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7 for the writing thing adrienette ? 😭

Ahh THAT IS A GOOD ONE! (Thanks again @baneismydragon​ for this prompt list.) Holy crap this ended up WAYY longer than intended, my bad lol.

7. Grab ‘em by the collar and kiss ‘em

“Don’t panic,” Adrien called over the wind, his words punctuated by a violent whip of the French flag that caught him across the cheek. Akuma attacks were never convenient, but the worst attacks of all were the ones where he was caught at the epicenter and left without his kwami. Plagg was in his backpack on the first floor of the library, where he and Marinette had been swept up as civilian bait to lure Lady and Chat out of the woodworks. So that’s why the two of them were bound with rope to the flags that stuck out the front of the library near the roof, four stories off the ground, each facing the sidewalk with a pole at their backs.

When she didn’t answer, he swiveled his head to look at her. She was struggling against the rope. Not good. “Marinette, try not to panic. You could fall!”

“I’m - not - panicking,” she grunted, and continued her writhing. “I’m - stra - te - gizing. Yes! Got it!”

“Got what?” Though he trusted Ladybug with his heart and soul, he knew from experience that it was dangerous to count on her timely appearance when there were lives at stake. So if Marinette had a plan that could help in the meantime, he was all for hearing it.

“Pocket knife,” she said, and promptly returned to writhing against the ropes that bound her arms to her sides and to the flagpole above her.

Okay, why did Marinette even have a pocket knife with her at a simple study session? Odd. “Hey, go easy,” he worried, “you’re gonna hurt yourself, Mari.” The rope was giving way for her shoulder, but it wasn’t getting any looser (which would also have been bad, considering that it was there only thing keeping her up). But where her skin started to show, he could see the rope was rubbing it raw. Already a clear burn was taking shape on the one shoulder he could see.

Two steely blue eyes squinted back at him in a way that tugged a familiar heart string. “If we fall it’ll hurt a lot worse. Here, I’ve got it poking out now. Think you could grab it and cut me loose?”

Adrien blanched as the mental image of her plummeting four stories flared up in his mind like a wailing siren. Nooope. No. No way. “Cut me loose instead,” he suggested. “My arms are tied too tight, I can’t get one free.” Lies. He was sure he could, but he was NOT cutting her loose unless his arms were free enough to grab her.

It was obvious that idea terrified her. “Oh, I don’t know, Adrien. You could fall!”

He just gaped at her. This was the girl that had, literally two seconds ago, asked him to cut her loose without batting an eye. But when he asked the same, she balked.

How on Earth did the idea of him falling scare her more than the idea of her falling?

“Just do it,” he urged. “I’m agile, okay? I won’t fall. Marinette, look at me.” She was starting to panic so he waited for her to slow her breathing and look him in the eye again, exuding as much calmness as he possibly could. “I won’t fall.”

The quiver in her lip and the wetness in her eyes woke a million dormant questionsㅡthings that had been stirring ever since she sought him out four months ago on the day after graduation, with the words ‘I’d like to get to know you better’ on her tongue.

“Promise?” she whispered, and the word was packed with more meaning and emotions than he’d known that word could carry. Her eyes burned with answers to the question he had never been brave enough to ask. Near death experiences had a way of burning all the veils. She didn’t even have to say it. He saw it on her face, as bright as the high noon sun that cast their shadows in harsh relief amidst the gathering crowd far below. I love you.

He set his jaw. “I promise.”

It took her just over a minute to cut through the first loop of the rope wound around his torso, and once she did he immediately felt the slack pulling his back away from the flagpole. A few whips of rope and he was fallingㅡor rather, he would have been falling if he hadn’t been ready. But his hands flew up the instant they were free and caught hold of the pole near his head, leaving his legs to swing out wide and the unraveling rope to drip from his body in loopy waves, finally leaving him completely free. The crowd below surged with commotion. Cries and gasps abounded as Adrien fought for his grip on the bendy pole, scarcely able to see through the striped French flag as it fluttered madly.

