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Mystic Messenger Fics:

                                        General Audiences

Confession- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot, requested 

Monthly Problems- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested 

New Beginnings- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

No Matter What - Zen/Reader(MC) - One-shot

The Way You Are- Saeran/Reader(MC) Non-binary - One-shot, requested 

Unforeseen Addition- Saerean/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested 


A Different Side- (rating may change) Yoosung/Reader(MC) - One-shot (?)

All For You - Zen/Reader(MC) - Ongoing

Guiding Light- V/Reader(Not MC)  - Ongoing

It’s a Girl- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Kissed- Saeyoung/Saeran (platonic) - One-shot, requested

**Liberation- Saeran/Reader (Not MC) - Completed

Liberation Aftermath- Saeran/Reader (Not MC) - One-shots after Liberation

Live For Me- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Lost and Found- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot

Opposites Attract- Jumin/Reader(Not MC) - Ongoing

Saturday Morning Cartoons- Saeyoung, Saeran - One-shot, requested

The First- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot, requested.

The Suggestion- Saeyoung/Reader(MC)/Saeran - One-shot, requested

When You’re Better- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot, requested


I’m Yours- Jumin/Reader(MC) - One-shot

In Control- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-Shot

Jealousy Conquered- Saeyoung/Reader(MC)/Saeran - One-shot, requested

Liberated- Saeran/Reader(Not MC) - One-shot, (after Liberation)

Prelude to a New Life - Saeran/Reader(Not MC) - One-shot(?) - AU Fantasy

Reenactment- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Rules of the Game- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot

Save Me- Luciel/Reader, AU Fantasy - Ongoing

She’s My Happiness- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, attempted rape trigger (not by Saeran)

Sin At Work- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Stripped- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot(?), requested


**Dark Chocolate- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot *Spoilers*

Innocence Tainted- Saeran/Reader(MC)/Yoosung - Ongoing

**My Drug- Saeran/Reader - Ongoing

My Prince in Glasses- Saeran/Reader - One-shot

Rewards of an Assistant- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot

**Satisfy Me- Saeran/Reader - Ongoing, AU Fantasy

Unexpected Visitor- Saeran/Reader(MC) - One-shot, requested

Wavering Smile- Saeran/Reader(MC) - Ongoing

**What’s Yours Is Mine- Saeyoung/Reader(MC)/Saeran, Saeyoung/Reader, Saeran/Reader. - Ongoing

Original works:

Secrets In Blood- Teen

So I’m happy to see that it’s not half of the year yet and a lot of mexican productions had got too much love from around the world but…

can you please
-Stop saying that you’re not going to watch it because of problematic people working on it?
-Stop shipping wars? It’s been 2 days since Cartoon Network aired the shots on youtube and there’s already a war between Black Hat x Flug and the antis waiting to happen?Like, yea, the ship has some potential (and I found it funny because Flug is such an anxious cinnamon roll and BH is a sinamon) but there’s nothing wrong with not liking, liking it or prefering any other ship (I personally don’t ship anyone yet. 6 minutes aren’t enough for me to deciding my ship)

Let’s keep it sane as long as we can. 

One-Shot Masterlist

Originally Posted: 04/05/2017

Last Updated: 04/05/2017

The Chronicles of Narnia

- Stubborn Idiot [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- Winter Wonderland [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- Teasing is a Sign of Affection [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- How do you know? [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- Happy Un-Valentine’s Day [Modern!AU] [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- Rainy Days [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- At Night [Modern!AU] [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- Help [PART 1] [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- Remember Me [Modern!AU] [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

- Lesson Learned [Edmund Pevensie x Female Reader]

DC Universe

- Fraternizing with the Enemy [Jason Todd x Female Reader]

- Easy [John Constantine x Female Reader]

Marvel Universe

~ Coming Soon!


- Are you ready? [Death the Kid x Female Reader] {Soul Eater}


~ Coming Soon!

Law Grad Gifts Under $20

for your fam, friends, and yoself, some reasonably priced law grad gifts because we’re all poor

Originally posted by lookhuman

all are under twenty bucks and with 4+ stars on amazon:

lawyer cartoons 

expanding file

shot glass roulette set 

scotus magic mug

air plants are dope af

mini zen garden for your desk

open to more ideas! 

ben-franklins  asked:

Flame emoji for zoro and/or usopp

🔥 Usopp: Usopp is one of my absolute favorite characters in the series… and Im always really bummed (read SUPER ANNOYED) when people talk shit about him or ignore him in favor of characters who are just bad or underdeveloped. Usopp reacts to the world hes in a more realistic way than like ANY other character in the series but he still sucks it up and pushes through his fears to protect the people he loves no matter how much pain (physical and/or emotional) he goes through. He deserves the hyper fandom and consideration that douchey ‘badass’ pretty boy characters get just for being pretty boys.

Also I get REALLY annoyed when people say Usopp only started being badass after the timeskip. Like no… he was badass during his first arc risking his life for his friend and then letting everyone believe he was just being a liar so they could live their lives in peace. HES A GOD DAMN INSPIRATION YA BASTARDS!!

((((I chose to do just Usopp because IDK what Zoro opinion id consider unpopular… maybe my fondness for bottom!Zoro? IDK thats just kinda shallow aesthetic. It doesnt make me sound as cool** as when I defend Usopps honor. LMAO))))

Just one more step, I could let go (Carmilla fanfic)

Just one more step, I could let go by kaitlynlikesthings/uncreativename

Rating: M

Words: 6697 (it’s a long one!)

Description: Last night was the big post-midterm week Summer Society party and Laura may have enjoyed herself a little too much. The splitting headache was her first indication. The second was the naked woman next to her.

Pairings: Hollstein, minor LaFerry, mentions of Lawdorf. I think every character is in this fanfic too. Like, at least mentioned, ‘cause WHY NOT?

A/N: This is an AU, but how “AU” can it really be if they’re at Silas, Carmilla’s still a broody vampire, Laura’s still tiny and gay? 

(AO3 link)

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