Hope nobody thought about this
  • Lance & Keith :*arguing*
  • Pidge & Hunk :*look a them*
  • Pidge :I can see what's happening
  • Hunk :What?
  • Pidge :And they don't have a clue
  • Hunk :Who ?
  • Pidge :They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line
  • Our trio's down to two
  • Hunk :Oh...
  • Pidge :The sweet caress of twilight
  • There's magic everywhere
  • And with all this romantic atmosphere
  • Disaster's in the air !!!!!

Evangeline Lily

“From the Island, to the Dark Forest”

Declared fan of LOTR, Peter Jackson and his wife Fran Walsh, had to literally take her out of her retirement - after the ending of Lost - to play a character that didn’t existed on the books: Tauriel. We talked with the gorgeous actress while filming in New Zealand. The scene: the dwarf Kili fights, but he doesn’t stop showing the love he feels for her (forbidden love!) Who is this beautiful elf? Let her describe it herself!

Q: For what we’ve seen, you have some good scenes with Kili…

A: They’re fabulous! I share most of the time on screen with him. Also with the marvelous and famous Legolas, and with Lee Pace, who plays Thrandul, my king. I feel honored.

hey Hamilton fans who are really upset about the cast changes: it’s okay. come sit with me for a bit. let’s talk.

It’s okay that you’re upset. It’s okay that you’re disappointed you’ll never see the original cast on stage. It’s a sad thing that is happening and you’re not being childish or petty or entitled to feel sad about it.

Something you love is dying. That’s true. The show you fell in love with, that’s going away tonight. You can grieve for it. I give you permission to mourn.

I fell in love with a show in 2005, when I was a lonely seventeen-year-old, and it was really important to me. I wrote fanfic. I had a whole AU in my head that I’ve never really let go of. I read a whole lot of fic and some of it was brilliant and a lot of it was kind of terrible. That show took me through my A-levels.

And then it died. The main character, the one I’d built these stories around, the one I felt like I’d known all my life when he finally burst onto the screen - he died. And in his place there was this interloper with messy hair making jokes about having new teeth.

I hated it. I mourned for my show. I swore I’d never love it the same way again. And I went to university and I made friends and we watched every episode of the new series together and I loved it as much as I ever did and I wrote more fanfic and honestly it was better work.

It keeps dying and it keeps changing and it’s always sad and sometimes I like it more than others, but it’s still my show.

Yeah, I’m talking about Doctor Who, but I’m serious. This is a principle to hold on to. Sometimes the show you love dies and some other show takes its place and it’s going to feel like an imposter for a while. Lin and Pippa and Leslie leave and it feels like Hamilton is going away with them. That’s okay. It’s okay that it hurts. It hurts when things we love die.

But I promise, it’s not going to stay dead. This is the regeneration episode. They’re always kind of traumatic.

And tomorrow Hamilton will wake up different, and there’ll be a new show. I’m really excited to find out what it’s going to be like.

I already know I’m going to love it.


Prompt:  Person A accidentally figures out that person B has a hair pulling kink. Maybe A fell and grabbed B’s hair by accident and heard a moan, maybe A was playing with B’s hair one day and noticed that B’s all flustered. What happens out of that is up to you.

Warnings: *southern voice* it gets a lil sexual. (I’m from the South, I can make that joke)

Author’s Note: Idk, I just love the thought of running my hands through his hair and….yeah I really couldn’t pass this up. (ALSO, a shout out to the Broadway Gang!!!!) 

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Meredy and Ultear watching Erza and Jellal

Ultear: I can see what’s happening
Meredy: What?
Ultear: And they don’t have a clue
Meredy: Who?
Ultear: They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line.. Our trio’s down to two
Meredy: Oh
Ultear: The sweet caress of twilight… There’s magic everywhere… And with all this romantic atmosphere… DISASTER’S IN THE AIR
Ultear: …
Meredy: …
Ultear: …. I ship it
Meredy: Same


“It says, ‘one more time with feeling’. I love that for everything. [With] my job, it makes sense because it’s a classic thing that directors say to actors. In addition to that, you can always try again with anything you do. *Turns to audience* Everyone just take that and feel great 💪🏼” - Kristen Stewart on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (July 12, 2016)

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 85

-Can you feel the love tonight

-Hirako the freaking lie detector 

- I want Kaneki to adopt all dem garden babies, In da name of Arima

-Matsuri chill out I don’t need anymore Sasuke’s in my life

-Tatara I love the interior design of your last stand, bodies hanging from the window and carpeting the flooor, you have such an eye. 

-Houji you just got to…..BELIEVE IT

- Arima knew there was no give backsies in gift recieving etiquette , so he waited until he was in heaven to do so

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Kaneki gets a hug, yeah that would be nice.


Josh & Maya | Can you feel the love tonight?


Prompt request master list

These will be added to my master list under the title one shot’s from prompt list

Spencer x Reader

I should tell you

A goddamn tragedy

All is fair in love and war

Now’s your chance

All for love

Dazed and confused 


There’s only so much a heart can take

Don’t lie to me

Your little secret 

Abort mission

Say goodbye

We won but at what cost?

Finally understood

Derek x Reader

Tonight you’re mine

You can’t tell me how I feel

I can change

You’re the only one I see

Better together

Hotch x Reader

I shouldn’t feel this way

Broken Promises


B.A.U women x Reader

Leaving isn’t always a choice (Emily x Reader)

Now or never (Emily x Reader)

I miss you (J.J x Reader friendship)

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I. could you take care of a broken soul? II. i could hold you for a million years, to make you feel my love. III. we’re smiling, but we’re close to tears. IV. can’t be on my own without you. V. your love will take me higher and higher. VI. just say you want me, that’s all it takes. VII. i don’t want to be here if i can’t be with you tonight. VIII. i want you in my arms, i see you in my dreams

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can you believe all the little extra things we got from s3 that implies that bellarke is rising,,, I mean: "we need each other, bellamy" "I trust YOU" "start with bellamy blake" "you're not the only one here trying to save someone you care about" "I believe you" not to mention the whole 3x02... I love endgame

we went from

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they literally held each other throughout the season lmao i love shipping soulmates and being dead

Puzzles and Sweets | Reisi Mikoto.


A hand reaches out to carefully catch the puzzle piece before he focuses back on the revolting pile of paste, “If you are going to take my tea and sweets, please take that disgusting mess with you as well.”

Turning back hands full of tea and sweets, the visage turning into a disgusted look, if anything Suoh hated anko, igniting the pile of paste Suoh shrugged “I took care if our problem” opening a box of chocolate biting it off before offering the bitten chocolate to the other. “Hn.” Such a sacred gesture between the two.