Dean/Cas: With A Heart On Fire

For tattooedbrothers, who commissioned firefighter!Cas. (info here)

Dean needs a last-minute speaker for Career Day. Charlie suggests he ask the handsome fireman across the hall. 2K.

“How about Sam or Jess?” Charlie asks, voice sounding tinny on speaker.

Dean sighs as he returns to chopping onions for his pasta. “Already asked,” he replies, slipping on glasses to keep his eyes from watering. “He’s at a conference in New York and Jess has an interview she can’t push back.”

“Too bad,” Charlie clicks her tongue. “Could’ve told your kids that they’re Matt Murdock and Lois Lane.”

Dean huffs. “C’mon, Charlie, I need you to brainstorm here. Who else?”

“Maybe Benny? He’s a baker, ergo awesome by default.”

“True, but he’s already signed up,” Dean says. “His daughter Sofie’s in my class and I’m officially out of options.”

There’s a brief pause then Charlie speaks again, conspiratorial. “Well, you do have one other option,” she says. She can’t see him but Dean gives her a pained look nonetheless. “No, Bradbury. Don’t even try,” he warns.

“You don’t even know what I was gonna say!” she protests, only Dean does know and there is no way he’d ever agree. “Dean, come on,” Charlie whines. He can imagine her rolling her eyes. “How long are you- It’s been almost a year, dude,” she sighs, “and he’s dreamy in case you haven’t noticed that either.”

“I’ve… noticed,” he answers softly, resigned. “I just… Charlie, he’s right across the hall from us. We always run into each other and it’ll be mortifying once he rejects me.” He cringes at the thought alone and moves to set the knife down with a bit more force than strictly necessary.

“Why do you assume he’s going to reject you?” she asks. They’ve had this conversation but he hates it every time.

“You’ve seen him too,” is all he says, along with an excuse about finishing dinner, but by the time he’s hung up the phone, he’s lost interest in cooking his food. He shuts off the stove and takes the trash out instead.

It’s on his way back that Dean notices the package by the door, tucked against his neighbor’s wall and wrapped profusely in hot pink duct tape. He wonders who could have sent it - a friend, probably, or maybe a girlfriend. He frowns.

Still, he ought to let the guy know that the box is there. It’s simple, neighborly duty - the reason Dean finds himself ringing the doorbell to 3B - and he’s halfway to regretting those choices when the door swings open and - “Dean?” - Cas squints at him over the threshold.

“Um, hi… Cas,” Dean greets helplessly, because Cas is standing there bare-chested, barefoot, just bare everything save for a pair of black sweatpants. “I… I, uh… Sorry, w-were you asleep?”

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The Demons Within

Please read the warnings before the fic.

Words: 3k

Summary: Your inner demons speak louder and louder to you until you can’t take it any longer.

Warnings: Extreme angst! Major possible triggers. Attempted suicide (not overly descriptive, but still may cause distress), blood, intense self-hate and negative thoughts (told in 2nd person), spoiler- but it ends in fluff.

A/N: Please, if you find any of the warnings too triggering to you, Do Not Read! This is, by far, the darkest thing I’ve ever written and I don’t want to cause anyone real distress.

Please proceed with caution.


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Freckles And Feelings - (Dean x Castiel)

Synopsis: Cas has developed a crush on Dean but the only problem is they’ve never spoken and he can’t seem to work up the courage to go up and speak to him. A.k.a. The three times Cas embarrassed himself in front of Dean and the one time he didn’t. 

Pairing: Dean x Castiel)

Word Count: 2,576

Warnings: Light swearing, second hand embarrassment and fluff. 

A/N: thank you @illbeyourgentlemanstory for reading over this for me and for your encouragement💙 I haven’t written these dorks in a long while and I wanted to write something fluffy after the season finale fiasco (which I’m still in denial about).

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Cas looked onwards in the queue in the café and spotted Dean, not too far in front of him talking animatedly to Benny and Victor. They seemed to be in their own happy bubble, laughing and joking loudly as Victor pushes Dean. Dean shuffled backwards awkwardly until he was standing directly in the haze the sun cast through the café’s window.

Cas watched as Dean’s green eyes twinkled in the sunlight which also highlighted the light array of freckles that danced across his face. Benny said something - Cas couldn’t hear over the din of patrons and radio music - and Dean’s eyes crinkled at the corners as he broke into wholehearted laugh that gained him a few looks.

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Taking Out Anger (Part 2)

Title: Taking Out Anger

 Prompt: @acuteninja: Hi love your Gabriel fanfiction. Can you write one when we tends to get on Dean’s nerves and crosses the line and nothing Cas or Sam could do to make him get a grip before he says something regretful to reader and Gabriel comes I’m to rescue.

 Pairing: Gabriel x Friend!Reader, Dean x Friend!Reader. Sam x Friend!Reader.

 Summary: Gabriel loves tricks, but when you step in to help Dean after Gabriel’s last one, you are put in the line of fire when Dean’s temper explodes.  And boy, does it explode!

 Warnings: Angst. Language. Self-Doubt.  Fluff.

Part 1

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Part 2

Gabriel did everything in his power to cheer you up.  He got your favorite foods, your favorite movies, even took you to some live shows and concerts, and they worked for a little while, but eventually that doubt and self-hatred crept in.  

It would always follow the same path…it would start with it hearing Dean’s voice in your ear, echoing those anger filled words.  It would break your heart.  It would settle, then you would think of how you reacted and you felt ashamed.  You were supposed to be this big, strong hunter…and you just collapsed into tears…how could you do that?!  The self-hatred would hit then, and it was a never ending circle.  

Gabriel had brought you to a nice house out in the country.  You were fairly certain you weren’t in the U.S. anymore, but you didn’t care enough to ask.  It was a nice, quiet place.  Neighbors kept to themselves.

You reached in your pocket and pulled out your phone.  

13 text messages. 17 missed calls.  5 voicemails.

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Not Ever Again

Pairing: Supernatural x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Major character death, blood

Word Count: 1367

Author’s Notes: My cousin wrote this beautiful gem, so here you go. Enjoy Loves! Check out my Masterlist and prompts list so you can request if you want. Thank You!!

