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‘Zootopia 2’ Movie Sequel: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps ‘Romance’ Confirmed In 2017? Golden Globes Interview With Directors Byron Howard And Rich Moore [Video]
A Zootopia 2 interview and the 2017 Golden Globes has Byron Howard and Rich Moore discussing Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps… and romance.

Howard pitched [Zootopia] to Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter five years ago, on the hopes of working on a movie like one of his favorites, the 1973 Disney animated version of ‘Robin Hood,’ but using the tools of modern computer animation.

“[Lasseter] said, ‘I will fully support any movie that has animals running around in tiny clothes,’ Howard said. ‘He hugged me and picked me up and carried me around. He was very enthusiastic.’

See how his ear “reacts” when she starts to talk to him?
Those details are awesome
I love the animation design so like in every scene I stared at how the characters move XD

Sorry for any misspelling xD


Learn how to draw Judy Hopps with Zootopia director Byron Howard!

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Rapunzel and Eugene's age difference? They get married 3 years later, I think??? By this time Eugene is probably 29 or 30 while Rapunzel is in her early 20s.

Eugene does not have a canon age. He is not canonically 26. That’s the going theory based on a comment about them using 26-year-old models when they were working on designing him, but Byron Howard himself said that he always thought of Eugene as 22-23. Maybe they’ll give him a canon age in the series.

But, even going with the theory that he’s 26, the age difference doesn’t bother me. They develop their relationship for years before they get married, and they are clearly a very healthy couple. The older you get, the less an age gap matters. Has anyone asked Arianna and Frederic what their age difference is? Arianna looks younger than him, to me (though it could be that stress and genetics aged him prematurely).

Both Rapunzel and Eugene are adults, and even though they met before she was technically eighteen, the romance began on her eighteenth birthday, so she has been an adult by modern American standards for the duration of their relationship.