ID #76403

Name: Maya
Age: 15
Country: Canada

Hi!! I’m submitting a new one with a bit more detail. My name is Maya, I’m from Canada and I’m 15. I’ve had internet friends before but I have grown apart from them so I’m looking to meet new people through here. If you’re into snail mail I can try to make that happen! I’m pretty athletic and I love to read as well. I’m really into movies and music, especially older kinds. I have 4 cats, 1 dog and a hamster. I absolutely love animals!! I identity as female and I’m straight but I am totally accepting of any gender or sexual orientation. I don’t have a huge friend group so that’s another reason I want to try to make new friends on here. I’m down to talk about anything really, I’m a very open and understanding person. Some other interests i have are makeup, musicals and photography. I see myself as a more socially awkward person but I can still be really outgoing. I love having a good conversation with someone so I’m looking to talk to someone who can be consistent with it. I find that I’m pretty mature for my age and I’ve been through a lot so I can understand and relate to some situations. My fav artists are Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, Khalid, Pierce the veil, Sia, Travis Scott, A$AP Mob, Kodak Black, Coldplay, Bryson Tiller and many more! My favorite tv shows are Shameless, 13 rw, Riverdale, american horror story, Skins, Friends, and Freaks and geeks. My fav movies are Pulp Fiction, The virgin suicides, Moonrise kingdom, Palo Alto, Donnie Darko and many more! I’m really hoping I can find someone with common interests:) 

Preferences: I would prefer someone around my age so 14-18 and someone who shares similar interests, but it’s also good to talk to people with different interests. Gender doesn’t matter to me! 

concept for the “Dear Evan Hansen” Tony Award’s performance

-the entirety of “You Will Be Found,” including the entire OBC and Evan’s heart-breaking monologue beforehand

-also maybe “Words Fail” because come on that song’s stunning

-also “Disappear” and “Good For You” and “Sincerely, Me” and “Only Us” because you gotta talk about those supporting actors, too, they’re amazing

-also the opening number and the closing number, obviously, and everything in between

-essentially all of the songs

-and all the dialogue

-actually the entire musical, but professionally recorded

So, I had a dream last night that Dan and Phil finally, after much request, made an apartment tour. It was a beautiful aesthetic apartment with tons of house plants and then at the end of the video they were sitting on the couch in their sofa creases and Dan just said
“Oh right, Phil, should we tell them the thing now?”
And Phil was like
“Why don’t we just show them, bear?”
And then they held up their fingers and they had engagement rings on and they looked at each other, and smiled back at the camera and Phil just casually gave Dan a quick pec on the lips.

And then the dream ended

au where the baku wasn't evil just a troll
  • baku: ay yo queen luxia ima make u say "we are safe and warm" 20 times in this entire ep
  • queen: wait don't d-
  • we are all safe and warm
  • baku: hahah
  • queen: we are all safe and warm
  • baku: why are you repeating yourself lollll

Can we get an ep where lance gets like a zit or something? So he gets all insecure because his skin means so much to him, and he works hard to keep it nice, so hes just moping around in his room and hunk has to bring food to him. So like after a few hours, even Keith begins to get worried so he goes to lances room like “you okay bud?” And lance starts whining to Keith about his zit. And Keith’s trying to tell him it’s not a big deal. (By this time, they are not in the same room still, but both are sitting on opposite side of the door, I’m really cheesy, I know) so Keith asks lance to let him in and he does, so Keith finally sees the “monstrosity, red volcano forming from his face” ITS LIKE SO TINY KEITH CAN BARELY SEE IT UNLESS HES 2 INCHES AWAY FROM LANCES FACE. And Keith looks done but he’s still trying to be nice to lance so he says… “I still think your beautiful” and because they are still really close Keith leans his forehead against lances. Now lance is blushing like crazy and is smiling like an idiot, and lance has some stupid reply like “yea I think your hot with your stupid mullet I guess so..” then they at first bump noses but then like they kiss? And it’s super fluffy then the fandom dies of said fluff and the overall GAYNESS.

The End

Oh yeah everyone else is secretly spying so pidge just SCREAMS (they shipped it WAY too hard) when they hear them laughing and kissing and stuff. So obviously the others get caught but Keith and lance don’t care because they are so in love and shiro and hunk are DRAGGING pidge away because she doesn’t believe that they need “space” or “any privacy at all”

Space Dad™ is just disappointed, in pidge because they can’t keep their tiny nose out of others buisness, and in the boys because they didn’t realize it sooner.

Now for real

The. End.

Idk if anyone has thought of this but like imagine an episode where Dean, Sam, and Cas go in the future or an alternate universe (again) where Dean and Cas are happily married and have kids and they pop up in like the living room of their house and AU!Sam is there too with his wife and they’re all happy and sippin tea or whatever with Dean’s arm around Cas and the original Dean just stares at Cas nervously and Cas just tilts his head at their AU selves while Sam just has a sad goofy grin on his face bc this is all he ever wanted okay I’m dead

DK and Seungkwan played Nu'est hello in their v live and talked about the possibilty of a Pledis family concert!!

Fans have been asking for this for YEARS! IM SO EXCITED!


Lets work hard to make Nu'est succeed when they comeback so a pledis family concert can happen!