///// Let me know if you want to be tagged!

Prompts list


“Who’s this?” a tall man with a large, tan trench coat asks. He meets my eyes with his blue orbs with small interest. He holds out his hand like a businessman coming in for an interview. “I’m Castiel.”

   I scoff as I look back at Dean. “Like the angel?”

I fall to my knees, staring down at my dead friend.

   His angel wings spread out with the moonlight shining brightly against them.

   Oh, my heart rips at the horrific sight.

   “C-Cas?” I choke, but nothing flickers—no breathing, no flinching fingers or blinking eyes.

   Just a dead man laying on gravel.

I hold out my hand and shake his. “Nice to meet you.”

   His face rings with recognition as he looks at my eyes and hair. He glances towards Sam and Dean. “This is the girl?”

   “Yup,” smiles Sam. “She’s going to be here for a couple months. Waiting for her mom to call.” He motions a ringing phone with his index finger and thumb.

   “Well,” he says and smirks down at me. “Get comfy.”

Sobs escape my trembling lips. My eyes suddenly fill with warm tears, just as I collapse my face into the dirt. “He’s..gone,” I say to no one in particular; Sam’s run off with Dean in the Impala, chasing after Lucifer’s son, leaving me with Cas. “No, no, no! You can’t be dead! You can’t!”

   Punch the ground. “You can’t!”

   I grab his face and hold him over my shoulder. “You can’t!—”

“—be serious,” I laugh. Castiel wanders down the hall to meet up next to me, looking as clueless as ever.

   “Oh,” Dean stifles a snort, “I am. And you will do as I say.”

   I fold my arms across my chest. “Or what?”

   “Or I’ll toss you out this very bunker.”

   Castiel budges in on the conversation, holding his hands in his pockets. Pulling out his truck keys, he glances towards me. “Ready to go?”

I reach into the left pocket and find the key. Shuffling off, I rip open the driver’s door and shove it into the ignition.

   “Damn you, Lucifer,” I mumble as the tires come over a bump. It pulls me to the front, making me even angrier than before. “Damn you, you son of a bitch!”

“Where did they want us to look?” I ask, looking back at the resting truck.

   “Down this way,” he answers. He holds my arm in order to keep me close. Bringing me closer to a Gas’n’Sip. “Come on, we’re almost there.”

Almost there. The bunker’s around the corner. Just pull in and shut off the truck.

I pop open the lock, happy with myself. But the sight in front of me makes me rethink everything I just said. “Well, lookie there!”

   “What?” Castiel is standing stiffly next to me, glaring at the sight of four demons on the ground.

Cas is still on the ground.

   Back at the house.

   Probably with Sam or Dean.

   Hopefully, with Sam and Dean.

“Looks like there was a struggle,” Cas mutters as he circles around a male demon with burns over his wrists.

   “Thank you, Captain Obvious.”

He was always obvious.

   Ripping my jacket off my shoulders, I begin rummaging through my suitcases and try to find every picture I can of what is left of Cas.

“Mom? Dad?”

   “Hello?” Castiel asks. “Anybody here?”

   We become silent once the loud echo of a scream bursts through a door. We share a look, then rush to the sound of despair.

   I grab hold of the handle and shake it violently. “It won’t open! Castiel!”

   He pushes me out of the way. “Let me try..”

   Without another movement, the door comes open, leaving me the sight of my dead parents. Their bodies lying limp on top of trails of blood.

Cas didn’t have blood. His eyes just…glowed.

   Then, he was gone.

   Without another word, the memory suddenly jolts a rush of anger down my spine. Looking up at the nearest wall, I punch it. Leaving it with a darkened hole smack-dab in the middle of a Beatles poster.

The next morning, Castiel walks into my room with a subtle knock on the doorframe. I give him the smallest of smiles, but he chooses to ignore it and sit on the side of my bed.

   “Listen—” he starts.

   “No, Castiel. I’ll apologize when I’m ready.”

   “That's…not why I came.”

   Over the side of my hip, a rolled-up tube falls down. A pair of rubber bands hold it together, but with me being the impatient person I am, I rip it open.

   Unrolling my favorite band.

   The Beatles.

Sam asks from the door, “You hungry?”

   I shake my head softly, staring blankly at the wall across from me. It’s an interesting shade of tan.

   Like Cas’s trench coat.

   I bring my hands to my face, letting the tears fall down my cheeks and ugly sobs muffle through my palms.

   “I’ll just…leave this here.”

   I jump out of bed and race over to Sam. “Where were you? You could’ve helped when he needed you! But you just stood there! And then you were gone to God knows where! Tell me!”

Sam and Dean aren’t there when we arrive back at the bunker. So, I throw my stuff on a table, not caring it spills Dean’s open beer. Running up the stairs and into my room, I slam the door shut and begin wailing like a child.

“We had a problem!” Sam exclaims over my own.

“Where were you?” I hear Castiel yell hours later.

Dean’s voice booms over his. “Out on a hunting trip!”

   “Good for you, Dean! But she’s just found her dead parents and you weren’t around when she needed you!”

Later, Sam peeks in with a solemn stare. “You need to eat.”

   “No.” My answer is final.

   “Please. You need to—”

   I send him the deadliest of glares and sneers. “I said NO.”

   Another voice comes running into the room. “That’s it,” he says. Dean. A pair of hands grab my shoulders and shove me off the bed.


   He gets down to my level, nose flaring and eyes green with rage. “We get it. You’re suffering. But we’re suffering, too. We lost our best friend, too. So—”

   Kick in the back. “You can shut your cakehole.”

“Why can’t I choose the music?” Castiel asks from the front while I sit in the back.

   Dean laughs. “As I tell my brother, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole!”

   I rest my head on the window, looking out at the passing trees. “Except when I’m in the car. Right, Dean?”

   “Pfft. Yeah, right.”

“Yeah, whatever,” I groan, pulling myself from the ground.

   “C’mon. Cheeseburgers,” he says with a small grin.