Once the pole stopped wobbling, he was able to get a good swing going. A few deep breaths, then up and over. It was a cheap easy trick for Chat Noir. For Adrien Agresteㅡa powerless civilian seventy feet above the groundㅡit was borderline suicidal. But it was like muscle memory, and after a smooth 180 spin he stuck the landing, feet coming to rest between his hands on the pole. The resulting crouch may have been a bit too ‘Chat’ for his secret’s sake, but with Marinette’s life (quite literally) on the line, he wasn’t really thinking about that.

The half-horrified, half-awed look on her face made him wonder if she was thinking about it, though.

“Alright, hang tight,” he said, and he actually had to catch himself from tacking on a ‘princess’ there at the end. This was so not the time to accidentally reveal that her good friend Adrien was also the masked crusader that often saved her from harm with flirty lines that he was entirely too proud of. “I’m coming to get you, okay?”

“What, no!” she blurted, her face pulled askance with fresh horror. “No, just climb up! You can reach the roof ledge from there, Adrien, go for help!”

“And leave you tied here as human bait?” he asked, preparing for the jump by mentally calculating the angle and trajectory. “Not fucking likely.”

“Adrien don'tㅡAH!” She screamed as his hands made contact with the base of her flagpole as simply as if he was a gymnast moving bars. “Adrien? Adrien!” She struggled in place to turn her head, but it was impossible to see him from where he was.

“Still here,” he soothed, but it came out rather forced as he was currently climbing up onto the pole. Couldn’t risk a flip this time, with her attached to this one. Once he was up, he took a second to catch his breath and calm his racing heart before hatching the next phase of his plan. “You trust me, right?”  

“I don’t like that question in this context,” she squeaked. “But yes.”

“Then I’m gonna get you out of there. Take my hand.”

Spreading his weight out longways above her so as not to bend the pole any more than it was already bending, he took the pocket knife from her free hand and locked his forearm tightly with hers, hand to wrist and wrist to hand. Then he set about cutting her free. It took even less time than it had taken for him, considering she’d already loosened her bonds quote a bit in freeing her arm. There was a frightening moment when he felt her slipping away from him, but she was quick and had her hand on the pole before the rope had finished unraveling. After a short tense struggle she had climbed her way up onto the pole beside him.

“Fuck me,” she breathed, eyeing the two bundles of rope on the sidewalk far below. “That could have been us…”

They got to their feet as one unit, with Adrien leaning on the wall for support and she with her arms cinched tightly around his bicep. From here, the distance to the roof was a few feet above Adrien’s head.

“You first,” she directed, “then you can pull me up.”

Adrien could hear the gathered onlookers cheering as he pulled himself up, then turned around to lay flat on the rooftop and reach over the edge to lock hands with Marinette again. That fierce determination filled her eyes once more as she grabbed ahold of him and ran up the wall with a surprising amount of ease and dexterity. This girl was just full of surprises today. First the secret pocket knife, then the willpower of a god that drove her to free her arms through a mile of rope burns, and now she was running up walls likeㅡ like…

The thought was instantly detailed as she completed her run up the wall and slammed into him on her way over the edge, sending them both rolling backwards into safety. “Oh my god, your arms,” Adrien gasped, catching sight of the rope burns on her bare shoulders before they’d even begun to untangle themselves from each other.

But she didn’t hear him. Still laying prone on the bare concrete roof with her strew haphazardly across his body, he’d barely gotten himself propped up onto his elbows when she looked him in the eye, seized his collar, and kissed him with a desperation that was somehow both furious and triumphant.

He couldn’t help it; he gasped.

Upon feeling his shock, she ripped herself away. “Sorry,” she squeaked. But as she rolled off and tried to stand, his arms shot out after her and pulled her back to return her furious kiss with one equally as fervent. Soft fingers threaded into his hair as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Their lips moved in tandem, spelling out words in an unspeakable language. God, how he’d wanted this. Why did he wait so damn long? A noise of smothered longing escaped Marinette’s throat and he reveled in it, tasting it, bathing in the fact that she was alive and unharmed and definitely absolutely as in love with him as he was with her. This kiss was more heart pounding than the entire experience of being left out as bait. By the time Marinette paused to speak he had worked himself into a state of underailable passion.

