honestly can you IMAGINE Cas, in his current state, being told the things that God told Metatron in that episode? I see people being really angry about it being Metatron instead of Cas but he ALREADY feels worthless and like he doesn’t matter. God is bitter and angry, he didn’t MEAN it when he said Metatron was the closest to the door, and yet he still said it. Metatron had the mental capicity to see that he was just being a dick and closing himself off. Cas is ALREADY depressed. He doesn’t need GOD telling him he’s not special, that humanity is terrible and not worth saving (when all Cas DOES is for humanity). It had to be someone else to reason with God and make him see what the right thing to do is. And I think Metatron was just the right person and I’m so glad the episode did what it did. Not to mention Cas WILL get a scene with God. He’ll get to hash things out, and now he’ll be able to do it with a God who is less bitter and more understanding. Chuck is in the next three episodes and Cas will most likely be back next week. I have 0 doubts that they’ll have a talk.

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Ottawa underestimates cost of immigration backlog wipeout, group warns

Ottawa’s plan to wipe out its immigration backlog will cost taxpayers at least $6.2 million more than the $130 million estimated by the federal government, says the immigration consulting industry.

When Ottawa announced in March that it would return files and processing fees to applicants waiting in the backlog, its estimate did not include administrative costs such as courier services to send the files back to 280,000 people, said the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants.

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November 7, 2012

OTTAWA, November 7, 2012: At last, Canadian photographers own their copyright.

The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) would like to congratulate all Canadian photographers in Canada on this important date and pivotal achievement in the photographic industry. As of today, Canadian photographers now officially own the copyright to all of their work whether the photograph is commissioned or not, thanks to the new Copyright law. 

The principle of protecting photographers’ ownership rights started 65 years ago by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who founded Magnum with Robert Capa and David Seymour. Magnum assured that a photographer’s image belonged to the photographer and not to the commissioner of the work. 

In Canada, all other artists have already owned the copyrights to their work and thanks to this new law, Canadian photographers, albeit the last in the industrialized world, now have all legal rights to their images. 

CAPIC has been working towards this monumental achievement in Canada for more than 20 years through lobbying efforts and could not have achieved this truly important mission without the support of its members, who have contributed financially, morally and offered countless volunteer hours towards this major effort led by CAPIC National Copyright Chair, Andre Cornellier. 

The Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) were a valuable partner in this achievement as well as the lobbying firm Temple Scott Associates for their work in Ottawa.

“I would like to thank the team that worked so patiently and for so long,” commented Cornellier. “Finally we have won a right due to us as artists. Thank you to Canadian photographers across the country for your support and patience and to André Amyot and Brian Boyle of PPOC for your work. It has been worth it.’‘ 

CAPIC will be providing more information on the direct effects of the law for Canadian photographers in the week to come as we celebrate this important Canadian achievement.

For more information:
André Cornellier
Copyright Chair
CAPIC, The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators
tel.: 514.933.4000

CAPIC’s Calgary/Vancouver photography duo Roth and Ramberg photographed Calgary Mayor Nenshi for Macleans Magazine’s list of Canada’s most important people. 

Check out their blog post HERE

If you have an article, announcement, or information that you think would be beneficial to share on the CAPIC Prairie blog, you can submit directly to the blog (clicking HERE), we would love to share it. 

we are living in a time where it is socially acceptable to say that male and female sexes are not real and that penises can be female. think about this for a minute. people are spewing total garbage in the name of progressiveness and anyone who disagrees are labelled bigots. the human capacity to be stupid is truly infinite.

anonymous asked:

Barry's wanted Iris for so long that he will let everyone know about it. At CCPN: "Hi, Iris' boyfriend" (Mostly the women turning their seats and seeing Barry coming in). At CCPD, Julian would be like "Ah, Goody Two-Shoes Allen. And the girlfriend." At Starlabs, Cisco would be "Okay, you two. Before you start making out, I made a special room with no cameras, but an intercom. Don't EVER go near the med bay or in my lab. Capice?" And the list goes on. LOL!

LOL @ Cisco 😂😂 he’d make sure that they don’t go near the med bay unless someone actually needs medical attention. I swear everybody and their damn mama is gonna know about them