   Slowly, I follow the Winchesters out of my room and up the stairs. But before Sam walks through, he looks back at me and shows me a large piece of fabric.

   Cas’s coat.

   “Cas would want you to have it.”

   So, I slip it on and feel the tear of wear the angel blade pierced him. In a way, it feels as if he’s here with us.


   “Call me Cas. It’s a nickname,” he says so simply.

   For the next few minutes, it’s nothing but silence. Slowly, he sighs and checks his watch. “It’s almost three. You should get up.”

   “I will. Just, let me rest my eyes a while longer.”

   “Yes.” He gets off the covers, letting me pull them to my chin, and he slips through the door once again.

   “Oh, and..Cas?” I ask with one last glance at him.

   He peeks over the frame with slight concern. “Yes?”

    I smirk. “Like the trench coat.”

    And he leaves, probably to come back later, when I’m actually ready for the day.

But Cas isn’t coming back.

He’ll come back.

Not ever.



Fresh Start - Dive In

A/N: Part 13 of the ‘Fresh Start’ series. This is a mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. I should have posted this on friday, but because of adulting I didn’t get to it. From now on I will post once a week (Mondays) because I’ve been kind of blocked on this lately and writing has gone slow. Thanks again to my awesome beta @thorne93. Hope you all enjoy reading. Feedback is always appreciated.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Balthazar.

Warnings: Language, fluff.

Wordcount: 2.644


*Not my GIF*

Originally posted by tikatri

Thursday came and there was still no response from Balthazar, frankly you were getting annoyed. Sure it had been a while since you talked to him, but he was still Beth’s uncle and you figured that should mean something to him. Maybe it was for the best though, you had managed on your own so far, there was absolutely no reason for you not to be able to handle this too. Besides, you had that lunch with Lexi today, maybe she had some helpful advice. Dropping Beth of at school was harder these last few days, not because she didn’t want to go, but because you didn’t want her to go, you couldn’t stand the thought of anyone being mean to her. You checked your phone for what felt like the hundredth time, still no word from Balthazar, and nothing from Dean either, you hadn’t heard from him since he came by with your car. There was a ring on your door just as you were heading upstairs to grab a shower.

“Balthazar? What are you doing here?” Your face portraying the confusion you felt.

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This is for @mittensmorgul‘s Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt - Round 1.

Han and Chewie vs. He-Man (ao3)

When Charlie calls the boys in to help with a hunt at Comic-Con, they aren’t expecting Cas’s coat to be such a hindrance.

It’s been an exhausting day, and they’ve gotten nowhere. Dean had had no idea that comic conventions could get so crowded, and with Charlie busy, she isn’t on hand to point them in the right direction.

“Look,” she’d said, when she called them in, “I’m pretty sure it’s just a run-of-the-mill ghost type problem, and I could totally take care of it myself, but I’m a guest handler this time, and I’ve been assigned to Gillian Anderson. So please, please, please? I cannot miss this opportunity.”

“We’ll be there,” Dean had promised, and so here they were, standing in an absolute sea of nerdery – and man, did Dean wish they had the time to examine some of the costumes, because wow – without any idea where to begin.  

It doesn’t help that they can’t seem to go more than a few feet without someone accosting Cas to compliment him on his Constantine cosplay, although at least one person had called him the Doctor, someone had asked if he was something called Blacksad, and a couple of teenage girls, wearing a frankly alarming amount of plaid, had squealed and asked him if he was Castiel, while he stared frozen at them, like a deer in headlights.  

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Cold Champagne

Summary: The apocalypse is coming to an end and you know you’re basically going to lose everyone, because unlike your friends you’re not a key player in this story. But, before it all gets ripped from you, you just want to spend some quiet time with your friends, and tonight it’s Castiel’s turn.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1410

Warnings: fluff, angst (I think?)

A/N: If you read this and recognize what it’s (very closely) based on, 1) you’re awesome 2) you get to pick the next reader insert I publish (any character, just no wincest or destiel please. I wouldn’t be comfortable writing it but if that’s your thing you do you honey, I’m not here to judge) Also shout out to my shower for being the place where I come up with these.

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Your name: submit What is this?

The sun has set; the stars are almost out now. You shake the blanket as you lay it on the grass, under what would be the shadow of branches if it were still day. You’ve parked your car not very far away, but it’s still out of sight; all you can see is the river, further down, and the darkening sky ahead, the edge of the forest surrounding your spot. 

When you’re done placing everything, you light the mosquito-repellant candles and satisfied, take a breath before starting to pray. 

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Graced Soul Part 3

gif is not mine.

Title: Graced Soul Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,285

Warnings: Technically the character dies, fluff

A/N: So I got mixed up with the last part, I corrected the warnings though so no worries! This is part 3! I hope you all love it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3  Part 1  Part 2

Castiel slowly walked up to you, tying you to the chair.  He made sure they were tight enough so you couldn’t break through.  You were nervous and terrified.  You never thought you would have to die like this, but you knew this was the only way.  

Gabriel squeezed your shoulders from behind.  “It’s gonna be okay [Y/N],” he spoke lowly.

“Are you sure you want to do this love,” Balthazar asked, holding a knife in his hand.

You nodded, giving a jagged sigh, “yeah.  This is the only way I technically live, and I’m willing to go through with it.  Just try to make it as quick as possible.”

“We’ll do our best [Y/N],” Castiel frowned, finishing the knot that he had tied around each of your legs.  “Alright, she’s secure.”

Gabriel joined his brothers as he stood in front of you.  He handed Castiel a gun, “that should work first.  We shouldn’t have to use the knife.”

Castiel nodded, taking the gun.  You closed your eyes, you didn’t want to witness their faces.  You knew if you closed your eyes, you could lie to yourself.  You could think that this was just a dream, or that this wasn’t real.  The last thing you heard was a gunshot.  You felt a jolt of pain, but that was it.  Then there was nothing.

“Cas, you don’t just bloody shoot her.  At least say something sentimental,” Balthazar threw his hands in the air.

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Anon requested: Posted a joke ad in the classifieds but someone actually responded.

Dean reached his hand behind him, seeking out his phone without turning around. He finally found it and hit the talk button.