“You were amazing,” she sighed, and her breath on his lips was a drug.

“Me? Are you kidding? You were amazing! I can’t believe you had a pocket knifeㅡ”

“ㅡcan’t believe you just swung up like that andㅡ”

“ㅡeven though it was burning you. I swear you’re the most incredibleㅡ”

“ㅡreally thought you were going to fall and I don’t know what I’d have done if youㅡ”

“Hey,” he interrupted gently, and nudged her nose with his. “I promised I wouldn’t fall. Didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” she sighed, and her hands trailed down from his hair back onto his collar, where they stayed. “You did.”



Thanks for the prompt, anon, this was a super fun to write. xoxo

An Icy Fiery Passion part 4

Authors Note: I’m so sorry this update has taken so long! My son got sick, then I got sick… so Ick no fun…

Now on to part 4…

“Hand me the sodering iron, Y/N/N” asked Cisco while he kept his eyes on the computer chip he was installing on the mother board for his latest tech.

You handed him the sodering iron, and watched him work. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on what he was doing. He put together the tech with such concentration and passion, it made you miss writing.

He pulled back, put down the sodering iron, pushed his long hair behind his ears and wiped the sweat off of his brow. He then turned to you and said “It’s your turn.” A wicked grin on his face.

“What do you mean it’s my turn?” You asked nervously. Your eyes traveled to the tech and back to Cisco.

“I mean, it’s your turn to help build it. You’re going to do the next few parts to make the tech.” He said coyly, quirking his eyebrow teasingly.

“I got that part. What if I mess up all your hard work?” You ask, apprehension and nervousness coloring your voice. You didn’t want to destroy the tech and waste all of Cisco’s hard work.

“You won’t. I will help you with everything. I would never leave you to do it on your own. I’ll be here to help you with every step.” He said smiling at you.

“Okay. What are we working on anyway?” You ask, your curiosity getting the better of you. Cisco smiled and rubbed his hands together looking like a kid that was just told he could have anything he wanted in a toy store.

“We’re making your new communicator. It’s a two way system that works through your logo on your necklace, well… choker actually, it’s more practical than a necklace since it sits closer to the skin so no one can choke you with it, ironically.” He explained.

“Really?” You asked looking down at the tech sitting on the desk. It was so small. How was that tiny mother board going to turn into a communicator? You asked Cisco that very question.

“Well, we’re going to build it together, we have all of the parts here in my workshop. We’ll start with the motherboard, and build it up from there.” He outlined. You nodded and you and he set to work.

A few hours later you were about to put the final touches on the communicator, but you forgot a cushion for the button, and needed to pull the cover back off. You and Cisco reached for the tweezers at the same time your hands landing on top of each other. You looked up at him as your hands connected. Your eyes locked, and you started to feel warm looking into Cisco’s warm brown eyes. You felt safe for the first time since you discovered your powers. You smiled at him, warmth filling your Y/E/Cs. Cisco cleared his throat, you moved your hand and he picked up the tweezers, the magic spell broken.

“We need to get that cushion for the button in there or the button will scratch the connector and will eventually damage the components of the communicator” He said, clearing his throat. His eyes looking into yours. You still could see a hint of what happened before, but that disappeared with a blink of his chocolate brown eyes. You shook your head and replied.

“Y-yeah, we don’t want it damaged do we! I’ll need to communicate with everyone here while we’re out fighting crime!” You said trying to sound cheerful and normal. You plucked the tweezers from Cisco’s hand and placed the cushion on yourself and you two set back to work on the communicator.

An hour later after the enamel set, you set the communicator into the velvet material, connected the chains, and clasps. It was ready. You turned to Cisco and held it out.

“Help me put it on?” You smiled.

“Sure, turn around.” said Cisco, taking the choker. You turned around, pulled your hair to the side and held it up. Cisco felt warm as he looked at the back of your neck and couldn’t help imagining what it would be like to kiss, nibble and suck on your it.

