AU!Reverse : Chapter 1  Minnow

Warning: Comic contains sexual harassment in the first part, bullying and harassment throughout. School life, drama, tragedy, romance, etc. 

Summary: a cynical but smart bully with a backstory picks on a fairly smart, robotics loving kid while they both endure the pressures and hardships of school life. eventually discovering more about the other, they begin to come to terms with, and understand, themselves and their identities through one another. both learn, grow, and develop along the way~~~~ 


a/n: my arms have fallen off

thanks for being so supportive! ~~ c2ndy2c1d owns nat haha~

part 1

part 2

Huge thanks to Acid for letting me borrow her assassin outfits! Took me a couple of …days? WEEKS?! I don’t know anymore…

Also, since there’s no coloured version of Nat (or is there?), I had to improvise and took the colours of his regular outfit. I hope you don’t mind, Acid.


Assassin AU outfits and Nat belong to c2ndy2c1d

So I’m not a huge shipper, but I absolutely love c2ndy2c1d's art and comics. They have a super charming and fun style and DANG they get shit done fast.

I’ve been wanting to draw this dude for a long time now, and I finally had a bit of free time to do so. Nat Kedd Goldberg AKA: The Ship Cap’m. Also a lot of this is just shamelessly stuff I enjoy like boys wearing glasses and sweater vests. Forgive me. I have a weakness.

Hope you dig!