at the clothing distribution area at the refugee ministry today, we could only give each person with a registered ID 4 items. we only had a few blankets, so those were the first to go. a man came looking for a blanket for his baby and we didn’t have any left, and he was telling us that he really needs one and that he’s worried that his baby isn’t going to make it in the freezing temperatures, as they’re living in tents. several women tried to take 8-12 items because they had lots of kids. another woman was pregnant and needed newborn clothes, and we didn’t have any.

i know this is a long shot, but if you or anyone you know lives in ankara, turkey, and has the means of helping us with buying blankets and baby/children’s clothing, i would be eternally grateful. alternatively, if you don’t live here but still are able to help, here’s our information with the paypal button at the bottom. if you have any questions at all, i’d be happy to answer them. thank you so much.