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Artie, does it concern you that they seem to be bringing out these episodes in such a hurry? I'm afraid that they're trying to just hurry the show up so it can end :( My friend brought this up, and I kinda believe it now. The show is only renewed to the fifth season, and I'm scared they won't go farther than that.

no, it doesn’t. When a channel is trying to burn off a series, they shove it on a low ratings day at a bad time, they don’t have a big, fully advertised event where the show is placed daily, in primetime, with a bunch of special themed rerun blocks throughout the week as well. CN is giving SU a lot of attention and a lot of focus, and that just isn’t what you do with a series you’re trying to get rid of

CN has merchandise deals for this show going into 2018, they have no interest in burning off all the episodes before then, anyway (if the show isn’t on, there’s not much market for its merchandise!)

Regarding season orders - shows can only have episode orders so far in advance, because each season needs to be budgeted before they’re ordered. Just because there’s only 5 seasons ordered now (we’re on season 3) doesn’t mean they won’t order more once they’re almost done with season 5′s production. That’s just how it works with TV show productions

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of course maya is upset and confused like wtf, her entire mindset was literally put in reverse to her 12-13 year old self because she was supposably becoming Riley it's not like she grew up or anything! I forgot you're supposed to stay the same your whole life 🙄😑. Crazy how people think she's okay after ski lodge..... *inserts the gif of "honey you've got a big storm coming"*


But! You can never truly go all the way back to who you were. While the regression is painful to watch, Maya’s absolutely going to re-grow. It’s gonna be okay in the long run, it’s just hard to watch now.

I get the sense that these post-Ski Lodge/I Do episodes where Riley seems to have been regressed maturity-wise in a big way will be cringey and painful to watch too. But, like Maya, she’ll also grow back.

(And that’s to say nothing of Lucas going back to being a painfully bland slice of Wonderbread, eesh.)

But it’ll all turn out okay in the end.


“Sneakiness and surprises”

(Read left to right)

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (WWE) with some random security dudes that don’t even look like the ones that were standing guard, but then again, maybe they were relieved from their duties : P

So yeah, did this one back in 2014 right after the September 22 episode of RAW. And looking at it now, I figured, it still kinda works C: did some minor editing but it’s the original anyway. If I may say so myself, I have some really funny remarks in there x’DDD

I hope one’s able to read the text :S

Can also be seen on my dA


I’m officially ready to start recording Episode 6. Just finished laying out all the audio for it in Adobe Premiere. It’s going to be between 10 and 15 minutes when done, it looks like. Have I mentioned this is one of my favourite episodes? Anyway, I want you guys to amuse me while I work on it.

First there is Ask Super Llama Man a question and now I want to know who you ship our latex llama superhero with. You can VOTE HERE. There is even a spot to write in your own answer if you don’t like any of the choices you are given.

  • The Spring Festival Bunny - Super Llama Man rescued him from The Crimson Shadow. The Bunny is forever grateful…
  • Gothic Butterfly - Super villain who is obsessed with Super Llama Man to the point of having her own shrine to him in her bedroom (this shrine will be seen in a later episode)
  • Cora - Super Llama Man’s web designer who flirts with him every chance she gets and is forever trying to get him to date her.
  • Ruby Marsh - Journalist and news personality. Could be considered an “informant” on the goings on in Newcrest and surrounding areas.

This madness of mine will continue through the weekend.

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For further explanation: while they understand their perspective is literally white and male, they still speak on authority of why minorities shouldn't be so offended these days. Dan goes on a speech about how "more people are easily offended (esp minorities)" when in fact, the truth is the same stuff has been happening to us, we just now have a place to voice our hurt and offense. The real change is "I can no longer say whatever I want w/o consequences" and his whole speech screams this lowkey

Now, I’m going to preface this with I am a 32 year old Black female with, coming on 11 years in the Air Force.

There is not a lot that offends me, and I was not offended by yesterday’s or today’s Mario Maker.  

The talks about stereotypes and what offends people was pretty generalized and I found them to be interesting conversations, especially today’s episode. 

Also, I didn’t take those conversations as how you put it, but I can see how it can be looked that way.  There is a lot of different thinking out there, and I keep my mouth shut about a lot of things, because my thinking doesn’t line up with others sometimes.

