Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell (previously featured here) made an adorable Gizmo caramel pecan turtle cake only to learn the hard way that even cakes shaped like Mogwai shouldn’t be allowed to eat after midnight. After that fateful snack The next thing she knew after that fateful snack, vicious Stripe (in the form of a wheat gras and walnut carrot cake) and his fellow gremlin minions were terrorizing her kitchen. Thank goodness Gizmo is good with a pretzel bow and flaming marshmallow-tipped arrows.

Head over to McConnell’s Gremlins cake album for a few more photos.

To check out more of her awesome creations and beautifully staged photos visit Christine McConnell’s website or follow her Instagram feed.

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]


Words can’t explain how amazing this woman is. She changed my life.
I can’t believe she has already 29. I follow her from 2004 and now, in these moments i realize how much a part of my life she is. My idol forever and ever! Prouf of her of all that she has done and above all her strenght and her being an artist in everything. PROUD TO BE YOUR FAN @LINDSAYLOHAN*____* !!

We wish you all the happiness in the world!
Your smile means everything to me, happy birthday queen. You’re my air.