Look at these super gross drawings of “alive” dolls with no arms!!
Lines are drawn lazilly, background was made with some cheap brush tool (pff as if I’m not using cheap brush tools now haha but that one was way cheaper like you can make instant backgrounds with the patterns!), and the colors are just hdndjnduhusniej!!

When I saw these in my gallery I was all like “Damn JeeJee did you really made these,” but then again looking back at 2014 (the date is there), I realized that I’ve grown so much as an artist. Like “golly, what a huge difference”! It’s so fulfilling to see this kind of improvement, it gives me inspiration. They contain an important aspect in my growth and not to mention the memories! If there’s one thing that helped me with my poor memory, it’s my drawings! Heck, if my older drawings were still there and weren’t burned last 2010 I would still keep them!

However, that won’t stop there. I admit I still have a lot to learn, more tricks to discover, and more memories to make. So again, I decide to keep these gross drawings as a reminder to not give up.