listen….. the fab four aren’t good people. they aren’t bad people, but they aren’t these benevolent all loving heroes. they’ve all done awful things and they’ll continue to do awful things because that’s what they have to do. they’ve killed (sometimes in cold blood), they’ve destroyed bases with little regard towards the people who work there, they’ve tortured information out of whoever has it.

is it for a good cause? fuck yeah - they’re still fighting to free everyone from BLI. are they extremists? yes. none of this stops them from being extremely close, protective, and downright nice to eachother.

it’s just.. there’s a huge difference between the people they are in private and the people they are in front of literally everyone else. poison and kobra are famous for being vindictive and having short, explosive tempers. ghoul is a selfish, manipulative asshole that has little regard for the destruction he causes in his wake. jet seems like the nicest one there, but everyone knows that if you cross him or anyone else in the crew, he will be the first to fucking destroy you.

that doesn’t take away from the fact that poison is one of the most empathetic motherfuckers out in the desert. that kobra is loyal as fuck and will go to hell and back for his family. that ghoul is great at dealing with children and is usually the only one who can calm them down. that jet is always willing to be a shoulder to lean or cry on.

you can’t live in the environment they live in and thrive the way they do without having the ability to suspend your own morals in order to do the things you need to do. are they horrified by the things they’ve done? yes. are they disgusted by themselves sometimes? also yes. but they keep doing what they do anyway because they know it needs to be done.

tldr: the fab four aren’t good people but that doesn’t mean they’re bad either. just listen to zero percent and you have it all right there

I’m seeing a lot of people upset that they didn’t realize yesterday was Dex’s birthday, so I’ve got an idea.

Why don’t we celebrate this weekend? Cos really, he was rude enough to have a weekday birthday, so he’s gotta wait til Saturday/Sunday for us to celebrate.

So idk, if you wanna write something, draw something, or just make a post yelling about his birthday, why not do it this weekend to celebrate Dex turning 20?

I keep forgetting my college entrance exam is this friday 

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hibikitikibiviktor: why he poke me?

Don’t question, just appreciate. Lol Vic has spent this whole series not pulling punches, and yet when I thinks the poke is because his hair is thinning he dies!! Lol I died.


my favorite part of the little exchange was that I think Viktor was actually just joking around? Like I’m not putting it above him to be vain about his appearance or anything but his wording was so playful, his little’“im hurt… i’ll never recover from this’ and then collapsing on the ice was so hilarious, it seemed like his reaction was mostly to tease Yuri (and make the situation more lighthearted. in a ‘it’s okay for you to do silly things like that with me’ kind of way)

uhg ghahhh it was really cute//

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Does Mitch say anything about Dylan continuing to get scratched? *like about how stupid it is, he's a great player and they both know it*

are you playing tonight?


fuck man finally
your coach is an idiot

no he’s not
but thanks

it’s just frustrating seeing you get scratched
you’re better than half your team

you’re sweet dude it’s nice you think that
but I’m not
I just gotta practice harder
it’s fine

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imagine getting in a fight with jack g and it gets to the point where youre yelling in each others faces and you just stare at each other and you can see the passion and anger and lust in his eyes and his jaw is clenching and he grabs your cheeks with both hands and kisses you roughly and he’s biting your lip and backs you into a wall and trails kisses down your neck and gives you hickeys and love bites aND BYE