Bar adventures II [twitter 11.04]
  • Shogo:┃柱┃ω^)I'm drinking with Chisa (^p^)
  • Chisa:I'm having a beer for today's hard work (。・3・。)Since tomorrow's early morning we're recording, I'll behave (。・3・。)
  • Fan:thanks for today! I wonder if Chisa-kun has equilibrium with beer? (...)
  • Shogo:only at the beginninng ヽ(*´ェ`*)ノ
  • Chisa:Yoshi! Come for a drink ( ^ω^ )
  • Yosh [catfist]i:Chisa-kun, I'm going! (*_*)
  • Chisa:COME! FAST! COME! FAST!( ^ω^ )
  • Shogo:Yoshi came!
  • Chisa:Yoshi came!

ENGLISH: CATFIST will officially disband after their one-man live “To the future of everyone” at Higashikouenji 20000V at 2014/04/25

PORTUGUÊS: CATFIST vai encerrar suas atividades @ 2014/04/25