[Crack] How the suitors react when they are told that a new suitor’s coming

This popped into my head when I found out about this before and I’m writing it out because why not?

Not putting it as a chat because I can’t put it under a read more if I do and this is pretty long. It’s also not serious at all. Alcohol mention warning :D

Suitors: *are gathered together in Wysteria completely confused*

MC: *walks in all swishy-hips and smug*

MC: So you’re all wondering why I’ve gathered you here today, right?

The King: *walks in*

Suitors: *Le gasp*

The King: ‘Sup?

MC: *smirk smirk* Basically, I’m going to break the fourth wall.

MC: *pulls out bottles of alcohol and shot glasses from nowhere* You’ll be needing these.

Sid: *takes a shot straight away*

MC: Are you all ready for this?

Suitors: *afraid* *suspicious* *untrusting* *worried* *confused*

MC: Good! Basically….

MC: *strikes a pose*

MC: … there’s a new character coming soon.

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Howard pitched [Zootopia] to Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter five years ago, on the hopes of working on a movie like one of his favorites, the 1973 Disney animated version of ‘Robin Hood,’ but using the tools of modern computer animation.

“[Lasseter] said, ‘I will fully support any movie that has animals running around in tiny clothes,’ Howard said. ‘He hugged me and picked me up and carried me around. He was very enthusiastic.’

'Zootopia' directors talk sequel, TV potential

“With the box office-busting Disney film set for home entertainment release on June 7, the most pressing question surrounding Zootopia — which opened on March 4 and has since grossed a whopping $993 million worldwide — is what comes next.

‘The fan response is a huge help for that kind of thing,’ says co-director Byron Howard, who says he and co-director Rich Moore were overwhelmed by audience reactions to the grown-up kid caper. 'I think we all loved the world so much and got so attached to the characters, that we actually got a little sad when the film finally came out [because] we felt like, ‘Well, we’re kind of done with it.’ And it’s nice that there’s this potential for it to get bigger.’

No plans have been announced as of yet, but if its studio predecessors are any indication, Zootopia stands to take a few leaps following its theatrical run.

'We cut a lot out during the making of the film,’ says Howard. 'We introduced districts that we talked about that couldn’t fit in, other characters that we eliminated from the movie. There’s a vast potential for this world, so I’d love to see something more come from it.'”


Learn how to draw Judy Hopps with Zootopia director Byron Howard!

See how his ear “reacts” when she starts to talks to him?
Those details are awesome
I love the animation design so like in every scene I stared at how the characters move XD

Sorry for any misspelling xD

This single picture shows why Zootopia will be different from every other Disney animal centered movie, scratch that, every animal movie period: these characters are a fantasy depiction of animals if they evolved with contemporary human socialisation. Notice how Judy’s paws instinctively pair and point down? have you also noticed that her legs are ready to pounce? This level of intricacy with making the Zootopian animals believable is beautiful. The Disney animators didn’t have to go through this much effort but they did anyway. Moana fans: give Zootopia a chance. Both movies are made by the same studio so it’s only fair you place them on equal merit.