Four trainer outfit designs I came up with. I’m probably gonna be making a bunch more things like this later. You’re allowed to use these, and they’re grey-ish blue to display contrast, so you can feel free to change up the colors if you use these yourself. If you use any of these, please credit me! (Tagging me and/or linking back to this post would be great!)

If you use something simply inspired by these, tag me so I can see! I want to see what other outfits people come up with!


Have a tiny centipeetle i made. 

plus this one so you can see the floof better! Feel free to use it on your blog if you want! just credit me somewhere!

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How to let go someone who doesnt love you anymore but she still need your love.

It doesn’t really make sense. Are you sure she needs your love or maybe she just needs your attention? I think you need to let her go, stop talking to her to feel better. Holding on to someone who just ‘uses’ you will make you feel used in the end. She can find someone else who can give her that. You don’t need anyone who just craves your attention but doesn’t love you. Please just let her go. Focus on yourself. When the time is right you will find someone who loves you. 


a little trio of sparkly witch au icons! (i just wanted to get a little art bloop out before i ride in a car for 9 hours today pfft) you’re free to use them! just give credit in the description >vo/+:+:+

i have bruises on my knees from falling every single time no one was there to catch me, when my sadness to took over my mind and my body. i had no one. i have scars on my hands for every single time you’d cut me with the same excuses of why you can’t be there for me right when i need you the most. i have little bruises showing up on my right side, from beating myself up, for blaming myself, for taking everything out on myself. when we died, i’d make other boys my bandages, to stop my body from bleeding out because you were what was keeping me under control, but you were gone. oh they never meant anything, they were nothing, i don’t even remember the sound of their voice. but holy fuck i hear yours everywhere i go, i see parts of your face in strangers, i can feel you in old songs we used to listen to, i remember your voice when you would sing them to me, to make me laugh. the other boys were just trying to put back my pieces but i knew you were the only one who truly could put me back together, i was cutting my fingers trying to put myself back together, i was too broken, they were too sharp and i needed you and only you. i can’t tell if this is beautiful or if it just utterly petrifies me. i need you more than the vodka i used to poor into my mouth to enter my body and take over my brain by midnight and i need you more than those cigarettes i had to get me through the next class, i need you more than you will ever know.
—  j

i live for the moments you feel so happy everything is fake. like money means nothing, like the sky is yawning up inside you, like fuck it our future is a haze of colors but who cares because right now everything is painted beautifully. like come eat this moment with me. like if you were a vacation i’d stay inside of you forever until we’re both drunk and happy and kissing our wounds closed. like maybe you’ve got a past you can’t speak about and i’m so sad that i can’t speak about it but right now we’re just two punks chasing pokemon, running around with our phones out and our knees all skinned up. like right now feels like i’m living inside of a picture i’ll take out later, a little blurry on the sides and nobody in real focus but you can feel us all laughing through time. like come outside i feel so big no building can hold me. like come get me i finally feel free.


@grouchycouchy u come into my house… try to tel me that my fckin redwud tree and smol pootato r the same height…. 

Justice for Pretty. Odd.

so brendon has stated in an interview that he doesn’t perform pretty. odd. songs because “they’re too slow and don’t fit the mood of my show”, or something to that effect. 

Okay, fine then. Let’s play ball.

let’s take a look at the facts that seem to be overlooked in this whole disagreement

((Keep in mind i didn’t check every song on the setlist or on pretty. odd., so there are probably even more examples of this.))   

This is a list of some of the songs on his setlist along with their BPM, or beats per minute. The higher the bpm, the faster the song(usually). 

Now let’s look at some of the BPMs for pretty. odd.:

Interesting. The bpms on p.o. are equivalent, if not greater than, the bpms of the current setlist. almost as though speed had nothing to do with their elimination. 

You can use the argument “but the songs feel slower, they have a slower ambiance to them”, but honestly that’s bullshit too. You can’t look me in the eyes and honestly tell me that ‘Golden Days’ feels faster than, say, ‘mad as rabbits’. You can’t, because it’s a slower song.