“Hello,” A deep voice said. The guy sounded nervous. “My name is Castiel. I’m calling about ad.”

“I’m sorry? What ad?”

“In the paper? You are Dean, correct?”

“Yeah. Hang on. What page?”

Castiel told him, sounding defeated. Dean flipped through the newspaper and the submission.

Lonely male seeking affection. Must like dogs, watching bad movies, and cuddling. Ask for Dean.

Dean sighed and scrubbed his hand over his face.

“Uh, look man, I didn’t post this.”

“Of course. I’m sorry I bothered you. You must think I’m a freak.”

“No. I mean it’s weird, yeah, but I don’t think you’re messed up or anything.”

“I am though,” Castiel sighed. “I’m sorry I took up your time.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Why would you call an ad like this? I mean, why not pick up someone in a bar or something?”

“I’m not….I’m asexual. The wording of the ad led me to believe that you were also.”

“Oh.” Dean bit his lip. He should hang up. He liked sex, loved it, he shouldn’t try to get involved with someone who doesn’t. “Do you meet me for coffee tomorrow?”


“Yeah. I mean, it can’t be easy for you right? I’m having a hard time, too. We could hang out, or whatever.”

“Okay. When is good for you?” They made their plans and hung up. Dean dialed Jo’s number.

“What the hell were you thinking?” He demanded when she picked up.

“Hello to you too.”

“Are you insane?! What if some freak had seen that?”

“Well, if you would shut up about Lisa and go out with us sometimes, I wouldn’t of had to.” Dean didn’t say anything. “Oh my God, you met someone!”

“I did not!”

“You so did! What’s their name?”

“I…he called because of your stupid ad. We’re meeting for coffee tomorrow.”

“It’s about damn time.”

“You still owe me. This was too far, Joanna Beth.”

“Oh, you’ll get over it. Good luck.” She hung up and Dean sighed.

He didn’t know what he was doing anymore. He had been with Lisa for so long he’d forgotten how to ask people out. He didn’t want to ask anyone out, and he didn’t get why Jo didn’t understand that. Either way he had a date tomorrow


Dean dressed in a t-shirt with his garage logo on it and jeans. He had to go in after he met with Castiel so he didn’t see the point in dressing up. He put Colonel on his leash and left the apartment.

He didn’t realize until after he arrived at the coffee shop that he didn’t know who he was looking for. Any one of the guys around could be Castiel. He tied Colonel’s leash to one of the outside tables and went inside to order.

He felt a little uncomfortable when the barista checked him out, running his strange golden eyes up and down his body. He took his coffee and all but ran back outside. Colonel settled down beside him and laid his head on Dean’s boots like he always did. Dean took out his phone.

He was half way through a decent run on Banana Kong when he heard Cas’s voice.

“Dean?” He looked up and smiled.


“Call me Cas, please,” Cas said, taking the seat next to him.

Cas was hot. He was tall with dark hair and blue eyes. He had a few days worth of scruff and a nice smile. He was wearing a suit and a trench coat.

“I don’t really know what to say,” Cas said, looking down at his cup. “I don’t get asked out a lot.”

“Seriously?” Cas blushed.

“Usually when people find out that sex is out of the question they get bored with me. I’m not that interesting.”

“I’m not that shallow.” They smiled at each other.

They started with the basics, talking about books and movies, then moved on to TV shows that they hooked on and things that they hated. Dean found Cas enduring, if a little too serious.

They exchanged numbers before they parted ways and made plans to watch a movie at Dean’s on Friday. Colonel even let Cas pet him, which Dean found surprising since his dog usually didn’t care for strangers.

Benny asked him about his date when he came in and laughed when Dean blushed and flipped him off. He teased him the whole day.


After a few days of texting Dean knew what kind of snacks to buy for their movie date. Cas was bringing beer and they would order in.

Castiel looked nervous, sitting at the opposite end of the couch. Colonel was laying beside him and Cas was petting him methodically. Dean kept trying to think of things to say, but nothing came.

“Dean,” Cas said, breaking the silence. “Before we go any further you need to understand, I don’t want to have sex. I have no interest in having sex ever. If you can’t handle that, I need to know now, before I fall anymore for you than I already have.”

“What can you do?” Dean asked, then blushed. “I mean, what are limits?”

“I enjoy kissing and cuddling, but that’s as far my physical attraction goes.”

“I think I can handle it. I know that it’s going to be different and hard, but if you give me some time, I think I can adjust for you.”

“This is a big adjustment, and we just met. I understand if you–”

“Cas, I like you. If you want to give this a try, I’m all in.” Cas smiled a little.



Things were difficult at first.

They took it slow, which was way slower than Dean had ever tried to go in his life. They went to movies, dinners, Cas dragged him to flea markets and fairs and other roadside crap. They became best friends, slowly but surely.

They were watching a movie at Dean’s the first time Cas curled into Dean’s side. He pressed against him, hand laying on his chest, and rested his head on his shoulder. Dean shifted a little to make them more comfortable and settled an arm over Cas’s shoulders. When the movie was over, Dean walked Cas to his car and kissed him goodnight. It was nice.

After a few more dates, Cas started spending the night. He liked to sleep pressed against Dean chest with one arm around him. Dean would play with his hair until he dozed off. The first time he woke up hard, he apologized over and over until Cas stopped him.

“Arousel is normal, Dean. As long as you don’t try to force yourself in me, don’t worry.” Cas kissed him and climbed out of bed to give Dean his privacy. He still felt awkward when it happened, even if Cas wasn’t phased.

Dean’s friends were ecstatic when Dean asked them if they wanted to meet Cas. It had too long since Dean was actually happy and they wanted to meet the guy that had made him smile again.

“How long you been seein’ this guy now?” Benny asked while they working one day.

“About five months, I guess. I don’t know. Why?” Benny shrugged.

“You’re just usually bragging by now.”


“Yeah. About how hot they are or how good the sex is, you know.”

“Not much to tell. I mean, he’s hot, we go out, a few times a week we spend the night.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“No sex?”

“Cas is ace.” Benny’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I just didn’t think you could go without it.”

