eyes were closed and his head was leant back. His hair was spread out on the pillow behind him. You had to admit, you did enjoy this view. His lips were slightly parted and he was mumbling. In the mumbling you heard your name in time with the movements of his hand. The door creaked and his eyes opened to meet yours.

‘Y/N. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?’ He scrambled to cover himself.

‘You- you said my- I didn’t think- But you said my name and I. I just-’ you were unable to form a full sentence, you forgot what you were doing before all this. The only thing on your mind was how embarrassed you were. Oh, and Bucky.

‘Oh my god.’ He said it to himself. ‘This is so embarrassing’ he ran his hands through his dark locks.

‘I just-’ he shot a look at you when you spoke. ‘I just wanna know, how does that fit in anyone’ you nodded towards the bulge in his pants.

‘What? Seriously? That is what you question?’ You shrugged. ‘Well, do you want a demonstration?’ He had put his signature smirk on, the one that would melt the panties of every girl that saw it. Including you.

‘Show me what you’ve got, Soldier’, the door shut behind you. When you turned back to the room he was blocking your view.

‘I think you’ve seen enough’ his hands went up your shirt and you lifted your arms to help talk it off. He lips immediately attached to you neck. ‘Now, it’s my turn’. You felt cool metal and warm flesh under your skirt and heard him say “jump”.

Your legs wrapped around his waist and you finally kissed. The kiss was amazing, hot and messy and passionate. During the journey from the door to the bed your skirt found its way to the floor. He dropped you on the bed, when you leant up on your arms you saw him pulling his sweatpants down. Both of you were in your underwear, you a white lacy set (you internally thanked morning you for matching your bra and panties) and him in black boxers (that he filled out quite well).

‘We’re you expecting this, doll?’ He had obviously noticed the coordination of your wardrobe. It had quite an effect on him considering the growing size beneath his boxers.

‘Consider yourself lucky’ he crawled over you.

‘Oh, doll. I do’, he stopped so he could kiss up your stomach and between your breasts. His hands reached under you to unhook your bra. But before he did he asked you for approval. You nodded eagerly.

‘So pretty’ he murmured when he finally saw your breasts before taking one nipple into his mouth. You moaned at the sensation. He pulled off and latched on the other one, inducing the same effect on you. He placed feathery kisses all over your breasts.

‘Is this what you were thinking about? When I came in’ you could barely breath from his actions but managed to get some words out.

‘No’ he had stopped what he was doing to look at you, then moved down your body and nipped at the skin of your hip. ‘This was what I was thinking about’ he pulled your panties down using his teeth. It was painfully slow. When he finally had you exposed and vulnerable for him he waited for a moment and admired you.

‘So so pretty’, he continued to whisper against your inner thigh, teasing you.

‘Buck! Do something!’, instantly he licked a thick strip through your folds. You both moaned simultaneously.

‘So wet! This all for me? Is this what happens when you see me?’, he didn’t let you reply because he continued to move his tongue through your heat, he sucked on your clit lightly earning a small yelp from you. He smiled at the noise then continued. He licked hungrily at the bundle of nerves.

‘Which hand, doll?’

‘Left. Left, oh’ you breathed out. He teased your entrance with his fingers. The contrast between the heat of his mouth and the cold of his fingers made you melt in his arms. A metal finger pushed into you. It moved back and forth then was joined by another finger.

All the things he was doing to you made you crazy. Your first orgasm hit you, hard. He pushed you over the edge and continued working your body until you had calmed down from the waves of pleasure.

You looked down, still in a post-orgasmic haze, to see Bucky leaning his face into your thigh. His right arm was moving and you realised what he was doing.

‘Wait, no.’ You put your hands through his hair and he looked up to you. ‘I wanna help’. You guided him up the bed and turned him over.

‘Doll, you don’t have to-’ you silenced him with a kiss then began trailing them down his neck and chest. For a second you stopped your actions and looked up at him.

‘I want to’, you licked a large stipe over his abs then harshly bit at him. He moaned as his hands found their way to you head. You expected him to guide you around his body but they just rested, so you took his cock by your hand and kissed at the base.