Please don’t misunderstand what I did, buying those Skype calls. 

I talked to Arin about one of the few things that really offends me and that is the N-bomb.  The origin, history and use of that word really bothered me and I couldn’t move past it.

I didn’t go into anything else, because what offends me and what offends others may be different.  

I gave Arin a line, and said to stay away from that word.  If that was not enough for you or anyone else, I’m sorry, but my initial reason for talking to him was so I could maybe get them to stop, therefore letting me move on and watch again.

I just really want Amethyst to sing.

She only got to sing a little bit in On the Run and just barely in Peace and Love..
And Tower of Mistakes was really ehhhhhh

I just want her to have her own good song why can’t she have that???????

Or just having more Amethyst-centric episodes would be cool, it’s been a while since we’ve had one of those.

So now that the episodes have aired I can talk about them.


…And I also enjoyed the second episode.


I’m EXTREMELY excited about this, but I’m now LPing SMT IV! This will be a bit different then my usual LP’s as I’ll try and be as informative as possible while still trying my best to make you laugh. This is one of my favorite games of all time, and now that I have a 3ds capture card I can do a direct feed LP of it! I’m going to try and get the whole series done before the release of apocalypse, which means episodes will go up every day or two( hopefully). It’d really mean a lot if you gave it a watch and shared with me any feedback you had, as this is a game I’m really passionate about and I want to do well by other fans :)

Also I need to give huge thanks to @electro-plankton for making the 3ds layout~

I think I know the secret to healing the corrupted gems???

Okay in the episode garnet mentions that the gem’s MIND has been damaged, which is why steven’s powers can only partially heal them.

Now at first this episode seems a little out of place with the others we’ve had. Most of the recent episodes have been pretty lighthearted episodes focusing entirely on the residents of beach city, so suddenly having a heavy episode focusing on gem mysteries and lore seems a little weird at first, but then i realized something: a lot of the episodes focus on two things:

1.) Steven’s ability to heal and cope with emotional pain and conflict (he heals the relationship between pearl and greg, helps kifi and fryman get along again and end their war, helps kiki stand up to her sister and heal her stress, helps lars realize how he is more likeable when he is nice)

and more importantly

2.) Steven’s ability to enter the minds of others.

I think the second ability supplemented by the first is the key to healing the corrupted gems. He can enter their minds to help them work through their trauma and heal them from the inside.

We’ve already seen the beginnings of this in the series. Steven was able to enter the mind of Malachite to talk to lapis and jasper individually, but wasn’t able to do much as his powers were still developing at this point. More recently, steven was able to enter the collective mind of the cluster and bring it to peace, calming the individual shards.

It comes back to what I think rose’s plan was for steven in the first place, and what “Love like You” is actually about: steven is capable of empathy in a way rose just isn’t. In the series, rose is portrayed as very kind, caring and compassionate but she also is shown completely disregarding the feelings of others quite often. Perhaps rose knew that this empathy was the key to helping the gems finally heal, which is why she chose to give birth to steven.

After reading through Girl Meets Ski lodge episode scripts
  • Peyton:Sab...
  • Sabrina:I know.
  • Rowan runs in
  • Rowan:GUYS!
  • Peybrina:we know...
  • Corey runs in
  • Corey:Guys!
  • Rowan:They know...
  • Peyton:okay all I have to do is look at you or even glance at you and people will still see that Lucaya still exist.
  • Sabrina:okay me too. Every now and then we'll catch each other's eye.
  • Rowan:okay okay and I'll look at Corey every now and then too. Because I can't believe Riarkle isn't real yet.
  • Corey:Same, like I go on tumblr, even they convinced me that Riley and Farkle have this undeniable connection.
  • Peyton:sounds like we have a master plan at works.
  • Sabrina:we do.
SDCC Trailer Breakdown

I’m sure other people have already gotten to a lot of this, but there’s so much out there right now that I thought it would be helpful to have it all in one place. Below the cut, I’ll break down the scenes in the trailer and discuss locations, characters, costumes, episodes, etc. and what those tell us about each other. In some cases that isn’t much, but we do what we can. My main goal is to just tie what we see in the trailer to what we know from setlock, not to speculate on the plot/what it possibly means in the larger context of the show. It’s meant more as a resource for that kind of speculation, rather than being a source of it. That doesn’t mean that what’s below isn’t potentially spoilery, however, so if you’re looking to avoid that, you’d be better off not reading this.

