Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate this piece of art ?. Literally the best Pv they have resleased this year!

It has everything fans have been asking for:
☆Fair distribution of lines.
☆Fair camera time and face shoots.
☆Good choreography, sexy, cool and energetic.
☆Amazing lyrics.
☆Super catchy tune.
☆Good edition and visual effects.

LIKE OMG. This is the MM I love ♡ it’s not golden or platinum era, is their own new era. They’re evolving with time and is refreshing ♡

I found heaven; between the pauses of his sleepy voice at 1 AM, when our voices are begging us to sleep and when he sang to me lullabies and when his laugh travel down my spine. I found hell in the morning. He’s only ever mine when his other girls are asleep. I found hell in his wandering eyes in other girls’ lips, neck, eyes. I found hell in boundaries, I found hell in convincing myself he never love me.

Loving him was entering ghost house; adrenaline rush and silent scream. I came in prepared my heart to break, bend, and bleed. The demons are starting to appear now and I had to left before they got the chance to haunt me. I found heaven in loving him. I found hell in having to leave first.

—  owlandowly // i lost count how many poetry i wrote for you

161107 - I’m not the only one (Sam Smith cover)