I understand that brendon can play whatever he damn well likes, but to completely ignore pretty. odd. (minus Nine) is kind of a slap in the face when he gives a bullshit explanation like this one. If you’re going to exclude them, at least give a reasonable excuse as to why

His reasoning also doesn’t explain the lack of Fever songs, as they are arguably more upbeat and energetic than anything on DOAB.

celebrating the pre-split albums was a responsibility he took on when he ddecided to keep the panic name. i understand that this is a doab tour, but honestly if his next tours feature an equally pathetic number of pre-split songs i’m going to have a problem 

Don’t get me wrong, i love the breb; it is because i love him (and the history of panic) that i am so hard on him. 


Support Your Team in Style!

Team Instinct

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Team Valor

All of these patterns are also available on various other products such as duvet covers, phone cases, even shower curtains! You can really go all out!

Feel free to use these patterns for personal use. Just be sure to credit me if you do it publicly. I need other people to find my work!


When they see the boy sitting in the couch, they almost run. Their heart pounds in their chest and the world spins around them for a minute. They know that face. It’s the wrong colors, but they know that face and that figure. Sitting there, in a room not unlike the one where Isa sat with the Superior, it sends them back to that time.

They can’t say a word. Panic locks them still. They must make a noise, though, because suddenly the man is looking at them, and the expression–the expression. There is emotion there. Something in Isa loosens, and they manage to cross the room and sit down across from the boy.

“Lea tells me you woke up here,” they say, amazed their voice is so level. “That you don’t remember how you got here.”

Shoutout to nonbinary people who are afraid to come out even in trans spaces because they aren’t sure they’ll be seen as valid. 

Shoutout to nonbinary people who are continually misgendered even in otherwise trans-friendly spaces.

Shoutout to nonbinary people who experience dysphoria but are still told by truscum that they’re “not trans enough”, despite fitting the narrow “medical definition”.

Shoutout to nonbinary people who constantly have to hear “there are only two genders” from people with no relevant qualifications/who don’t even know what gender actually is, as though they’ve never heard that statement before.

Shoutout to nonbinary people who have to deal with the fact that it’s impossible to “pass” as the gender they are and will have to choose between coming out to everyone they meet and being misgendered for the rest of their life.

Shoutout to nonbinary people who live every day knowing they may never have the body they want or be able to change their legal gender marker.

Shoutout to nonbinary people who have to hear “don’t worry, you’ll figure it out eventually” almost every time they come out to someone “supportive”.

Shoutout to nonbinary people who cringe a little every time they’re referred to as “gender non-conforming” because it’s an outdated term that makes their gender sound less like a part of who they are and more like something they simply do.

Shoutout to nonbinary people who have to give a language and/or history lesson simply to justify using their pronouns.

Shoutout to mentally ill nonbinary people who have to constantly explain that their gender and their mental illness(es) are separate things.

Shoutout to nonbinary adults who have to constantly hear people who talk about how their gender is “just a fad/phase that some teenagers go through”.

Shoutout to nonbinary people. Stay strong through the bullshit.

The thing is I’ll compare everyone to you. You were the first boy To ever break my heart. And now that I’m finally with someone who makes me comfortable and really likes me i can’t help but wish it was you, and can’t help but wish he made me feel the way you used to. With him things are safe and I feel loved but with you I was always on my toes seeking your approval. But for some god forsaken reason I miss being insanely obsessed with you.

so let me see if i can articulate a thing

i obviously do not believe in or agree with the whole “victimization” rhetoric people use to shut up marginalized voices narrating and examining their own oppression. However, sometimes–especially when there’s so much shit going down all the time–we can start to see it when it’s not there, or we can become so sensitive to it that it is there but we blow it out of proportion. I do believe that happens on occassion and I work to be critical of it in myself. It’s one of many reasons why critical distance is so important.

