Buzz McNabb

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AU where Percy and Grover co-own a (fake) psychic private detective agency and consult for the police--Chief Reyna, Head Detective/Detective team Annabeth Chase and Piper McLean. Jason is basically Buzz McNabb.

I like, I like. But have you also considered Detective Chase and Detective Le Rue dealing with Percy and Grover and the wonderful lines we could blatantly take from the show  get out of this. 

Annabeth: Who would want to kill Clarisse? 

Grover: Besides everyone she’s put in Prison?

Percy: Her ex-wife

Grover: The mailman


Percy: Collecting donations for the Police Ball?

Clarisse: We don’t have balls

Percy: I honestly don’t have a response to that

Also for your consideration: Clarisse’s ex Silena is killed after a crime boss she’s been giving information to sends a hitman by the name Drakon after her. Clarisse goes to Percy and for the first time in their relationship doesn’t make jokes or shots at Percy’s skills but looks in square in the eye and says “Help me find the bastard. I don’t care how, I don’t care what you do. Help me find him so I can kill him.” 

After a tense moment Percy nods and tells Clarisse “She deserved better. Lets find this guy.” 


Shawn: See, the thing is, I want to tell her that I like her.

Buzz: I kind of suspected.

Shawn: Yeah? It’s really more than like. Yeah, you know, so much has happened, and you always think there’s gonna be another opportunity, but sometimes there isn’t, and what I’ve realized, what I’ve realized is that I don’t want to wait anymore. I can’t wait. Not with this kind of stuff. You know?

Buzz: Holy crap, that was great.


favorite first season episode; 9 lives.

hello! does this even really need a reason? yes? okay. two words; boy cat. how ADORABLE was that? and gus being jealous? and everyone misjudging the “outcast emo” kid for being a freak, etc. i just loved this episode. and poor buzz! how could you not love him? him going to lassie for advice was adorable. there was very little about this episode that i didn’t love and in a show that produces numerous favorite episodes, this is one of the only seasons where i have a clear winner.