(Fair warning that this post is very picture heavy and very long, which is why it’s under a cut.)

Keep reading

Honestly, it was a very smart decision to make Mr. Greg a musical episode. Musicals can get away with a lot of things, and they save a lot of time; through the songs, you get to know, concisely, how the character is feeling, and what are they thinking, without having to make them talk to someone about it.

Musicals can get away with a tremendous amount of exposition without making it look awkward, can make the emotional moments hit without wasting too much time, and can establish an entire character in less than 2 minutes. It’s brilliant.

Now, take Pearl’s solo, for instance. She didn’t want to talk about these things with anyone, but it would also be odd to just have her monologuing all of it to herself. A musical is the perfect solution.


BTS BON VOYAGE EP. 4 - BTS’s Lucky Day

Please do not reupload. :)



Google Drive


The rest of the episodes can be found at

ps. all of my vids for BV has been removed from Daily by Naver even when it’s on private, so I will have to resort to openload for now. My apologies~

rewatching the panel now (and you can too! Here: I’ll do an overview posts but I don’t want to hold off sharing some cool stuff:

  • Ian said: New episodes all the way through August 12th, and then after that stuffs just gonna keep coming in the fall. They have boatloads of episodes, so don’t worry they’re not going to run out
  • Rebecca plugs the children’s book of The Answer, coming out September 6th. They flipped through it real quick so we got some sneak peek of pages. Kinda hard to see on the stream, but still cool!
  • Ian teases that The Answer book might be the perfect side dish to some episodes coming up “maybe we’ll have like a family special in there where we, like, reveal a couple new characters that haven’t been seen” and “probably another Stevenbomb” coming up

Quick crack theory about the bomb behind the purple curtain and the rest of season 3 (because who doesn’t like a good crack theory now and again?).

Okay, so when the bomb is first shown it has 20 seconds remaining on it’s timer, currently from what we know, season 3 has 21 episodes, so if the bomb explodes is 20 seconds, can we expect something major to happen in episode 20 and then have episode 21 being about what happens afterwards? Maybe. (I’d be willing to guess that Riley and Lucas break up, but that’s just me…) 

Digging a bit deeper into this idea, the next time we can clearly see the timer is when it says 12. Girl meets Ski Lodge 1 is the 8th episode of season 3, add 12 more episodes (or seconds), and well, you end up with the bomb exploding in episode 20, and even if the season gets extended, maybe we can expect something big in episode 20 and the rest of the season will be spent dealing with that.

Riley even says, “In five seconds your world will end and mine will begin.” What was episode 5 of season 3? Girl meets Triangle where this whole Maya became Riley idea first introduced. We were able to see just how much Maya had grown in the beginning of season 3 and then starting in episode 5 the light and dark dichotomy as well as the BMW parallels were brought back in and started to crack down on everyone (remember Triangle is the episode with the jellybean scene).

Finally the 2 second mark after Riley laughs her “evil laugh” and Maya tells Lucas, “hey smile at me exactly the same,” it took exactly 2 episodes from Triangle to get to Ski Lodge 1, in which we saw Riley pushing Maya back into her own box and getting the old Maya back (more or less). In regards to the “hey smile at me exactly the same,” well this is the episode where the triangle (that’s not a triangle) comes back into play and it is a two part arc. 

This is probably far too much analysis about the bomb behind the purple curtain, but it is funny and interesting to think about. :) 

All I can think of right now is an alternative GM Ski Lodge episode, where Riley tries to have romantic moments with Lucas, but all he is focused on is Maya and Josh’s progressive relationship. And then Riley becoming sad when she realizes that it wasn’t her who Lucas picked, it was Maya. Riley talking to Farkle, which leads to a unexpected kiss, that makes Farkle question his love for Smackle.

When I saw the titel of the next Steven Universe episode I HAD TO DRAW IT !!