Girl Crow

A Wattpad request loosely inspired by Disney’s “Mulan”. I do not own Jon or Ser Alliser. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: Pretending to be a man (if that’s a warning), slight angst. It’s a bit long

Pairings: Jon Snow x fem!reader, Ser Alliser

Originally posted by kitsn0w

*Y/B/N = your brother’s name

You felt your throat tighten as the Lord Commander’s dark eyes scanned your face. You did your best to keep your expression neutral but your heart was pounding in your chest. What if he noticed that you weren’t who you claimed to be? Or rather what you claimed to be.

               After your mother died, your grandfather insisted that your bastard brother be sent to the Wall. You had protested just as hard as your brother had, but in the end, your grandfather’s word was law. Your brother was a timid thing, apt to attacks of nerves when feeling pressured. He wouldn’t survive at the Wall and you both knew it. Then, you had an idea. It was mad, but you knew you just had to do it.

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