“I didn’t either. But Cas…it’s kind of nice, y'know? I can go home and not have to feel bad if I’m not in the mood. And I only have to worry about getting myself off. And it’s real. Like really real. He wants me for me, not for my dick.”

“Okay, too far.” Dean laughed. “I glad you’re happy brother. It’s about time.”

“Yeah, it is,” Dean agreed.

Tonight he would get home and Cas would worry over impressing his friends and they would all have a good time. He and Cas would go home together and curl up in their bed. And Dean would wake up the next day, looking forward to it.

“It really is.”

Out of My Hands - Part 3

Summary: The reader, after being on her own throughout her entire life, begins looking for a real home and, with a little heavenly help, just might find it with the boys. Sam X Reader.

Warnings: Aside from the fact that I haven’t written in 5 years or written fanfic in over 8 years and the writing is atrocious, abandonment, self-esteem issues, weapons.

Words: 1764

Part 3

  I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and pretty sure that if that was what a decent night’s sleep felt like, then I’d never had one before.

  The sweatpants that (I assume) Sam had left me were comfortable and just my size, even though they were probably oversized on either of the boys.  I left them, along with the tank top, on and wandered into the kitchen after stopping in the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth again.

  Sam, Dean and Cas were all sitting around the table, apparently unaware of my entrance.

  “Well, she said she knew Hannah.  That’s not necessarily a good thing.” Dean was stating.

  “I don’t think she’s a thread.  And if Hannah did bring her here, can’t you just ask her why, Cas?  I mean, she doesn’t exactly seem dangerous and with all the warding we have here?  Come on, she’s not bad news.” Sam seemed defensive as he argued with the other two.

  “I’ve reached out to Hannah but she has not gotten back to me. She isn’t exactly in my fast dialing.” Cas said.

  “Buddy, it’s speed dial. Speed. Dial, Cas.” Dean said teasingly.

  Sam dropped his head into his hands. “Then what? We tell her to leave? Kick her to the curb?  Guys, I don’t think she has anywhere else to go.”

  “That’s not exactly our problem, Sammy.  Some angel drops the kid on our doorstep so now we have to keep her?” Unfortunately, Dean’s argument was the same mine would be if I were in his shoes.

  “Dean’s right.” I said, putting on the bravest face I could and walking deliberately over to the table.  All three of them startled by my sudden presence.  Sam’s eyes went wide as his gaze met mine.

  “Y/N, no.  He’s not.” he blurted out, panic in his voice.

  “He is though.  You guys don’t know me.  You don’t owe me anything.  And if Hannah isn’t willing to contact you to let you know what’s up, then you have no reason to trust me, let alone let me stay here. It’s fine.  I’ll just change and get out of your hair.”

  I turned on my heal and headed back to the room that, at least for last night, was mine.  I tried to hold back tears as I realized that there never was going to be a home for me.  No place that I belonged. Thanks Hannah I said to myself, sarcasm dripping from each syllable.

  I reached for the doorknob to the room but somebody else grabbed it first.  I looked at the hand and followed it up to the face of the man connected to it. Sam’s face.  Oh God, his face. His long hair askew, as if he’d been running his hands through it or tugging it out.  His eyes locked on mine, pleadingly, and that same crease was forming between his brows.

  “Stay.” he said simply.

  “Sam, you know I can’t.  Dean doesn’t trust me and neither of you have any reason to. It’s fine.  Really.  I’m use to bouncing from place to place.  I’ll be fine.” I said, a sad attempt at lightening the mood.  

  “Dean may not, but I do.” he said, matter-of-factly.

  “Why, Sam? You don’t even know me.”

  “I just do, alright?  Call it a gut feeling.  Just don’t leave yet.  We can get to the bottom of this.  We’ll get a hold of Hannah and it’ll be all good.  Just stay for a little while longer.”

  I sighed, putting my hands on my hips.  “Fine.  An hour. That’s it. I’ll see if I can get Hannah here.  I have no idea how but I’ll try.”

  He seemed to instantly relax, giving me a smile and moving his hand from the doorknob to my shoulder.  He gave it a squeeze before heading into his room while I rolled my eyes after him.

  I opened the door to the mine-for-another-hour room and sat on the bed. Well, I guess it’s worth a shot.

  “Hannah, angels, heavens or whatever. I need you.  Oh Lord, this is ridiculous. Hannah, please be being my uber creepy fairy god stalker again and get down here.”  

  There was a flutter of wind and Hannah was standing in front of me.

  “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” I exclaimed, standing up and grabbing onto her arms.

  Surprised, she stared at me wide eyed.  “What?!”

  “The Winchester’s, you know the guys who you said could be my new home?  Yeah.  They don’t trust me.  Mostly because you won’t confirm it.  I need you to go talk to them. Please.”

  “My apologies.  But they didn’t contact me.  I would have explained to them otherwise.”

  “What do you mean?  Cas said he’d tried to reach you.”

  “Castiel? I did not know.  I would have contacted him.”

  “Well maybe your secretary needs to take better messages.” I told her, crossing my arms.

  She looked at me the way an unamused mother looks at a misbehaving child.

  “Sorry. They’re in the library.  Well, Dean and Cas are.  Please talk to them?”

  Hannah was gone just as fast as she appeared.  That is really going to get annoying.  I walked out of the room and knocked on Sam’s door.  He opened it almost instantly.

  “Yeah?” he snapped.  “Oh, Y/N.  What’s up?”

  He looked tired.  Stressed.

  “Hey Sam.  I just wanted to let you know.  Hannah’s in the library.  Well at least I think she is.  She’s going to talk-”

  “That’s great!” he bellowed as he barrelled past me, sprinting towards the library.  He stopped and turned to look at me.  “Well?  Aren’t you coming?”

  “Me? No thanks. I think I’ll pass on story hour.  I’ve heard this one already. Thanks though.”

  I walked back into the room I’d been staying in and picked up my clothes, heading for the bathroom.  A shower was definitely in order. I turned on the water as hot as it could comfortably get.  I started thinking about what Hannah could be telling them.  Was she telling them everything?  Every sordid detail?  Including the things that nobody really wanted to know about?  She’d need to tell them about my father.  Probably a little more about my past with Jo and the Harvelle’s.  But I hoped that she could leave some of my past out of it.

