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[text: Crow the Poet] Have now contemplated the moon for 20 min. Sleep still nowhere in sight.
[text: Crow the Poet] Not sure if you’re sleeping, just looking for someone to commiserate with. 

[text: Awesome Spangles]: Sleep? What is this foreign concept of which you speak? 
[text: Awesome Spangles]: On the bright side, the moon is lovely tonight. Something on your mind?

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Frick kazzy I'm just so excited for your new series because I know it's going to be awesome and angsty and just ahhh I can't wait :)

Ha!!! Angsty?! One of MY series? I…I don’t know where you’re getting your information, anon. ;) *whispers* I’m excited, too!

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hey, friend! i have a question about isaac. [i swear i asked you this earlier, but i know i didn't. weird!!] how do you think he would be as a person if he didn't have the wolf influence? like, say his dad still died around the time he did canonly, but isaac was never given wolf powers or taken under derek's wing. do you have any thoughts on how he'd be as a person after that? i wanted to know and i couldn't think of anyone better to ask :3c

well, first off all - thank you for coming to me to know.

i think it would depend on a few factors the first one being, did he get convicted for the murder. the only reason he got out of jail was because they were able to threaten jackson into saying that he never heard any of the abuse. then attached to that situation would be the whole, would he go to real jail ( not just get locked up for a night in the local station ) for the murder.  i don’t think he would simply because you look at his demeanor pre-bite ( which in this case would be his demeanor always ) and he just isn’t the kind of guy who would fight back. as far as we know, he never had so i don’t think he would’ve in this case. ( of course, depending on the other attorneys they could paint a good enough picture to make it seem like he did bUT the fact of the matter is how would isaac have attacked his father like his father was attacked when he died ).

SO given that he is let out as a free man, depending on how old he is - he would probably go to a foster home until he turned eighteen or he could probably fight his right to be emancipated. now, we have this isaac who has no family and no friends ( like you said, he doesn’t even have derek. i mean, he’s got absolutely no one. ). he’d probably end up taking any money that he got from his dad ( i.e. if there was any inheritance and let’s assume that there was some sort of life insurance policy set in place ) and go somewhere further from beacon hills ( but i don’t think he’d go too far away because think he is the type of person who would visit his mom & brother’s graves pretty often - although now he’ll also have to visit his dad’s grave ). 

but , given the fact that his dad is dead - i don’t think he’d be too bad off. sure, he’d have ptsd forever: nightmares of being locked up in that freezer & his mind will probably play out that last scene with his dad forever OH!!! HE’LL HAVE A SCAR ON HIS EYE WHERE HIS DAD THREW THE GLASS because let’s say the fight did happen. the glass was thrown, but the cut didn’t heal, isaac still ran away, and mr. lahey ran after him. he’ll have this deep cut on his face and every single time he looks in the mirror his eyes will immediately look at it, sometimes it feels like it’s a distant memory and some days - it feels like it just happened. his father still yelling at him. the glass hitting against the wall. plus, he’ll have all those other scars on his body ( sorry, im a big fan of scars it’s weird and probably messed up i know ). they all are reminders of the past he can’t hide. BUT he’ll try his best. he’ll get a job at some office and work in a small cubicle and be normal. people will ask about his scars and the words “i tripped down the stairs” or “car accident” or even “long story” will come out as if it were a knee-jerk reaction. maybe after a few years he’ll consider college, but realize he has no clue what he’d want to do, so in his cubicle he stays. maybe he’ll meet a girl or guy and stay with them as long as they keep him. remember, he doesn’t have that same confidence that the bite gave to him so he wouldn’t be nearly as sociable or flirty as he is in post-bite. probably would do everything in his power to just stay normal. doesn’t go out and party a lot, tries to keep a low profile with things. he’d be perfectly complacent with just being a background guy. 

of course, after a few more years - when he’s like thirty, he’ll realize that he’s been letting those years of abuse control his life. he’ll realize that he can do anything now, he doesn’t have to be the way he is.  i like to think that he’d invest a few hundred dollars into setting up a little paint studio in his apartment. maybe he’d finally move away, actually far this time. go to one of the major cities - boston, new york, who knows. start painting out those years of pent up fear, really reach through his past to try and make something out of it. not out of wanting pity ( that’s the whole reason why he still always defaults to the lies of injuries from things that don’t include his father, you tell them ‘my dad beat me’ and they immediately get that look in their eyes, whether they know it or not, and it’s there goes the whole ‘normal guy’ act ), but he just wants to do it for himself, as a means of saying a little ‘fuck you dad, look who’s gonna get rich off of your years of being asshole of the year’. it’ll probably help him break out of his box a little bit ( which is funny, because - claustrophobia ). for one of the first times in his life, he’ll feel like he can actually just B R E A T H E.

HAAAA im sorry i gave such a long answer i thought about it too much. bUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE QUESTION IT WAS REALLY NICE TO WRITE OUT MY THOUGHTS <3

About six months ago I walked a friend through making his first craft beer.  I always try and set aside one of my beers from each batch for six months to see how well (or not) that it ages (it goes in the notes - you never know after all).  I was concerned that this one would not do so well as it was fairly hopped up for the style; and beers with significant hops typically do not carry as well over time.  I put the original review down below and though I am not going to rehash the whole thing I thought I would mention the way that it has changed.  

The first thing I noticed is that the color and carbonation are still good.  No off flavors that I can discern (ahhh… you just can’t over emphasize sterile technique with brewing beer). The strong pine and citrus notes have faded significantly (not as masked?), but the toffee and honey are more pronounced. A mild caramel note as appeared while the spruce  has become more blue and fall subtle.  I hate to say it, but I think it has actually developed into a more complex, balanced beer.  

Dang!  I’m not sure I have the kind of will power to brew a whole batch of beer and sit on it for six months…

Old Mountain Bear’s Honey Brown Ale - Old Mountain Bear

This one pours out a hazy red brown with an very thin white head that left very little lacing in the glass.  This has notes of spruce, pine,citrus, toffee, and faint honey.  Medium mouth feel with moderate carbonation and a clean bitter hops finish with an alcohol bite at the end.  This is clearly an American Brown as it has significantly more hops than the English version would have normally.  I really like it - probably good since I have most of a case to drink.  :)  Though the hops are a bit heavy handed for a Brown it has a strong finish and good balance.  You can tell that I used Mount Hood hops for all three steps.  Most importantly, the person I was teaching likes hoppy beers, so this was a positive choice for him.  

American Brown Ale | 8.40% ABV

living in one country for a while and then going back home where they got a different currency is the strangest thing because you’ve gotten so used to the colours and the shapes of the ones you had to deal with in the last months and then you go back and you’re all like WHERE ARE MY ANIMAL PICTURES I WANT THEM BACK

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INSOMNIA came as a side affect of the lethargy that seemed to take over the body and mind of a child, following the disappearance of one whom he loved. He fell silent, and spent many a night simply gazing at the stars to pass the time. Nothing out of the ordinary EVER seemed to happen on these silent nights, until a shadow interrupted a moon beam from reaching it’s final Earthly destination: the dewy ground.

Breath hitched as what was once nothing more than a shadow slowly became distinguishable as a figure. It was coming nearer and nearer by the moment, but stunned into a tense silence, the young deity could do little else but WAIT, fearing the outcome of what would happen should he make a scene more than the figure itself.

And so, he waited, on bated breath, glowing irises of azure fixated on a silhouette approaching slowly in the darkness.