Buying In

Ok listen rando person i don’t know, sending me multiple messages demanding a copy of No Way Out, a story I choose to no longer share for free in part due to years of obnoxious entitled behavior from people surrounding it… and then failing to take the hint of my ignoring your first few messages and sending me more messages berating me for ignoring you…

Let me spell it out for you since you’re not getting it.

No. You. Can’t. Have. It.

I have just discovered that my friend has an Xbox 360 that she does not use! And she’s willing to let me borrow it! Which means! I’ll soon be able! To play! Tales of Vesperia! :D


look at these beautiful navy boots I found today! I’m pretty sure it was meant to be: there were only 3 pairs left, two in smaller sizes and one pair in my size. they fit perfectly, are so comfortable, I feel so good in them and they’re perfect for autumn and winter. It must be fate! plus they were 25% off so in my budget, so mum convinced me to go for them ✨

I’m upset because there is a sale at Society6 and they have free shipping rn (which is a big deal for someone who lives in ye olde europe like yours truly) and i wanted to get a mug but for some fuckin reason it wont let me pay with paypal even though paypal i supposedly supported there but when i go to the cart it only lets me select “pay with credit card” which i do not have damnit

i think i know what i must do

since Handsome Jack has been my source of artspiration (art + inspiration) I just have to play BORDERLANDS AGAIN problem solved