Bytes of China

“He brought this box with him from China to Taiwan when the Communists came in 1949, and then later to the U.S. with just a few belongings. When he came down with cancer, I was too absorbed in my new job and life in New York City to understand that even superheroes are mortal. I never took my grandfather around the world, so now I carry his box with me everywhere I go.”

Tricia Wang was photographed in New York City on July 28th. You can view her writing.
(2) China: What kind of common sense do people who live in China lack? - Quora
Chen Shuting gave an amazing answer, which is TRUST. His/her analysis is quite reasonable and full of insight. And I still have some question. Let’s presume Chen is right and Chinese people do lack of trust. What generally happens is that when people are lack of something, we would try to seek for something to make up for it. So how was this “lack of trust” formed in the first place? What did Chinese people do to find their “TRUST”? What do we trust now? Did this “lack of trust” generated something new in our society?