  Any detail about the foster families I’d been with could be left unsaid. Like family number six.  I really had thought that they were going to stick.  That was, at least, until Mr. McMillan starting sneaking into my bedroom at night.  Telling his wife that I had nightmares.  Or family number eighteen.  With seven other foster kids, all neglected and ignored.  Existing only so that the Darvey’s could keep collecting paychecks.  

 I shook my head, as if I could shake out the memories.  I hadn’t even noticed that I’d begun crying.  I took a deep breath and turned the water off.  I grabbed the towel off of the rack to the right of the shower and began drying myself off.  Calm down.  It’s in the past.  It’s done. I hadn’t thought about those times in years but the thought of Hannah telling anyone, especially Sam about them terrified me and I didn’t want to see the pity in his eyes that would undoubtedly accompany that knowledge.

  Once I was dry, I threw my hair up into a messy ponytail and put my clothes back on.  Yesterdays clothes.  I really need to get Hannah to take me back to get my stuff.  And my car.  

  Heading back to the library, I tried to prepare for whatever I was about to walk into.  

  “So what do you think?” I asked, looking between Dean and Hannah.

  “Hannah’s story is the same as yours. Slightly more batshit, but we get the gist.”  Dean said, taking a swig of his beer.  

  Sam looked at me like I was a Christmas tree and it was December 24th. “You’re staying.”

  Letting go of a breath that I didn’t even know I was holding, I smiled.  

  “Thank you.” I whispered.

   “Yeah, no problem.  Enough of the sappy stuff.  Sammy, we’ve got a case to work on.  You can make doe eyes at each other later.” Dean said, abruptly standing up and grabbing a book from one of the shelves.  

  “May I leave now?” Hannah asked me.

  “Sure. As soon as you take me to my car so I can get my things and drive my baby back here.”

 “Castiel will take you.  There are matters I must attend to in heaven.  He assures me he can take care of anything you may need from here.”

 “Okay. But wouldn’t it be easier for you to just zap me around rather than making him drive me?”

 They all looked at me. “What?  What am I missing?”

  Castiel stood up in front of me.  “Allow me,” he said, pressing his hand to my forehead.  

  I felt that same dive in my gut and when I opened my eyes, I was standing in front of my car, Castiel by my side.

  “You know, you angels really need to start warning me when you do that!” I chastised, bending over and taking a few deep breaths.

  “My apologies.  We can drive your car back to the bunker in a little over 3 hours.  We should get going.”  Castiel said.

  “Great. Now if only I would’ve had time to actually grab my car keys before you whisked me away.”

  With that, he disappeared.  Oh come on!

  Not ten seconds later, he was in front of me again handing me the keys to my own car.  

  “Oh. Well then.  I guess we can go.  You can pop on back if you want. You don’t need to sit in a car for 3 hours.”

  “Yes, I do.”

  “What, are you out of your angelic mojo or something?”

  “My mo jo is in tact.  Sam insisted I not leave you alone and that I guarantee your safety until you get back to the bunker.  Also, you don’t know where you’re going. Hannah assured us that you hadn’t seen the entrance.”

 “I guess you have a point then.  Shall we?” I motioned for Castiel to get in the car, a satisfied smile plastered on my face.  Sam had wanted me safe?  Trouble indeed.  But attractive trouble, for sure.

wanderingcas  asked:

Hey! Me with a prompt again. Maybe something with pining!Dean, he thinks that Cas is in a relationship with someone else when he's actually not, but obviously Cas feels the same way too but they don't know it? Keeping it as open as possible for ya:)

A/N: Thank you lovely! I like prompts that I can play around with. I hope you like it ^_^

Dean Is Green-Eyed

Dean was meeting his brother and their friend Castiel for dinner.

Sam and Castiel worked together at the same law firm so they had been friends for a couple of years before Dean actually met Cas. Dean had been annoyed that Sam had not introduced them sooner; Castiel was hot. He was smart, funny (in an awkward sort of way), and he liked burgers; those were basically the three things Dean liked most in a guy.

He was dubious about asking Castiel out though as he knew it would irritate Sam who was very protective of his unusual friend. Unfortunately Sam knew Dean’s track record with guys and wasn’t going to give him any praise for it soon.

Dean arrived at the diner and despite being a few minutes early he was not surprised to see that his brother had still arrived before him.

“Where’s Cas?” Dean asked with a frown as he approached the booth.

“Hello to you too, brother” Sam said with a faked smile. “I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

Dean rolled his eyes as he sat down. “Don’t get your panties in a twist, Samantha.”

Sam sighed deeply and shook his head. “Cas has had a friend staying with him for the past few weeks so they’ve been out sightseeing. I said Cas should bring him along.”

“A friend?” Dean repeated; his envy was not at all masked. “Cas has a friend?”

Sam looked confused. “Yeah. You ever had one of those?”

Dean shot him an unimpressed look. “I just always assumed we were his only friends. He’s not exactly a social butterfly.”

“Well he said that he and Balthazar had been friends since they were kids.”

“Balthazar?” Dean said with an amused scoff. “What kind of pretentious name is that?”

“Wow” Sam said with a smirk as picked up the menu.

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Dealing – Chapter 6: Distrust

Title: Dealing – Chapter 6: Distrust
1706 (this chapter); 18,386 (whole story)
A decision of the past separates the reader and the Winchesters. Will they find their way back together? And will Dean ever be able to forgive her?
angst, canon-typical violence, suicidal thoughts, blood, canon-typical alcoholism, language, major character death

Dean x female!Reader || angst (with a happy ending?) || hurt/comfort || Sam is a great friend

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

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Hit me

“You killed Death?” Castiel is staring at him in disbelief, blue eyes wide and confused, his usually soft lips pressed into a hard line.

His nostrils are flaring like a bull in rage, shoulders tense underneath the ruined fabric of his trench coat.

He actually looks kind of terrifying.

