Cómo entrenar a tu dragón 2

hiccup and toothless


Hey guys!! I’m back!

How to train your dragon 2 has been released today here in Spain,so i’m gonna see it with my friend nayademarina tonight. I’m sooo excited!! Finally!

I’m gonna use this gif because is the best wich describes my feelings right now

I’m gonna cry with this movie ,right?

Said this,i want to show you all my httyd2-premiere-clothes. Hope you like it!

PS:Also,the idea of the pigtail isn’t mime,i saw it a long time ago here in tumblr. If the idea is yours or you know who’s the idea,please send me a message and i’ll credit it! 

After the movie i’ll post something with my feelings and all that stuff,‘cause i know i’m gonna be very emotional after this movie..

Wish me luck!