Byron Howard
‘Zootopia 2’ Movie Sequel: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps ‘Romance’ Confirmed In 2017? Golden Globes Interview With Directors Byron Howard And Rich Moore [Video]
A Zootopia 2 interview and the 2017 Golden Globes has Byron Howard and Rich Moore discussing Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps… and romance.

So, the Eugene (I refuse to call him Flynn when he was a child) Animator Doll is available at my local Disney Store! He’s even cuter in person, and the art Byron Howard drew for his design is just precious! ♥

I hope we get an image release of these pictures without all the words in the way.

Morning Commute Thoughts
  • Me: In the concept art, Eugene is depicted with a bow several times. I wonder how that conversation went...
  • Tangled crew: How does he get up the tower the first time?
  • Byron Howard: What if he uses arrows as leverage to climb?
  • Tangled crew: Where does he get the arrows?
  • Byron Howard: He's an archer! (Heehee, I love Robin Hood!) Okay, artists! Sketch out some concepts!
  • Tangled crew: But, I mean, he really shouldn't be an archer...
  • Byron Howard: But, Robin Hood! I-I mean, how else would he get up the tower?
  • Tangled crew: Still arrows, but what if he picks up the crossbow bolts being shot at him as he escapes with the crown? I mean, a longbow is kind of bulky for a thief to carry around. And he's a cat burglar, not a highwayman.
  • Byron Howard: But... Robin Hood... *sigh* Fiiiiiiiiine.
  • Byron Howard: *grumbles* I'll just have to make a different movie with Robin Hood as the main character.
  • Later...:
  • Byron Howard: We should make Nick an archer!
  • Zootopia crew: Byron, no.