“Cisco?” You asked, confused as to why the choker wasn’t around your neck,yet. Cisco jumped and moved to put the choker around your neck and connect the clasp. You turn back around after you put your hair back . “What do you think Cisco?”

“It looks great!” Cisco says after he shook himself from his stupor, and cleared his throat. “Take a look.” He said directing you to a darkened window in the workshop that reflected your image like a mirror. You looked at your reflection. The choker was a black velvet ribbon with your logo on it; a blue sapphire. The blue is the same blue of your flames.

“It’s beautiful! I just hope it works.” You smile nervously, pulling your lip in between your teeth. Cisco internally groaned, you were doing it again. She’s got to stop doing that! She looks so sexy… He pulled himself from his thoughts and said.

“We could always test it out, I’ll go to the cortex, and you go out to the hanger, but first…” he reached out and pressed the button you guys installed. “…we have to turn it on.” He smiled.

“Duh, I should have figured that!” You laughed and lightly smacked your hand against your forehead. “I guess I should head for the hanger.” You said.

“Okay, when you get to the hanger, just speak and I should be able to hear you in the cortex.” Cisco instructed.

“Sounds good.” You say, and you and Cisco head out, he to the cortex and you to the hanger.

Once you arrived at the hanger you said “Cisco? Can you hear me?”

“Yes! I can hear you it works!” He cheered. “Good job, Y/N/N!”

“Thanks, but its weird… I feel like I’m talking to myself.” You wrinkled your nose. I should head back to the cortex.“ You said.

Cisco could tell you had wrinkled your nose by your voice, he chuckled a little bit, and said “I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Why were you chuckling?” You ask as you start back to the main S.T.A.R. labs building, making an ice ramp with your right hand, propelling yourself and melting the track with the fire from your left hand.

“Nothing, I was chuckling at nothing!” Cisco flushed pink because he’d been caught.

“Mmhmnn… yeah, sure.” You said and giggled, as you landed out side the labs, walked inside, and turned off your communicator. As you approached the cortex you decided to slow down and sneak in so you could scare Cisco. As you tip toed towards the cortex you heard the voices of Julian, Barry, HR, Joe, Iris, Wally, Caitlyn and of course Cisco.

You snuck up behind Cisco at the main desk. Barry and the rest saw you and you put your finger up to your mouth in a shush motion. Everyone continue to talk like you weren’t there (which was perfect) and you continued towards Cisco, you put your hands up and proceeded to place them on his shoulders.

“Hah!” You exclaimed. The next few seconds were a blur. Cisco screamed like a girl and took your arm and flipped you over his head where you landed on the desk in front of him, your faces inches apart. Even though the rest of the room was dissolved in fits of laughter, when you and Cisco locked eyes they disappeared. He was shocked, then looked apologetic, then he had this look on his face of pure amazement that you could sneak up on him like that. The two of you just stared at each other for a while. Cisco’s long hair making a curtain around the both of you, providing a small amount of privacy. You laid there not even caring that a keyboard and mouse were digging into your back, Cisco’s eyes were all you cared about. His hand was still on your arm. All of the sudden he gripped it firmly and he had a shocked look on his face, then as suddenly as it happened he gasped and jumped away from you.

“Cisco, are you okay?” You asked concerned, as you sat up and turned around. Cisco pushed his hair back behind his ears and looked at you and then everyone and then turned and left the cortex.

“I’ll go and talk to him.” Said Barry, and he took off after Cisco. You looked around the room at the others.

“Did I do something wrong?” You asked worried, becoming pale.

“It’s probably not you. Remember how he vibes?“asked Caitlyn.

"Yeah, but haven’t seen him do it with out his goggles before…” you said.

“It is a little more intense seeing him do that vibe thing with out his goggles.” Said Joe.

“I’m sure it has nothing to do with you. It probably has everything to do with the next meta human we’ll have to fight.” HR reassured you.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” You said. I’m going to put my communicator choker in with my gear, and go home. Tell Cisco and Barry I’ll see them tomorrow.“ You said sadly, and walked out of the cortex, put your choker away and went home.

