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Halloween mega post pt. 1! You guys are super creative and adorbs! Me and my lazy witch-hat-headband salute you!

1. Halloween Costume. Competitive Intelligence Librarian, Law Library, New York. I needle-felted the planets (and Pluto!) for the crown. Everything else, I already owned! First place in the office costume contest!
2. Young Adult Librarian, Public Library, Georgia
3. VPL Special Collections - Halloween. Public library, Canada
4. Library Services Specialist, 6th-12th grade library, California. Steampunk!Captain Marvel.
5. Emily Davenport, Librarian, Carter High School, Strawberry Plains, TN USA
6. I am the YA Library Associate in the Southeast Anchor Library of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, the public city library serving the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland. I’m here channeling Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day!
7. Sally, Snow White, a back cat and the Grim Reaper. We are all part of the Publishing and Depository Services team with Public Works, Government of Canada. Sally is our Systems Librarian and the rest of us are Cataloguing and Acquisitions.
8. EVE celebrates Halloween at the Freeport Public Library with tiny WALL-E at my belt, plant in boot, and glowing green plant badge.
9. Dressed as Belle for my archivist job at an academic library in MA aujourd’hui. #bibliophile
10. Library Director, public library, Tennessee, USA. My goth tendencies made a Minnie Mouse costume very easy to throw together.

Mister Scarecrow Hates Halloween

For the @destielhalloweenminibang

Summary: Castiel hates Halloween, so being roped into working in costume at a pumpkin patch has him seething in misery. And now, of all things, the object of his unrequited crush is walking toward him, and Cas is praying the costume will hide him just a bit longer. ao3

Art is by the wonderfully talented @delicious-irony (delicirony on AO3)!

Link to fic on Tumblr here

High School AU : Dean is finally ready to tell his best friend, Cas, how he feels and wants to do something special. After a lot of convincing he stands on his Cas’ door step in a bee costume, holding a cheesy sign 

“I can’t believe I let Sammy talk me into this…”

The Costume

Title: The Costume

 Prompt: Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I decided to write a Halloween fic for my six favorite characters! :D  Make sure to check out the other ones as well

 Summary: Cas needs a costume for your Halloween party at the bunker.  So, you are happy to help…

 Warnings: Dirty thoughts.

Check out the other stories for: Sam, Dean, Gabriel, Crowley, Lucifer

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Masterlist of FanFiction 

Originally posted by constiellation

 You were so excited for tonight.  You had convinced the Winchesters to have a little Halloween party at the bunker. Nothing too big, just you, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley, and Rowena.  You had all the food ready to go, all hilarious looking dishes.  You had decorations up, movies rented, enough alcohol for everyone to make it through a party with Rowen and Crowley…which only left one thing left, your costume.  

Sam and Dean went out earlier in the week to get theirs, but you had been busy with a Salt and Burn case to get one yet.  So you grabbed your keys and started heading for the door.  “Going to pick a costume.  See you guys later!”  You shouted over your shoulder.

You heard some mumbles behind you before Sam yelled at you to wait.  Turning, you saw Castiel looking at you quizzically. “What’s wrong, Cas?”

“He didn’t know he needed a costume.  Take him with you.”  Dean said quickly before taking another bit of his burger.

“Sure!  Come on, Cas! It will be fun!”  You said cheerfully as the angel sighed and got up from his seat to follow behind.

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Imagine Castiel questioning you about Halloween when he sees you preparing your costume for a party.

Originally posted by mollysmom124

“What is that?” the all too familiar voice of the blue-eyed angel came from behind and you smiled, not even turning your head to look at him.

“Hello to you too Cas.” you chuckled, feeling him leaning over your shoulder to take a look at what you were doing.

“What’s that?” he asked again, squinting his eyes at it and you chuckled.

“It’s my costume.” you replied matter-of-factly but he still didn’t seem to get it.

“Costume for what? Is there some case of yours and the Winchesters’ that requires you to dress up as…?” he trailed off, tilting his head to the side and trying to see what you were doing.

“Captain America” you grinned up at the angel who only seemed to grasp half of it so you explained “It’s my Halloween costume, Cas.”

“And what are you doing with that?” he mumbled.