Now that being said I often tell my students “start with a feeling” and I think that’s good advice. Often times you will react to something without being critically cognizant of what you are reacting too. So if I find myself particularly irritated or frustrated what I have discovered, time and time again, is that there is sexism there. It’s a tough dance between “am I reading this correctly or am I overreacting?” But that’s what it means to live critically in the world.

Now several things have happened in the last few weeks that have me…emotionally off-center. There was the facebook Ghostbusters fiasco (I took the post down) that I still keep asking myself, “did I overreact?” Not about the obvious mansplainer but the more standard conversation that followed with other men. Then there was a good debate with my brother wherein I articulated (I am super stoked I got this moment into words. I’m paraphrasing here) “I am not going to apologize for knowing things! I am educated. I do know many things that other people do not and while that doesn’t give me the right to force decisions on them it is not wrong or unethical of me to assert my knowledge as valuable and justified!” I then went on to point out that he shifted the debate from where we started (capitalism) to a subtle ad hominem attack on my statements. He listened, as he almost always does, and we live and love to debate another day. (I seriously lucked out in the sibling department fyi.)

Okay and then I went to play Magic Cards with 5 men who are all older than me that I grew up with. My brother and four of his friends, 2 of whom I was in highschool with, and 1 my brother graduated HS with who married to my cousin. One of them in particular has an interesting relationship to gender; he keeps himself so carefully cloistored choosing to interact through his “jokey” self. A self that primarily makes jokes about sex and body parts and is semi-constantly engaged in a game of chicken.

Spoiler alert: I’m really good at that game. You want to try and get me to blush? Make me embarrased? Out do me in the game of who-can-say-the-most-sexually-inappropriate-thing? Not going to happen. I’ll win almost every time I really want to. I’ll take it farther and I’ll go harder. (That’s what she wishes he said.)

So there’s this guy who can dish it but can’t take it but won’t stop regardless. Then there’s another guy I like and respect who, while absolutely aware of social lines in a professional capacity, nonetheless has a very complicated relationship to systemic inequalities on the personal level. And then there’s just the usual run-of-the-mill “we’ve known each other since we were 10 and 14 and our relationships are surprisingly complex for being so shallow.”

But by the end of the night I was in full lockdown. What I mean by that was I was so tired of the sexism, the dismissals, the questioning, the subtle undercutting, and the emotional warfare that I said to my brother “I have one more game in me and then we’re going to have to go.” I literally couldn’t take it anymore.

So the question is: is what I feel legitimate or am I overreacting?

Now before you answer let me say one thing. I know what I felt was “legitimate” but I don’t mean it in that way. Obviously there was sexism at work. There always is in a dynamic like that. But the presence, even frustratingly so, of sexism doesn’t mean that my…extreme emotional reaction to it is justified. Some of this could still be on me. I guess my question is where and how much.

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Frei Frei! Do you have any tips/process on how to make a Dragon Age card?

hey anon,

there’s this post and this post that cover cards, and I have a card art tag (official) as well as a companion card tag (fanwork); my favourite card style comes from qissus

I’d also recommend you do some studies of cards that you like and really break it down to see what elements are present and how they work – there are recurring motifs/visuals in the cards that you can use to your advantage and give it that ‘feel’ (like how a lot of art nouveau artists rely on circles/mucha’s halo shape but to a lesser degree)

technically speaking it’s the composition and common elements (e.g. repeated patterns) that really make a card look like a card, so you could potentially make something feel like a card while rendering in a completely different style (by which i mean this card, done by sarakipin, which has the right shapes and composition but uses a crisp flat style + brighter colours than your typical in-game card); composition is, imo, the most important thing in any piece since it provides the structure and bones of the work so focus on that first and foremost. draw zoomed out to make sure the big things in the picture work well together

textures and the right brushes still help, of course. i don’t really have recommendations except make sure to check usage rules on whatever brushes/textures you find (tbh i use default brushes that come with photoshop cs6)

you can also pull elements from existing cards to tie them to your own card, e.g. the flag in the trevelyan cards, a few lavellan cards pull the bg elements from the solas card to match, etc.

hope that helps ;u;