Authors Note: The next chapter will beg from Cisco’s point of view so that we as the "audience” know what he vibed, but “reader” will not.

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Peter I'm feeling really sad ,can you cheer me up please?

Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling sad!

Hang on, Tink’s telling me she wants to tell you a joke.

Okay, she says “Why is Peter Pan always flying?

Do you know the answer? I’ll ask her.

She says “Because he Neverlands

I don’t get it…


Blinded By Love

Request: Could you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where you’re his girlfriend but your blind, and he goes as far to even ask Hermione, Neville, or Snape for help to make a potion to help her see???

Draco Malfoy was on a mission. You were blind since you were five after an unfortunate mishap with some fireworks. It was alright though, you convinced yourself. At least you’ve seen the world once, right? 

You sometimes felt a bit sad that you couldn’t see what any of your friends from Hogwarts looked like, or what your common room looked like. You just knew how to get by with your friends. Life, in a nutshell, went on just fine.

Draco was determined to help you see again after talking with you at the Yule Ball a few days ago. 

“I wish you could see how beautiful you look right now,” He whispered in your ear. 

“I don’t need to see,” You give a small laugh. “I’m with you, what more could I ask for?” 

Apparently, the Weird Sisters had quite a show with all sorts of magical displays and tricks. You did your best to imagine what they would look like, and as you dreamed, Draco looked at you with a pang of guilt. 

“Can you tell me what’s happening?” You ask him while hearing all sorts of cheers, oohs, and ahhs from the crowd. 

“Well they’ve got quite the fireworks display going on right now, and a bunch of dancing sparkles. And I think they just lifted Professor Flitwick into the air,” Draco stifled a laugh. 

He looked at you with longing as you tried to imagine what the room would look like. He wished you could laugh with him at slapstick and gimmicks and the failures of others that you could only witness with your own eyes. He wished that you could enjoy the ball just as much as everyone else. So that was what he was going to do.

Draco kissed you on the cheek as you left for your last class. His day ended already, so he was off to start looking for a cure to blindness.

“See you soon,” Draco whispered.

“Yeah, see you soon too,” You give a lighthearted laugh and depart for Charms. 

Draco gave a laugh too. “Just you wait, Y/N. Someday you will be able to.”

He made his way down the empty halls, searching for something that could help him. After a while with no luck in the Library, he turned to people for help. Unfortunately, Neville Longbottom crossed him this very day. 

“Hey Longbottom!” Draco called out, trying not to sound threatening. Neville looked over and cowered in fear. He was trapped. It was a dead end hallway. As the frightened boy prepared for some sort of hex, jinx, or curse, Draco spoke up. 

“Are there any plants to help people see?” Draco wondered. Neville looked up and rubbed his eyes, making sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Er-I-I..don’t think so..I’ve never heard of anything like it before..” Neville spoke slowly, stuttering in fear ever now and then. Draco sighed and kicked the wall in frustration, making Neville almost jump out of his body in fright. 

Almost immediately after, Hermione Granger walked into the hall. She came in with a determined face and a wand at her side. 

“Neville are you alright? Is Malfoy bothering you?” The witch asked. 

“Granger. You’re smart. Do you know anything that can cure..well…blindness?” Draco asked. 

Hermione looked shocked, she thought for a moment before shaking her head. “No.not yet I don’t think. Why?” She questioned him suspiciously. 

“I..just wanted to help Y/N,” Draco admitted. Hermione’s face became sympathetic, but before anything else could be said or done, a fourth person entered the fray.

“What is going on here?” Professor Snape sneered in his usual monotonous tone. 

“Professor! Do you know any potion to cure blindness?” Draco asked. Once again, he was met with disappointment. With no cure for Y/N, and a few points deduced from Slytherin for ‘creating a scene’ in the halls, Draco sulkily sat down by the river, quite tired and very disappointed in himself. 

“Draco? You here?” You call out to him, trying to listen for his voice. 

“Over here!” Draco stands up and runs up to you, lifting you just a bit off the ground. 

