Sometimes Comics get it right. 

In the midst of my ire at DC, and their need apparently to reinforce the “Good Old Boy” frat boy (in the worst way) mindset, it’s nice to have a comic that still makes me smile. That still has me counting down the days for it’s release. 

If you enjoy a good story and good art, I really can not Rec Captain America and Bucky a lot. 

I know a lot of you are DC fans and seem to enjoy the dynamics of the Teen Titans, and Nightwing and the Batfamily, etc, and if that’s the case I really think you would enjoy Bucky Barnes as a character and his friendship with Steve, and the dynamics of the invaders. 

And this is really a perfect place to jump in. We’re only three issues in, they’re just 2.99 each, and there is no easier place to learn who Bucky is, his history, his insecurities, his strengths, and weaknesses, and friends etc etc than this comic. 

There is just an amazing richness of character and possibilities and this comic is doing all the right things and exploring the character, and it is not delving to some mindless stereotypes of cheap thrills. 

And again, the art, OMG you can see how important people are in the looks and movement and little things. It’s amazing to see Brubaker hold back on his writing and let Chris show what the emotions are without need to dictate to us in a little box how much, for example, Bucky means to Steve. Look at the expression in the bottom page! That’s just…. awesome. 

This is an awesome comics, and even if Marvel is not your normal pick, you should really give this title a chance. 

Based on the caliber of comic so far, I can not WAIT to see Black Widow as character in this. I also really really wish I could pay this creative time to straight up write some Invader stories. 

Anyway included some scans that I thought would be of interest to people who are into these character :3