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Yume100 English Wikia Important Notice

So as you can see on the picture,the yume100ouji wikia have been closed due to the reasons above.But worry not,we are currently working on a new wikia for yume100 ^^.

The new wikia is yume100prince .

But,before anything first,please read the User Conducts .

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Day 12 - Favourite NIN Performance

Nine Inch Nail’s “final” show in 2009 at the Wiltern Theatre is my all time favourite NIN show as I feel that everyone was on top form that night even though it was a smaller club show rather than a massive arena spectacular.

I adore everything about this show such as the lineup (it could have been better if Alessandro was there but there was something wrong with his visa if I am not mistaken which stopped him from performing), the special guests, the setlist, the atmosphere, the covers, the lighting, the stage banter and among all of the other things. I just love this show to death and if NIN truly waved goodbye that night, it would have been an all-time high to end on.

Bold as brass, the Orlesian chevalier stepped up and took his hand, and pressed it to her lips.

“I know your face as I know Hope’s own, Your Worship.”

@ourinquisitorialness Your gift to you, my friend! Thank you for hogging all my time with your amazing writing and general presence, and I did send you a message asking permission…only to realize you already made a whole post for your Inquisition with details for each character. >.>;;

Also I can’t seem to do Thalon’s beautiful hair justice; forgive me!


Thalon Lavellan belongs to the amazing lady mentioned above. YOU SHOULD ALL FOLLOW HER/CHECK HER BLOG OUT.

The woman in armor belongs to me. She has no name…yet.