‘Y/N! Do something’ he repeated your words back to you, you could hear a slight smugness in his voice. But you didn’t want to keep him waiting so you took the head into your mouth and swirled it with you tongue. Your head bobbed up and down the impressive length and you hand took care of what your mouth couldn’t reach. His breaths became short and irregular, his chest moving up and down in time. You turned your head so the tip would hit the inside of your cheek. When it first did he screamed slightly. For someone who had lived most of his life in silence he was very vocal.

‘No’ he pulled you off of him, you did miss his but he replaced the feeling with his tongue. ‘Don’t wanna cum there, wanna feel you’ he effortlessly lifted you above him. Both of your knees were by his hips and his hands were on your thighs. You guided his cock into you and, in one quick movement, he filled you so deliciously.

‘Oh, doll. So warm. So soft.’ You moved your body down so you could kiss him but when you pulled of his length and slammed back down kissing was too much effort. Your foreheads were pressed against each other and your breath mixed. ‘Could stay like this forever’.

‘Urgh, James.’ You had sat up to change the angle and to your advantage too. With every thrust he hit that spot that made your thighs quiver. His hands palmed your breasts, adding to the pleasure.

After a while you could no longer move you were so close. Bucky took over holding your hips up so he could thrust up, your hands went to his shoulders for stability. When you climaxed he kissed you. It was all tongue and teeth. The feeling of you clenching around him pushed him over the edge too. He moaned sweet nothings into your skin. His paced slowed to nothing and you rolled off him.

He got up and you were wondering what he was doing until he came back with a damp cloth. He knelt between you legs and cleaned up the mess he had been responsible for.

‘I get the full package with you, huh?’ He threw the cloth onto the pile of cloths near the door and lay next to you on the bed.

‘I’ve been dreaming of this since the day we first met. I’m not ever going to let you go’ he put his arm around you and you put your head on his chest.

‘I should walk in on you more often’ your eyes fluttered close and you pushed into his neck.

‘Don’t worry, doll. Next time, I promise, you’ll be here.’


Summary: condolence = or condolement; expression of sympathy with a person who is suffering sorrow, misfortune, or grief.
Words: 1,467
Warnings: none, it’s all good
Notes: i posted Part 2 and it felt unfinished so i decided to add a bit more to it before i get to Chapter 2. I did write this while on vacation in Mexico so excuse any incoherence, it’s rough and unedited D: As always, thank you so so much for reading this dumb story :D 

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CHAPTER ONE - Part Three 

previous: Part One, Part Two

She finds him in the very same spot she left him that morning, when she had to head out to the market. She had only told him to stay put; she was willing to bet that he took it literally. For him it isn’t difficult - sitting still and lifeless. It’s tactical, strategic; it’s a mechanical patience  carved into the crevices of his brain. He finds the quietness of the living room soothing.

He sits upright, his back tensed and ready to jump at a moment’s notice when her key turns the lock of the front door. Those eyes of his, still bloodshot and untamed, track her silhouette as she sways about the apartment. He notices every sliver of metal, any clanking in the kitchen, any crack in the floorboards, any human-made noise. Nothing goes unregistered and unprocessed; foreign territory is a potentially dangerous. Threats don’t like to feel threatened.

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33 and 38 :)

33. You get 1 million dollars. You are not allowed to save it or invest it, but instead are only allowed to use it to treat yourself. How do you spend it?

I would quite literally treat myself. I’d go to fancy dinners, buy expensive clothes, get a nice car, and maybe take a trip to all the places I wanted to go.

38. What’s your favorite movie that leaves you with a great feeling at the end?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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What type of fuckery is this


“His memories are foggy, but he has them. He’s also different now. There’s a part of his personality that was under mind control, and he murdered a lot of people. So he’s got a very complicated history. Who is that person? How does that character move forward? He’s not Bucky Barnes anymore. He’s not the Winter Soldier anymore. He’s something inbetween.”Joe Russso.

CATWS: Sebastian's script
  • Bucky:Who the hell is Bucky?
  • Bucky:The man on the bridge; who was he?
  • Bucky:I knew him.
  • Bucky:But I knew him.
  • Bucky:No I don't!
  • Bucky:No I don't!
  • Bucky:Shut up!
  • Bucky:You're my mission. You're. my. mission!
  • [That's it. That's literally it. That's the whole of it.]