This is Circus

He‘s a 5 month old orange tabby with green eyes and the pinkest nose on the planet. And he needs a home.

I took Circus in as a stray in November. He was under-weight and had a couple scrapes around his chin. I considered keeping him, but with 4 other cats in the apartment already, you understand why that’s an issue. Now that he’s fattened up and healthy, he needs his forever home. I’m looking for someone in the Los Angeles area who would take him and love him as much as I do.

He is:                                        He is not:
♥ Up to date with shots               ◘ Good with older cats/dogs
♥ Neutered                                 ◘ Good with children
♥ Energetic/Playful                     ◘ An outdoor cat
♥ A huge cuddler                        ◘ Aggressive
♥ Very talkative
Litter box trained
Handsome as hell

Circus is just a small ball of energy who loves to play with you or cats his age. When not playing, he’s curled up tightly against your side or waiting by the door for you to get home. He really likes salmon. He’s certainly a one man cat, and would do best in a home with 1 or 2 people he can devote himself to fully.

If you are/know someone who is interested in adopting him
, please reach me at

tailoringspy  asked:

okay imagine Bruce with a service dog. it actually doesn't have to be a service dog, but a dog that has that same calming personality. and he takes the dog everywhere and whenever he starts to get upset or agitated he just pets his dog and immediately calms down. i can totally see him adopting like 10 dogs

yes please oh gosh YES i love the idea of ANY of the avengers with dogs but bruuuuuuce just imagine him having this gigantic cuddlebug of a dog that slobbers everywhere and thinks it’s a lap dog and he’s bruce’s of course but everyone fucking LOVES this dog and there are sometimes fights over who gets to take him on a walk

even when bruce does hulk out, the damn dog has no fear and hulk loves him more than anything else and will just sit there running a finger along the dogs back and scratching him between the ears

tony swears to god that hulk actually outright LAUGHED the first time the dog licked hulk’s face but no one believes him