Important Oft Forgotten Canonical Facts About Undertale

Papyrus, CANONICALLY, owns (or was able to obtain) 2 giant spears, a flamethrower, a canon, and a giant spikey metal ball on a chain, and I feel like that’s really important for us to all keep in mind when writing him.

He also painted that bridge. Hyperrealistically. It is actually just a long rock.

Fanon Blackwatch McCree: Reyes you are the father I never had plz care of me I am a troubled bean. Let’s go prank Jack together cause I low-key am jealous of him because he takes up so much of your love and attention and I want that same dedication, time, and affection from a fatherly figure.

Retribution Blackwatch McCree: ReYeS WhAt ThE FuCk. You fucking idiot you just doomed this entire mission. Oh my god Jack is gonna kill us. I would too JFC.