Fear Toxin For Dummies!?

Scarecrow hates this guy! As our expert divulges the top 10 ingredients that supposedly are in Fear toxin and how you can literally make it in Walmart.


“You should probably knock next time, you wouldn’t want to catch me with my pants down, yeah? ‘Cause that was exactly what was about to happen.” He said, nonchalantly opening the flask of highly toxic chemical poison.


Kastor is the equivalent of a kleptomaniac but with poisons. If you leave your bottles of poison unattended, you’re going to find him chugging them down like water the minute you look away.

I don’t know what is going on with KJ but I honestly don’t care. I watch the show for the storyline and for the characters, not for the actors. Yea it’s nice that we have babes like lili or cami but it’s not like I watch just for them. If you can’t create a barrier between an actor and a character then you should not watch Riverdale to begin with. Because actors are gonna fuck up whether you like it or not.

anonymous asked:

What would Noctis have been like as a King, you think? Would he have kept some of his silliness? What would be his strengths and weaknesses?

Holy shit King Noctis is my weakness.

I believe he would’ve been a silly nerdy kid still at the start but would grow into his role with grace, that he would blow off paperwork, but not when it was actually really important. He’d work hard until Prompto got annoyed at dragged him to hang out but he’s still not put his socks away. He cares too much, far too much sometimes.

I think his biggest weakness would be that he gets so caught up sometimes in the large scale stuff and everyday problems of a kingdom too, that he forgets to take a second for himself. Before you know it he hasn’t gone fishing in months and his friends are concerned because he’s not sleeping and he’s Noctis.

His strengths are that he cares, by the six he cares so much. He spends his time volunteering at animal shelters and trying to make life easier and better for everyday people, he’s honesty and fair when he can be and he understands a lot of things some other King’s might not because he’s never thought of himself as better.

He’s still Noctis, still a grouchy sleepy dweeb a lot, but he’s also crowned in glory and in light and he knows how to balance the laughter with his heart now.
He’d be a good, kind King who knew how to fight for the happiness of his people.