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Thorin Oakenshield drabbles/imagines masterlist

Complete works masterlist 

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader/Reader x OC

Warnings: None for this part. 

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Patton the Villain Wrangler Part 19

I will not be posting on Thursday, so you have a week to wait for the next part after this angst-fest

Word Count: 1447

Warnings: cancer mention, death, funeral, description of body in a casket

Summary: Virgil attends a funeral

The four men spent the rest of the weekend planning their next moves. Roman would pretend to be the good “soldier,” fighting the Vigilante as often as possible, while still making it look real. Meanwhile, Logan and Patton would do their best to research all they could about the man they’d dubbed “the Boss.” They figured that the best way to defeat him would be to know who he is.

Logan closed his binder with the rough outline of the plan they had for the next forty-eight days (Logan was not as good at math as he claimed to be). “It is getting late. I will see you at work tomorrow, Patton, and Roman and Virgil, I will see you tomorrow night to continue working on our plan.”

Virgil was about to nod, when Patton put his hand on his wrist. “We can’t tomorrow.”

“Why- Oh yeah.”

“Why can’t you plan tomorrow night?” Roman asked, seeming a bit miffed.

“It’s date night!” Patton said.

“I’m sorry, but is date night so important that you can’t help us figure out how to stop this man who is threatening both your lives?”

“Well, look at it this way,” Patton said, absentmindedly holding Virgil’s hand. “On the off chance that we don’t figure out a way to stop him, I want to be able to make the time I have left with Virgil count. On the other hand, we have forty-eight days left, and I think that we can make a plan even taking one day a week off.”

Roman took a deep breath, looking at his brother. “Okay, fine.”

“In that case,” Logan said. “Patton, I will see you at work. Roman and Virgil, I will see you two on Tuesday.”

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so i have a thought bc im a nosy ass bitch

i wonder if charles, kj, and kj’s friend are gonna spend thanksgiving w cole and dylan ?? Bc if they are that’s super cute lol and im really on board w the fact that lili might go a day early to meet up w cole and dylan and hang out can that happen please

Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle saves Robert Sugden as the Whites turn on him

Aaron Dingle may be the only one who can help Robert Sugden in upcoming Emmerdale scenes as his plan against the Whites is dramatically exposed, leading to him being kicked out of Home Farm. Of late, Robert has pledged to be a better man since the birth of his son Seb and so he has abandoned his cunning plan to destroy the family and take over the estate. 

But the damage is done and when Rebecca fears that Robert has disappeared with Seb, she blurts out the truth about what she knows Robert was up to to a stunned Lawrence and Chrissie.

When they confront Robert, the full truth dawns and an angry Chrissie kicks him out, blaming him for Lachlan going missing. But when the sisters then discover that Robert seduced Lawrence, they are even more staggered. Lawrence admits to them that he and Robert slept together but a contrite Robert has another bombshell to drop which throws things into even more chaos.

We can’t reveal what happens after this, but suffice to say, pandemonium ensues and Robert has nowhere left to turn but he beloved ex Aaron. Aaron is reluctant to get involved but can see how much Robert needs an ally and so allows him to recuperate at The Mill, much to Liv Flaherty’s annoyance.

As Robert comes clean about everything to Aaron, will he find himself judged and evicted once more? Or can Aaron see past his terrible actions and help the aching man beneath? 

One to watch: Wednesday 29th November at 7pm on ITV.

To every Aidan Gillen blog!

At request I’ll attempt to make an Aidan Gillen blogs masterpost, it’ll be helpful for new Aidan related blogs or just people who want to join the community/fandom and anyone who wants to find more/new people to follow.
If you’re an Aidan Gillen blog, no matter how much recognition you’ve gotten so far, if you reblog Aidan related content, post pictures or original gifs, graphics, fanart, fanfics, anything to do with Aidan or any of the character’s he portrays, you may be included in the masterpost. 

Please reblog this post to signal boost and comment what your blog is about - or message me privately.
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  • Jed Whedon: Hey Marvel, we’re writing the script for season 6 and we want to use another major hero. We loved Ghost Rider but can you spare someone else?
  • Marvel exec: Hmm...well, Punisher season 2 isn’t due until 2019, want him?
  • Maurissa Tancharoen: Oh! Um...okay, sure-
  • Jon Bernthal: Wait, AOS, think about the character you’re about to add! Stop before it’s too late!
  • Jed: Oh come on, what’s the worst that can happen?
  • *season 6, The Punisher arc premieres. The rating has been changed to a hard TV-MA*
  • Fitz: *screams as he tears out Alistair Fitz’s tongue out and throws it on the ground*
  • Jemma (oddly aroused): Goddamn Fitz. I love to watch you work.
  • Daisy: *repeatedly smashes a resurrected Grant Ward’s face into a wall of broken glass*
  • Daisy: You’re going back to hell, Ward. But before you go, I’m gonna make you look as ugly and mangled as your SOUL *kicks Ward into the broken glass*
  • Coulson and May: *guttural roars as they fire into a crowd of HYDRA agents*
  • Mack: *stabbing a HYDRA agent to death with a song about patriotism playing in the background*
concept for the “Dear Evan Hansen” Tony Award’s performance

-the entirety of “You Will Be Found,” including the entire OBC and Evan’s heart-breaking monologue beforehand

-also maybe “Words Fail” because come on that song’s stunning

-also “Disappear” and “Good For You” and “Sincerely, Me” and “Only Us” because you gotta talk about those supporting actors, too, they’re amazing

-also the opening number and the closing number, obviously, and everything in between

-essentially all of the songs

-and all the dialogue

-actually the entire musical, but professionally recorded

yo, i can’t be the only who thinks that jon will be scared out of his freakin’ mind when daenerys gets swallowed by fire or goes near fire or whatever like he will LOSE IT. And everyone who knows of Dany the Unburnt will be like Jon chill but Jon NO 

and imagine him running to her like a madman upon realising that not a single piece of her hair is burnt but she’s all nakey and he just wraps her in his northern furs and seven hells, imagine him staring into her eyes and touching her face, and kissing her and errthang just to make sure that she’s really okay and not hurt ugh kill meehhh