“Fixing a couple of things. I thought it was ready but there still were some things missing so, yeah, final touches. And it will be ready and all homemade!” you grinned at him and he nodded his head, his brows still furrowed though.

“Are you going to go trick and treat?” he asked after a small pause and your eyebrows shot up at him.

“What?” a grin slowly spread on your face at what the nerdy angel had just asked “How- how do you even know about wat that is?”

He shrugged slightly “Sam and Dean had once explained to me when we had a case on Halloween night and a mini monster attacked me. I was about to fight back when…” he narrowed his eyes for a moment “…they explained to me that it was just a little kid dressed as that.”

“You almost- you almost attacked a little kid?!” you exclaimed in astonishment.

“I had just drawn my blade but they stopped me in time. Besides, I do not belive I was without reason. How should I have thought that you humans like dressing up as monsters on a specific night.” he mumbled and you chuckled.

“Well, obviously not all humans like dressing up as monsters.” you motioned to your costume “And not all of us go trick and treating. But Cas, you should be able to tell apart monsters from not ones. No matter how good the costume is, because you can’t just go full badass warrior of heaven on innocent humans.”

“My mistake.” he shrugged “But if you are not going trick and treating then what is the costume for?”

“Fun, Cas! It’s all about fun! Trick and treat or not Halloween is about people having fun.”

“And dressing up as… anything, gives you that?”

“Of course Cas!” you chuckled but he still had a frown on.

“I do not understand.”

“Cas” you chuckled “It’s simple, but you won’t get it until you get to live it for yourself. Tell you what- there is this party I am going to, that’s why I am making the costume for myself. It’s on Halloween, how about you come with me huh?”

“Will that require me to dress up as… a monster?” he frowned and you shrugged.

“Not really. Only if you want to. Although you are quiet ready already, angel of the lord and all but- the fun is in being someone else.”

“So, I must think of what I want to dress up as?”

“Yeah-” you snickered “As long as it is not a bee.”

“I cannot dress up as a bee?” he was completely serious at that.

You snickered “Technically you can but it won’t be all that suitable.Come on think about something. What would you like to be for Halloween Cas?”

“Well, I do not have a monster of preference, seeing as they are all… bad.” he made a face and you chuckled at him.

“No of course, you can be whatever you want though. Something different, other than you. What do you think would be right?”

“How about human?”

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request for: @pastelgrande

pairing: Reader x Cas

word count: 353


Halloween has always been your favorite holiday. You loved dressing up and scaring people while still being able to get free candy. This year, however, you had taken Dean’s advice and dressed up as Cas.

You walked out of your room fully dressed and with an angel blade in your right hand.

“I do not understand,” You heard Cas say from behind you. “That is not me. I am right here.”

You turned around and laughed lightly. “Surprise.”

“Y/N?” Cas looked at your costume with a confused expression. “Why do you look like me?”

“It’s Halloween,” You tried to explain. “I decided to dress up as you for my costume.”

“Does this mean I have to dress up like you?” Cas tilted his head to the side ever so slightly.

“Yes.” Dean cut in. “Yes, you do. Come on Cas, we better find you some heels.”

Before you had time to object, Dean and Cas disappeared.

“I’m going to get my camera.” Sam shook his head laughing and walked to his room.

Poor Cas, you thought. Dean was constantly teasing him and using him for the center of his practical jokes. Sure, the angel didn’t quite understand human things like holidays and how to brush your teeth, but that didn’t mean that it was fair of Dean to tease him constantly.

Sam came back with his camera in hand just as Dean and Cas reappeared in the bunker.

Cas wore a pair of black heels and tight black skinny jeans. Dean had found him a cropped ACDC shirt, revealing his toned abs. All in all, you didn’t know what to say.

“You definitely look like me.” You laughed nervously.

“Did I do it right?” Cas asked, enthusiastically.

“Yes.” You let out a breathless laugh. “Yes it did it right.”

“Alright, now Y/N and Cas stand next to each other.” Sam winked and held up his camera.

“You two might even make the Christmas card.” Dean chuckled.

“What is a Christmas card, Dean?” Cas tilted his head. “I do not understand.”

You tilted your head, mimicking Cas as Sam took the picture.