it is just horrible how misogynistic instagram behaves. there is this german pick up artist who posts fat shaming and sexist pictures. he says it’s okay to choke women to force them to have sex. me and my friends reported him on instagram but nothing happens. nothing. instead of deleting his profile, they are deleting pictures of women showing their period or pictures where you can see womens body hair with the explanation that these pictures are against their user-guidelines. to fight against patriarchy and sexism we need to stop people like him, we all should report him:

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Can i have a ship? Hey, im taylor and I am 4'9. I love to sing and have fun but I can be shy and akaward. The profile pic is me. How has your day been?? I wanna know!😄

Hi sorry this is so late I had my midterms today then I had to drive home it was kinda crazy but now I’m on spring break so its cool!

Ship: Luke because he can be really shy too and I could see you guys being all shy and weird together

Picture of ship:

ship from another band: Pete Wentz

compliment: I’m only 5′1 so go short people!

random song: Something Big-Shawn Mendes

The city is amazing, but when you come back to nature, you can breathe fresh air, you are free, was lucky enough to visit the National Park of Springbrook, with Keith, he is a fabulous Guide and now friend of @southerncross4wdtours , he’s told me the history of the area.
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I’ve settled with ESTJ for China.

Now the real question is, is England an ENTJ, or an INTP?

He really does seem like an INTP to me.  Reading his personality profile, he comes across as a stereotypical INTP. 

The inferior Fe appears to be strong in this one.  I can see the Ti and Si quite plainly too… The only issue is that I can’t see where the Ne comes in.

It’s possible that he’s stuck in some Ti-Si loop.  That’s my current theory, at least.  I don’t know, I’ll look into this and then do something once I have a better idea.

Whats going on #RodeoChat Fans? I have been getting tons of messgaes asking if I can start the Enteries for our Bull Rider Profile series a little bit earlier. Your wish is my command!! Bull Riders, now is your time to shine! Send us a DM to see how you can have your Bull Rider Profile featured on #RodeoChat!

By the way; the bull rider in the background is Lleiton Purdie and he is from NSW Australia. Lleiton, is sponsored by Rocktape Australia, and they’ve been a big part of his riding and have helped him out a lot. Anyone that has muscle or joint problems like pain or anything look into rock tape you won’t go back. Stay tuned for more info about this flashy bull rider! Lleiton, will be featured on our Bull Rider Profile series THIS Thursday!