Dean isn’t sure if it’s the aftermath of the spell Rowena cast on him or the anger he developed while listening to the latest Winchester fuck ups.

It’s probably both.

Sam is shuffling his feet next to them, gaze averted from Cas’ angry form.

Dean knows his brother is uncomfortable, knows that there is guilt written all over Sam’s face and it doesn’t feel right.

He swallows meeting his friend’s eyes with the same intensity.

Though ‘friend’ might be the wrong term here, considering he almost killed Cas the last time they saw each other.

Dean figures putting ’Dean’s friend’ on the long list of exes that has become Cas’ life like ’exangel’ and ’exsoldier’ doesn’t make that much of a difference.

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The Experiment

This was a request that’s turning into a little more… Anon, I hope this is pleasing, I’m sure enjoying it.

Synopsis: Sam and Castiel are looking for Deanmon. Castiel is losing his grace and Sam convinces him to bring in help. Only able to trust one person he calls in his sister to find Dean. But Dean has other plans for the naive little angel…(gif from fanpop!)

“Castiel we need all the help we can get and you’re not really up to par right now.” e not really up to par right now.“ get and you’ Sam looked at the borrowed grace angel.

Castiel sighed leaning against the table. Sam was right; he wasn’t much help right now, “Fine. I understand, but at any time that I feel it’s too much I’m going to send her back home.”

“Deal.” Sam nodded looking at him seriously, “I’ll leave you two alone…”

Castiel waited for Sam to leave the hotel room and shut his eyes, “Y/N…I need your help. I’m sure I’m the last person you want to see, but I can’t trust this to anyone else…Please…”

He heard the flutter of wings behind him. You smiled at him, “Castiel…you’re my big brother and I will always want to see you.”

Castiel smiled, “I haven’t seen you since…”

“Since you decided to take a crack at being god?” You looked at him your eyes growing sad.

Castiel hung his head in shame. He hadn’t wanted to see you fearing you would be angry with him. He was finding that it was the opposite, “I am so sorry…”

You walked up to him and touched his fevering face, “Brother, I love you. I will always love you even after you pull strange…scary stunts…I was angry…but word has spread that you’re trying very hard to atone.”

He looked to you seeing the compassion in your eyes, “Thank you Y/N.”

“Of course, now what can I do to help?” You smiled adjusting your grey sweater.

“It involves Dean Winchester…” He watched you carefully to gauge your reaction. You seemed oblivious to the name, “Sam Winchester’s brother…”

“Okay…the name sounds familiar, but I’ve been on the outskirts of heaven for ages and until the fall I didn’t realize things were so bad…is this Dean important?” You raised your eyebrows curiously.

“You know about my stint at being god, but not the Winchesters…” Castiel stared at you blankly.

“Well claiming to be god is kinda a big deal…I’m assuming these Winchesters are human? Castiel I’m a step away from star dust duty…” You reminded him you were one of the angels furthest from Earth, “You should know I’m not considered important enough to be included in anything too important… I’m only out there to make sure Pluto doesn’t derail and shoot off into another part of the galaxy.”

“And you perform your duties excellently.” He told you walking slowly to the bed to sit down, “And as for Dean, yes he is important, at least he is to me. He’s my friend and he’s in some trouble. I need help finding him.”

“Of course, do you have any idea where he is?” You frowned as he started to cough, “Castiel…”

“I’m fine. He may be in the presence of the demon Crowley.” Castiel looked at you. You had never seen your brother look so ragged, “Please, Y/N, I need to find him.”

“I will do my best.” You smiled, “I will return to you as soon as I find him.”

“No, wait, Y/N…” He watched you flutter away, “Y/N!”

Sam came in quickly, “Is everything ok? Did she say yes?”

Castiel looked at him, “I’m not sure this was a good idea…”

You looked around the bar outside. You were confused as to why humans found an establishment that smelled of smoke and bodily fluid appealing.

Taking a deep breath you started for the door, “This, is for your big brother whom you owe a great deal. He kept you safe and taught you a lot, the least you can do is find this Dean.”

You looked around the bar cringing, but reminded yourself that this could be like the stars…the wonky ones, that were decaying, the ones you had to attend to. After walking around several times apologizing for bumping into several people, you sighed, “I should’ve asked for a picture.”

Turning to leave you ran right into something hard. Falling backwards your eyes fluttered wide open when you hung in mid-air. You stared at a man feeling a sensation in your face that you’ve never felt before, hot.

“Whoa, hey there.” His voice rumbled as he brought you back to your feet, “You alright?”

“I am so sorry…I’m not quite used to crowds.” You said quietly still feeling his hand on your waist.

“I can imagine, you seem a little green…for an angel.” He smirked at you when your eyes grew wide, “It’s kinda obvious honey, you are so…glowy…”

“I’m glowing?” You glanced around at all the humans.

“Wow…” He watched you, “Wow this is just too easy. Uh Dean Winchester.”

You looked at him, “Really? You’re really Dean Winchester.”

“Yeah…I assumed you knew.” He raised an eyebrow.

You shook your head your hair falling around your face, “No, but my brother is looking for you, can I take you to him?”

“Depends, who’s your brother?” Dean took a step back crossing his arms.

“Castiel.” You smiled brightly.

“No, I’m definitely not going to go see him, and you can take your pearly wings out the door.” He told you turning to go back to the pool table.

“No wait please…” You grabbed his arm. He reacted quickly turning you in a quick circle pinning you to the nearby support pole. You cringed as he crushed your arm to your back.

“Why should I?” He whispered into your ear.

“He said you were his friend…He cares about you and wanted to find you. He’s just not himself…” You looked back at him, “Please, I think he might need your help.”

Dean looked at her and let her go smirking, “Sorry about that…You know strangers, never can be too careful.”

You rubbed your arm, “Oh no I’m sorry, I’m not really sure of what’s right and wrong. I’m not really a human watching angel.”

“No? If you don’t watch over humans, what do you watch?” He moved closer to you.

“Uh planets…I make sure they stay in place, no life sprouts up on them.” You told him as he stared blankly at you, “It’s a lot more than it sounds.”