“Woah! Hey!” You smile and kiss him on the cheek. “I tried to find you inside, but I heard that you came out here looking upset. Are you alright?” 

“I’ve been better..” Draco admitted as he led you to the river and sat down. 

You leaned against him and asked “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I tried to find a way for you to see the world. So that you can live with color, and vision, and light, but I couldn’t find anything,” Draco sighed and wrapped his arm around you.

“Oh Draco, that’s very sweet of you, but you know there isn’t a cure. Besides, I don’t care about seeing all that much anymore anyway. It’s just how it is now, and it’s fine with me. I don’t love life, or you, any less because I can’t see. Sure it makes things a bit hard sometimes, but I’ve gotten used to it. Who knows if one day we’ll find a cure? The important thing is that I’m here now, and you don’t need to worry about my sight, alright?” You explain and hold his hand. 

“Alright,” Draco places a kiss atop your forehead. You smile and nuzzle closer to him. “But I’m not giving up on you, Y/N. We can find a cure, just you wait.” 

You laugh, but appreciate the idea that someone was willing to try for you after everyone gave up years ago. 

“I love you Draco,” You whisper.

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Here is a highlight clip of the round after I fell off Bella and crashed into the jump. You can hear my wife cheering me on in the background. It wasn’t the most graceful round ever but we made it through clear! Note the smile of joy and relief at the end. Bella and my wife rock.

Bakery Boy

A Park Jimin oneshot

Genre: Do I write anything but fluff? No. It’s fluff. 

Summary: The boy from the bakery is cute. And so is your neighbor. 

Word Count:  2.1k

Warnings: implied sex

Originally posted by cloudjimin

My feet are tired and heavy, but I still manage to make my way into the bakery near my house. My roommate, Lauren, loves the cupcakes there, and she recently did me a favor, so I decided to pick up some cupcakes as a thank you. It also helps that the guy at the counter is really good looking. After studying at the library for four hours straight, my back and neck hurt like I’ve been stabbed about fifty times. I feel like what I imagine Julius Cesar felt like.

The storm clouds overhead are ominous, but I just hope I can get back to the apartment before it starts raining to put another damper on my day. I push open the door of the bakery, immediately greeted by the soft tingle of bells and the smell of freshly baked bread. I could stay in the bakery for an eternity, but the owners would probably frown upon that.

Eyeing the display case, I don’t notice the cute boy behind the counter until he’s talking to me directly, giving me a smile that reaches all the way up to his eyes.

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140310 EXO's Tao Updated His Weibo

EXO’s Tao has updated his fans with two more heart-warming and meaningful messages on his Weibo account.

“Thank you guys for always wanting the best for me, but really do not work yourself too hard for me. I don’t care(Tao meant the rankings). So what happens after getting first place, and what happens if not getting first place? You guys shouldn’t waste your times on those insignificant things. I can see all of you guys' sincerities and I really appreciate it, but I wish you guys can dedicate more times to yourself and do more things that can make yourself happy.”

“Popularity, I don’t care, and it’s not the most important, and it won’t affect my everything, because I believe that unpredictable things will always happen if they are designated for you. Plus it’s not like I have nothing. I have you guys supporting me offstage, I can hear you guys’ cheers for me and I can see you guys wherever I go, and I can see you guys’ happy smiles, aren’t those enough for me?  Continue to become better and work harder with you guys and let more people know the existence of EXO and EXO members, and enjoy every single stage performance, is what we are obligated to do." 

Cr: weibo @HZT-ao

Trans: Angela at fy-exowao

For months after the marathon I ran in 2013 I would watch this video my friends captured of me crossing the finish line with such pride.

Then as I worked out less and started to let things go again, if I would come across it and watch it, it would make me feel sad that I was no longer that person.  I would feel like I had let myself down, and I had let those friends down (who you can hear cheering with such pure joy and support for me).  Plus I almost could not even imagine that was really me because it was such a fight to get across that finish line on that awfully hot day.

But now I am feeling really inspired by it again because I know if that guy did something so incredible just a few short years ago, this guy can can work hard and achieve new goals too!