So I’m not a huge shipper, but I absolutely love c2ndy2c1d’s art and comics. They have a super charming and fun style and DANG they get shit done fast.

I’ve been wanting to draw this dude for a long time now, and I finally had a bit of free time to do so. Nat Kedd Goldberg AKA: The Ship Cap’m. Also a lot of this is just shamelessly stuff I enjoy like boys wearing glasses and sweater vests. Forgive me. I have a weakness.

Hope you dig!


(。´ ‿`♡) “ You’ve been trapped wrapped ! “  Perry the platypus and doofenshmirtz.

+ human Perry (design by C2nd2c1d )


//Human perry is HoT HoThOt ! BLEh.i can’t even.// c2nd2c1d. you’re too awesome. 

I wanted to draw again perry and doofenshmirtz. I tried once. it was awful… But then i saw again fan artworks of them and i couldn’t help myself…Plus i’m watching everyday Phineas and ferb.HoHooHO I love summer holidays so badly. jeez ;u;