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Confession- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot, requested 

Monthly Problems- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested 

New Beginnings- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

No Matter What - Zen/Reader(MC) - One-shot

The Way You Are- Saeran/Reader(MC) Non-binary - One-shot, requested 

Unforeseen Addition- Saerean/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested 


A Different Side- (rating may change) Yoosung/Reader(MC) - One-shot (?)

All For You - Zen/Reader(MC) - Ongoing

Guiding Light- V/Reader(Not MC)  - Ongoing

It’s a Girl- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Kissed- Saeyoung/Saeran (platonic) - One-shot, requested

Liberation- Saeran/Reader (Not MC) - Completed

Liberation Aftermath- Saeran/Reader (Not MC) - One-shots after Liberation

Live For Me- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Lost and Found- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot

Opposites Attract- Jumin/Reader(Not MC) - Ongoing

Saturday Morning Cartoons- Saeyoung, Saeran - One-shot, requested

She’s Mine - Saeran(Ray)/Reader (MC) - One-shot, slight V route spoilers

Surprise Date Night - Jumin/Reader(MC) - One-shot

The First- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot, requested.

The Suggestion- Saeyoung/Reader(MC)/Saeran - One-shot, requested

When You’re Better- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot, requested


A New Life - Saeran/Reader(Not MC)- Series pt 2, AU Fantasy, Ongoing

Fighting For Paradise - Saeran(Ray)/Reader(MC) - Ongoing

I’m Yours- Jumin/Reader(MC) - One-shot

In Control- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot

It’s Not Just a Game - Saeran(Ray)/Reader (MC) - Ongoing, Slight spoilers.

Jealousy Conquered- Saeyoung/Reader(MC)/Saeran - One-shot, requested

Liberated- Saeran/Reader(Not MC) - One-shot, (after Liberation)

Prelude to a New Life - Saeran/Reader(Not MC) - Series pt 1, AU Fantasy

Reenactment- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Rules of the Game- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot

Save Me- Luciel/Reader, AU Fantasy - Ongoing

She’s My Happiness- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, attempted rape trigger (not by Saeran)

Sin At Work- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Stripped- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot(?), requested


**Dark Chocolate- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot *Spoilers*

**Innocence Tainted- Saeran/Reader(MC)/Yoosung - Ongoing

**My Drug- Saeran/Reader - Ongoing

My Prince in Glasses- Saeran/Reader - One-shot

Rewards of an Assistant- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot

**Satisfy Me- Saeran/Reader - Ongoing, AU Fantasy

Unexpected Visitor- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Wavering Smile- Saeran/Reader(MC) - Ongoing

**What’s Yours Is Mine- Saeyoung/Reader(MC)/Saeran, Saeyoung/Reader, Saeran/Reader. - Ongoing

Original works:

Secrets In Blood- Teen

anonymous asked:

Do you think Dean has been with guys either sexually or romantically? Based on all his flirting (ej. Arron, the bartender, the cops) I want to believe he has and Cas is not the first guy he has developed a crush on but I'm not sure.

Oh I’m sure Cas is not the first guy he has developed a crush on! Some people saw bi!dean from the start, way before Cas was even introduced in the show, it’s been there all along under the surface.

Dr Sexy is the most obvious but if you mean in real life… then yeah I think there’s strong indications that things have happened in the past although there is nothing that makes it canon just yet (though I strongly feel this is coming and season 13 post 12x22 is the strongest potential moment so far, I don’t want to say it is happening in season 13, just that it could now, that path has been paved, but it also could be drawn out, so let’s see).

The strongest indications are of course things like the wink at the guys followed by the lost hour in the bathroom in the benders in the earlier seasons, a lot of subtextual stuff going on with Ash, Aaron etc and then later all the Drowley references, the triplets, the casual way Crowley says Dean could fit the soul bomb up his ass, the way he’s rubbed off all over him…

I mean, take every time Dean’s inhibitions come down because he’s drugged or cursed or whatever - every single time he says / does stuff that implies he likes men! When he’s roofied in The Purge: salty and sweet, best of both worlds, when he’s drugged up at Biggersons: talks about missing Cas being the thing he’s the most hung up on and how he really liked Ranger Rick, flirting with the deputy when he’s got ghost sickness, riding Larry whilst being fully himself but then fanboying over Cas and being kind of up for a m/f/m threeway while watching a cartoon cum shot on tv…. I mean…

He’s DYING to let it out, it comes rushing out every time his walls come down, jeez!!!

Originally posted by rinshi-chan

Basically in my opinion it is not canon in terms of seen on screen or said out loud “I have had a boyfriend and/or sex with men” in the show that Dean has done so, BUT it is heavily implied and it’s another part of the subtext that is extremely important to his character and imo, likely will come out by the end.

Personally based on the story so far I doubt Dean has had a romantic longish term relationship with a man (besides Crowley, which was, let’s say, not particularly romantic and not entirely Dean), but he clearly has had sexual encounters at least with Crowley and most likely with others too.

Re: a romantic relationship, they could either leave it as I believe it is implied so far, that Dean has always been attracted to men but just found it easier to stick to women whom he also found attractive due to internalised homophobia or they could decide to retcon to make it canon that this had happened when he was young, perhaps with something then making him see this as bad and pushing it away, just as happened metaphorically with the cake in 10x12, or in the time when he was away from John, to expose the story further. 

I doubt however based on his personality that he would have entered a romantic relationship with a man whilst around John or during the time we have seen him over the last 12 years so it would likely need to be either as a youngster, similar to Bad Boys or in the time when Sam was at Stanford and John let Dean go off hunting alone.

Hey, let’s see :)

So I’m happy to see that it’s not half of the year yet and a lot of mexican productions had got too much love from around the world but…

can you please
-Stop saying that you’re not going to watch it because of problematic people working on it?
-Stop shipping wars? It’s been 2 days since Cartoon Network aired the shots on youtube and there’s already a war between Black Hat x Flug and the antis waiting to happen?Like, yea, the ship has some potential (and I found it funny because Flug is such an anxious cinnamon roll and BH is a sinamon) but there’s nothing wrong with not liking, liking it or prefering any other ship (I personally don’t ship anyone yet. 6 minutes aren’t enough for me to deciding my ship)

Let’s keep it sane as long as we can. 


My shot for Yu Gi Oh reanimate!

Back when he was a kid, Clint’d had a comic book, battered and worn, that he took from one of the homes that’d taken both him and Barney. Five or six weeks, maybe. He thinks he remembers yellow curtains? It was one in a line, anyway, significant only for the hours he and his brother spent hunched over faded primary colors, Clint sounding out the letters that hovered above Barney’s ragged fingernail. It was full of exclamation marks and tales of unlikely odds, explosions and Nazis and unrealistically wholesome swears, and right on the back was a poorly copied picture of the Commandos, barely a blur of black and white. And Cap was there with them, front and centre, wide beaming grin that got left back in the ‘40s, but Clint had always had eyes for the guy at his side, dark hair and sniper rifle and the curled up half-smile that faded newsprint couldn’t hide. (Took a few more years and a little experimentation to figure out why.) Either way, when home number 8 had ended in fists and fury and Barney’s blood mixing on his collar with Clint’s hitching tears, when somehow bright primary colors and exclamation marks on a poster had felt like it could be home, Clint watched Trickshot hit every damn thing he aimed at and thought that. That for me.

He… maybe got a little off the point there. All he’s saying is it’s a little hard feeling awed by someone when you’ve seen a poorly drawn cartoon of them get shot in the shoulder and then yell somethin’ about applesauce, that’s all.