Assumptions - Shawn Mendes

Request: Can you make a Shawn imagine where he gets jealous because he thinks theres something going on with y/n and Nash?!

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“Nash!” I shout, running through the crowded room.

“Y/n!” He yells back, throwing his arms out, inviting me in. I run into his arms as he twirls me around. “It’s been forever! How have you been? You look well.” I smile as I let go of him.

“I’ve been really good! I got to see some family last week which was fun! But otherwise it’s same old, same old. What about you? How’s acting going?” Nash’s face lights up.

“Y/n, it’s what I was born to do. I can just feel it. Everything feels so right now, I feel like I finally found where I belong. It’s just,” he runs his hand through his hair, letting out a soft sigh. “I’m finally doing something I love.” I embrace him into me again.

“I’m so proud of you.” I murmur into his chest. Nash lets out of throaty laugh.

“My, my. Would that be Shawn Mendes, right in front of my eyes?” Nash jokes, shaking Shawn’s hand as he gets closer.

“The one and only.” He laughs, wrapping his arm around my waist protectively. And it begins. I sigh to myself. “So Nash, y/n and I’s anniversary is coming up soon. We are going to be having a small party. Do you want to come?” Nash shoves his hands into his pockets and throws me a small smile.

“Of course, just text me the details and hopefully I’ve got nothing on.” He looks into the distance before throwing a wave in the air, clearly seeing someone he knows. “Um, I just saw Gilinsky and Johnson arrive so I’m going to go say hi, I’ll see you two around.” Nash quickly walks off, causing me to roll my eyes, I already know what Shawn is going to say.

“Y/n, care to explain what just happened?” Shawn asked, clenching his jaw.

“I would love too, Nash and I just saw each other for the first time in six months and we were catching each other up with what has been happening in each other’s lives and then you,” I pointed my finger in his direction, “Walked over, opened you’re mouth and acted like a complete ass!” I yell, but no-one but Shawn could hear me.

“And how is inviting Nash to our party making me an ass?” Shawn replies, getting angry.

“You dragged out the word anniversary, like you’re reminding him that we’re dating.” I take a deep breath. “We’ve known Nash for three years now, and we,” I point between Shawn and I. “Have been dating for almost two. Nash knows we are dating, so you don’t have to keep reminding him about it.”

“Well maybe if you didn’t cling to him like he just saved your life then maybe I wouldn’t have to say it.”

“Oh give it a break Shawn.”

“Is there something going on?” Shawn looks over at Nash and back at me. “Between you guys? Do you need to tell me something?” I roll my eyes and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Shawn, I am not dating Nash, for the past one year and eleven months I have been madly in love with you and only you. Please don’t forget that, I will never, never in a million years, leave you for your best friend.”

“I feel so dumb, I have a bad habit of assuming things. Honestly, let’s just forget this stupid argument ever happened.”

“What argument?” I wink, pulling his hand over to the dance floor.

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I can’t explain how much I love this kid.