i love making pretty banners but this follow forever is gonna be really chill. i apologize if i forgot anyone!

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Name: Laner
Nickname: Vegetarian one
Birthday: May 7
Star sign: Taurus yo
Gender: andryogyne
Height: 5′7
Sexual orientation: pansexual
Favorite color: silver
Average hours of sleep: idk 7
Time and date at current moment: 5:39 pm May 28
Lucky number: 10
Last thing I googled: “is garlic a vegetable”
What I last said to a family member: How’s your day?
Last book I read: Captivate by Carrie Jones
First word that comes to mind: nyeh
Most used phrases: are you jonesing me
One place that makes me happy: anywhere with friends
How many blankets I sleep under: one
Favorite fictional character: OH GOD I don’t know probably Daine Sarrasri
Favorite food: corn chowder but I can rarely find it without ham like wtf
Favorite beverage: diet coke or hot chocolate if it’s cold outside
Favorite Book: OH GOD ummm idek all of the Tortall books
Favorite anime: anime is garbage………. host club
Favorite movie: School of Rock. It’s amazing.
Favorite band(s): Muse, Arctic Monkeys, La Dispute, My Chemical Romance
Favorite shows: Doctor Who and Daredevil
Dream pets: four cats and an alaskan malamute
Dream holiday: 100 years on the beach or exploring some place new
Dream wedding: um idk it doesn’t matter that much the location and stuff I just want my family to be there and support me and I want to wear a suit
Dream job: uh not having one and still being rich. Alternatively, gynecologist
What are you wearing right now?:  yoga pants, t shirt, sweatshirt (the usual)

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you don’t have to if you don’t want to diligar mostlyv01d-partiallystars cat6 that’s all idk

cat6 replied to your post: i was going to like rerecord or edit t…

you have such a country voice now

i’d like to think of it as more low-effort male indiefolk vocalist…. Also i was aggressively trying to not sound like everyone always sounds trying to sing that song bc Fuck hallelujah and fuck specifically those damn vocals girls, who would sing it to be impressive and magical, and make all the altos feel like shit