amongst the emd2 hype, the game’s main artist also kinda got prompted to make LINE stickers for eo series’ 10th anniversary, and one of the doodles is flavio….so cute…
i would spam this specific sticker at all my friends and anyone who’s willing to put up with my love for flavio

Right this second James Potter is sitting around a very crowded table. Remus and Sirius have just brought out a massive cake that Lily Luna may of may not have already licked some icing off. Lily and Ginny and clearing away the empty pizza boxes to make space for the enormous thing. Harry is sitting with his father and Albus arguing over who has messier hair whilst James Sirius and Teddy grab booby-trapped plates for everyone to eat off.

The whole family has got together to celebrate James’ 57th birthday. He’s never been happier.

All is well.

“luke is getting ugly” fuck you! the boy sings like an angel and that’s literally all that should matter!! last time i checked you don’t need to be a model to have a beautiful talented God given voice!

i have my final road test tomorrow. having postponed it twice last year, and having started practice driving when i was 16, it feels… surreal, to say the least, to think i could actually finally get my driver’s license for real.

Momma Jin
  • Jungkook: *Drop mug, it breaks* Fuck
  • *Crash and banging from other side of the dorm*
  • Jungkook: oh no
  • *Jin crash through the door*
  • Jin: what the frick frack tic tac patty wack snick smack quarterback big mac heart attack race track double back guy named jack did you just say??!??!/?
Disarm, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

Lady Izayoi’s untimely death leaves the Inu no Taisho alone with a broken heart and an angry five-year-old son. That’s when the general stumbles upon an old love, slowly reawakening feelings he thought were dead and buried.

Or, if Inuyasha’s father hadn’t been the one who died. This is the Inu no Taisho x Sessmom story I’ve been meaning to write. It won’t be a long fic, and the rating might change! :)

Those moments when you feel how silly and weird you are for liking a grown ass man who happens to be your teacher, so you think of all the reasons why you like him, which don’t make sense at all, so through that you happen to convince your mind to stop thinking about him and your feelings start to fade a teeny tiny bit.

But then the next day you see him, and the mental battle the night before becomes forgotten and you find yourself enamoured by him again, just like that.


You just kinda forget, sometimes. The good and the bad. Sometimes your brain allows things to slip slide beneath the surface, allows you to go through your life unconcerned, untroubled by the things you forgot to remember.

Course, then, you forget to remember to forget and it’s like tripping over in your dreams, gut shot of adrenaline and the futile drum of feet against mattress, blown back years and any number of steps ‘cos corner-caught windows are that certain shade of blue.

But it works both ways, 'cos you can’t think about the good at all hours of the day or what the hell else would you get done? So there’s that sudden gut shot only this time it’s warm, impossible, stomach punch awareness 'cos of how beautiful he is when he smiles. He’s beautiful when he smiles.

And it feels like a secret, like a rediscovery, like the world is new every time he pushes his hand through his long damned hair and your world tilts a little on its axis. Like the exact colour of his eyes is some kinda revelation.

So you’ll take the blue, and the moment of terror, 'cos your brain working this way lets you remember you love him every day like it’s new.



  So Dora @cuddlyevak and I were talking about how awesome it is that we met so many wonderful people from all over the world in this fandom, and that it really feels like a family. So how about we get this family together?

Since we all found each other because of SKAM, we thought we could meet up for Oslo Pride in 2018. That way we all have time to save up for tickets and to get our time off sorted out, and we could plan making banners and flags etc to march together in the parade.

I am a travel agent, so all of you who want to come are very welcome to ask me for an offer. I can book tickets for next year starting in September of this year earliest, so we have a lot of time. Dora and I will happily act as planners and coordinators, but we would surely like some support. So if any of you want to help us make this happen, reblog this post or message me or Dora.

I know this sounds crazy and doesn’t seem possible, but would we be the Skamily if we weren’t crazy?? So let us know what you think and what your ideas are, and LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

things i like: illidan as a character

things i dislike: legion’s blatant attempts to make me sympathize with illidan while simultaneously ignoring the pretty terrible things he’s done

man i hate reading slash and being like “well this is the straightest bullshit i’ve ever read”

especially when its angst