Together They Keep Warm - a Kristanna fic

This is for the amazing ominouscloudsofarendelle, because 1) I realized that I’ve never dedicated a fic to her and that is a crime because she was my very first follower and first mutual and she is my awesome fandom sister and she deserves all the dedications and 2) she was both a super helpful beta reader and she put up with a solid 24 hours of me fussing and hemming about what to call this fic and she never told me to shut up once <3 True patience! So LM this is for you (it was going to be anyway but now it REALLY is <3)

Together They Keep Warm

pairing: Kristanna

rated: T

words: 4967

“…if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone?” Ecclesiastes 4:11 [ESV]

The broken rhythm of a knock at the door startled Kristoff so much that he nearly sliced open his own thumb. Instead he gouged a deep scratch into what had been a promising carving of a leaping hare. Kristoff scowled, then shook his head and tossed the half-shaped block of wood into the fireplace. The knock came again and he took the knife with him as he went to answer it. It might be another harvester or a hunter, looking for shelter from the rain that was pummeling the mountain—that sort of invasion was annoying enough, but it was more welcome than most of the alternatives. Kristoff lifted the heavy crossbar and let the door open a crack, looking out warily for bandits or other unsavory figures.


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Pretty sure Firefox has something similar.

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You're one of the nicest people I don't know, I just wanted you to know. Hope you have an awesome evening and a great week and catch em all.

thank you this is very sweet!!! unfortunately I can’t catch them all because I am completely and totally out of pokeballs. but still, the sentiment is appreciated!

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Do melisa and mini mark have blogs? I'm looking for more people to follow and they are funny :) also ngl I want to see their faces bc they seem so cute >~<

Honestly, I haven’t talked to mini mark in while but I’m hoping all is good with them~!

You can catch Melisa @debuthansol~ If you want more cool people to follow you can follow @fy1ao, @jenosgf, @taeyongfied, they are the ones i talk to the most and they are hecka cool and nice lol

but other blogs i follow include @taeyongshi, @okayjaehyun, @taeyounq, @h-aechan, @princeyoungho, @taeyonggi, @doyoungg, @dammitdoyoung, @127-firetrucks they are really cool and love following them alsjdlkad

EXO REACTION when you’re mad and you want to break up with him because he plays to much PokemonGo.

Feel free to send me more requests ^^V
Thank you :*

!All credits to owners! 

Y/N…Please…Give me a few more minutes… 

Honey…You know that I lov….O SHIT… LOOK! IT’S MEW!

If you want I can be you PikaCHEN ;)

I gotta catch them all!!

Okay.Bye. I’ll catch you later.

I Love Pokemon’s! But You’re my best Pokemon in the world.
You: ……
Kris:….. shit…I screwed up…

What did I do wrong? I played it only few hours.

Don’t be mad honey! I promise that I’ll catch you in our bed tonight.

Fuck… She’s really mad. But I love this game… What should I do

What if she’s right? I’m not addicted right?

You want to break up? But I bought you a lot of Gucci!

Ugh… Baby… Don’t do this to me… I’ll uninstall this game immediately. 


  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Stranger:</b> You game too? Man, I play CoD.<p/><b>Me:</b> Sorry, can't bring you along with Master Chief. See, I gotta catch them all with my buster sword while flying through space to stop the Dark Spawn and be home in time to walk my dog, get a kiss from Princess Peach, and pester my enthusiastic young brother with bad puns and jokes. It's still cool if you just want to play CoD though.<p/><b>Stranger:</b> Um.... what?<p/></p><p/></p>

GADDA CATCH THEM ALL if you can but you normally cant because you suck at the game (me)
Joke- I’m actually pretty ok at the game, and gyms are really easy (other than in pixelmon)
I started playing Silver and I absolutely adore Totadile
I’m not really a big fan of having plant/water Pokemon-even more as a starter
But in the game (and in pixelmon) I just had to choose him
He’s my fav starter Pokemon, aside from the fact that hes a water type
I just had to draw the derpy crock!
I hope you all like it <3


I know Rockstar isn’t a huge fan of people modding GTA V but someone should use mods to create Pokemon GO inside of GTA V.

There are many reasons this would be awesome… A few:

- The phone in GTA will never die. It has infinite battery.
- The phone also has unlimited data.
- The server won’t crash.
- The game won’t freeze, causing you to miss out on the all the Pokemanz.
- You can be lazy and NOT walk all over the place.
- You can easily travel wherever you want in Los Santos, which makes catching them all much easier than in real life…
- If you get hit by a car or even shot by a gang member and killed, you can be magically revived for a fee at the hospital!

That’s all I can remember for now. I had more reasons, but I’m tired (it’s 4am lol)…

You know, someone on CNN said something that was on point. If you don’t live somewhere in a climate where you are constantly affected by the political turmoil of 2016, you don’t realize it after a while. This is the new normal; eventually there are just so many events that you stop catching up to them all because you can’t handle all of the burdens of the world or you’ll be tired.