CAS hours

What You Do for the People You Love

Summary: based off of the episode 10x22, “The Prisoner”. The reader comes to help Cas when Dean is under the Mark of Cain. 

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 4420

Warnings: fighting, blood, HELLA FLUFF, HELLA SMUT, language

A/N: this idea has been rolling in my head for MONTHS. TAKE IT! I hope y'all like it!


Warning: NSFW-ish picture further under the cut!

“The GPS says he’s headed north,” Cas spoke into the phone.

You furrowed your brows, keeping your eyes on the road as you drove. “Where?”

“Home. Dean’s coming home.”

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June 29th- 3 hours, Quilting

Finished cutting squares and triangles with ashley! Also did the border :) so glad ashley was able to help me with math and measuring! I love the patterns together :) she used her prior knowledge to help us avoid errors in terms of sizing and measurement.


So I’m volunteering at my church’s summer camp and today was mix-match day! I thought I’d share with you all my superb effort x) But seriously though, this is honestly the most fun volunteering can be! I’m the camp photographer, so basically my job is to meander around camp with a really fancy camera and take pictures and videos of kids having a ton of fun! It’s a really low-stress job of something I love doing. And all the kids are amazing! Camp started monday and I’ll be doing it until next friday :) So there will definitely be more posts on this amazing experience! 

Crimson Avenger’ new Transcendent lines are:

  • “고통속에서 발악하게 될거다!”
    You’ll struggle in pain!
  • “고통의 전율을 느껴라… ”
    Feel the tremor of your pain…
  • “죽음, 사냥.”
    Death, hunt.
  • “하! 하! 하! 하! 하! 하! 하! 하! 하! 하! 하!”
    Ha! x 11