“Oh I’m sure…but listen, I’m still not going to go see Cas…unless…” He watched you perk up and smiled inwardly.

“Unless what? Please I will do anything…” You stepped really close to him, “Please, I really don’t want to let my brother down.”

“I have an experiment that I need to do, it involves an angel…It’s been hard tracking one down because of my…condition.” His eyes went black. He smirked when a small gasp escaped your mouth, “I take it dear Cas didn’t tell you.”

You shook your head stepping back as his eyes went normal, “No…he didn’t. But he still needs to see you.”

“I’m sure he does…will you help me?” He stepped with you giving you no space to escape.

Your heart was pounding so fast against your chest. You had heard stories about demons. They were cruel creatures with nasty intentions, but looking at Dean you couldn’t see that. His smile was alluring and if he was friends with Castiel, “Fine…yes. I’ll help you.”

That alluring smile became darker, “Wonderful…wait here for a minute.”

You pulled your sweater around you tightly as you watched him walk over toward the bar. He reached behind it grabbing a bottle of whiskey and promptly returned to you, “Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” His arm slinked around your waist again, the same hot feeling rushed to your face.

“Some place more private…for the experiment. We don’t need any interruptions.” He rattled off leading you outside. The cool wind was refreshing as they walked across the parking lot to the motel.

He opened the door for you letting you into the badly decorated room, “Take a seat and we’ll get started.”

You looked at him before sitting at the table, “What exactly are we doing?”

“Oh it’s perfectly safe. My brother’s done this before and he’s perfectly healthy.” He poured two glasses of whiskey.

It made you feel a little better, “Which is?”

He handed the glass to you, “I want to see what demon blood does to an angel.”

He laughed not being able to tell if your disgusted reaction was to the statement or the whiskey. You looked at him, “Why?”

“I saw what it did to my brother…I like what it’s doing to me.” He leaned down to you grabbing the arms of the chair trapping you there, “I want to know what it does to something that’s supposedly ‘good’.”

“I…I don’t think…”

“You want me to go see Cas right?” Your eyes quickly shifted to his and nodded slowly. He smiled, it was the first time you noticed that very little light shown in his eyes at all. He leaned in and kissed you gently.

Your heart felt like your wings when you watched a supernova on the horizon. Colors exploding, sending out shock waves expanding the life in universe. You shut your eyes when he pulled away and whispered, “You taste like vanilla…”

“I don’t know what that tastes like.” He chuckled brushing your hair behind your ear. This was going to be much easier then he thought.

“I’m sure I can change that…first…” he pulled out a knife and cut his arm. Crimson droplets dropped onto her creamy colored pants staining them, “Let’s get started.”

Your stomach twisted staring at the vein and glanced at him, “I…”

“It’s okay…I’m right here…I won’t hurt you.” He smiled watching you take his arm, “Once we’re done we’ll go see Cas.”

You brought his arm to your mouth. You gagged almost instantly and felt his hand on the back of your head, “Breathe through your nose.”

You tried but it wasn’t helping. It felt wrong, like poison. You struggled to pull his arm away. He easily held you still for a while longer making you choke it down. Finally he let you go.

He watched writhe on the floor, dry heaving. Tears slipped down your face. You felt on fire and frozen all at once, “Make it stop…please…”

“Oh honey we’re just getting started.” He told you helping you up to the bed, “This was just round one.”

Sexy Little Thangs

A/N: This is seriously just a fic that is all over the place, I combined several ideas into one. Also, I tried to make this not so angsty, considering that is what I normally like to write.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Summary: You and the boys go on a case…for strippers, a shape shifter is murdering show girls at the club, you go undercover at the club while looking out for the killer, but what will happen when Dean starts to realize his feelings for you?

Warnings: Strip clubs(not too detailed though), little itty bit of angst, strippers, tiny costumes, murder, violence, guns,

Word Count: 2,726

Tags are at the bottom

Feedback is accepted with much joy!<3

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nightwriter2007  asked:

Dean and Cas are chained together. And this time, there's no hiding from each other.

Thanks for the prompt <3 Here you go! It came out a little long than I anticipated.

AO3 link

“And that is why it’s not a good idea to root around these boxes without proper precautions.” Sam lectures, his arms crossed and trying (but failing spectacularly) to look stern.

Beside him, Cas shifts uncomfortably, pulling at the handcuff attached a little too tightly to his wrist.

“Shut up and help us get these off.” Dean says, fidgeting with the other end. The cuff was cool against his skin.

“What happened exactly?” Sam asks, finally stopping with his little lecture and taking a better look at the box Dean and Cas had found the handcuffs in.

“Dean was complaining about how dusty and disorganized this room was, so I was helping him sort it out. The boxes were piled together in an unstable manner and this one fell down and broke open before we could stop it.” Cas says, examining the cuff carefully.

“And both of you… just decided to put this on and see?” Sam asks them, raising his eyebrows.

“Of course not! We reached for it at the same time and it just—clicked together.” Dean protests.

Sam looks unconvinced.

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Prompt: An eccentric food critic who reviews a shitty restaurant with “If it isn’t for that cute waiter I gave my number to, I’d say we should demolish this place” AU
G | fluff, food-related!AU | 1.3k
Read on AO3


Dean looks up from his iPad to see a disgruntled Sam coming with a paper in his hand and a deep frown in his face.

“Heya, Sammy. What’s gotten your thong in a twist?” Dean greets. Sam looks utterly unimpressed.

“Dean, I can’t believe this. I know you and common sense aren’t exactly in the best term, but I can’t believe you can do this,” Sam grumbles.

Dean throws his hand up in mock surrender. “What did I do?” he asks, trying his best to look genuinely surprised. From the bitch face Sam is sending toward him, he doesn’t seem to be doing too well.

“Read this,” Sam commands, shoving the newspaper to Dean’s hands.

Green eyes immediately follow the direction of Sam’s finger. “It’s my review. So?”

“So? So?” Sam seethes, and Dean cringes a little.

“Yeah, that was the review for the restaurant we visited last week, right? What’s the name, uh … Goat de Lemur?”

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