alright quick direct summary:

  • new RV villagers - these guys have furniture from hhd you can buy with MEOW coupons
  • MEOW coupons - a new feature allows you to earn these by doing basic tasks in-game - normal, routine gameplay you’d do anyway
  • can arrange furniture like in hhd
  • amiibo figures get you Cool Stuff
  • some non-ac amiibos are linked with new villagers - splatoon, loz, right now
  • can mute people on club tortimer

•Kisses on the nose

•Morning hugs

•Making each other coffee to wake up to

•Fighting over who gets to be the big spoon

•Alec always falls asleep in the middle of the afternoon cuddled up with chairmen meow (usually after missions) and Magnus thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

•Their anniversary is a calmer romantic evening. They usually stay in, Alec cooks a meal, and Magnus prepares the apartment.

•When there in public with no glamor, Alec gets really nervous and shy when people stare at them even if there just walking next to each other

•When Alec gets nervous Magnus drops everything and anything to make him feel better

•Magnus and Alec buying Chairmen meow little cute toys for Christmas

•They race chairmen meow against Church (someone please write this)

•Magnus pulls Alec into slow dancing around the apartment on stressful days, no music, just them

•Alec takes an interest to how Magnus does his magic and what kinds he does, and Magnus loves showing and teaching Alec about it even if he’s more or less just showing off

•When Alec comes back from the institute or a mission or a training session he always comes home saying “I’m home”, and Magnus no matter what he’s doing, even if he has a client, he sprints toward the door and pulls Alec into a kiss

•Magnus loves showing Alec off but respects his boundaries

•Magnus giving Alec comic books

•Magnus introducing Alec to Lady gaga
Magnus introducing Alec to cheesy movies

•Magnus showing Alec Legos

•After both of them leave during the day, chairmen meow lays on Alec’s sweaters

•Magnus wearing Alec’s sweaters when he’s on a long mission

•Sometimes when Magnus is on the phone having a frustrating conversation with a client Alec sits behind him on the couch and massages his back and shoulders

•Alec melts when Magnus calls him “darling”

•Alec never walks under umbrellas with Magnus when it rains and refuses to tell Magnus why

random malec headcanons: 

- magnus is the little spoon but they switch a lot so

- alec is the one who goes grocery shopping 

- they go on a roadtrip every sunday to a random art gallery or whatever 

- sometimes when they get angry at each other instead of fighting they have competitive karaoke or just dance sessions 

- they shower together ((( sometimes they make out but other times they practice their oscar acceptance speeches))) 

- alec always goes out and buys a gift for chairman meow on his birthday 

- one weekend when they were away on one of their roadtrips they played truth or dare and magnus dared alec to try every single position they find on the internet with him (((and we all know shadowhunters don’t back down from a challenge))) (((they did pretty damn good thanks to alec’s stamina runes))) 

- magnus stays up super late to watch mundane tv shows and alec usually falls asleep in his lap watching them 

- they try out new recipes for each other’s birthdays (((bc they are nerds who love to cook))) 

- they re-decorate the apartment together 

- alec has gotten the habit of sleeping with the BLINK IF YOU WANТ МЕ shirt he wore on their first date 


hey i’m kat, i’m broke and have a lot of things i need to save up for and since i can’t get a job right now what better way to make money then to sell super sweet cool art!!!!!!

“how much??????”

well here you go:
sketch: $3 (+$1 for each additional character)

lineart: $5 (+$1 for each additional character)

one color: $7 (+$2 for each additional character)

flat color: $10 (+$2 for each additional character)

color and shade (ex: madoka in the middle) $20 (+$5 for each additional character)


“okay but what can i request?”

i will draw:
· OCs
· canon characters
· people with animal features (ears, tail, etc)
· some animals (really just dogs or wolves or foxes i’m sorry)
· some furries (still just dogs wolves and foxes)
· if it’s not listed here or below feel free to just ask

i will NOT draw:
· NSFW idk how to draw a boober
· gore or anything with an excess amount of blood
· anything that makes me uncomfortable really but i’m down to draw almost anything

just toss me an ask for your request and i’ll get on it asap!!

**i take payments through PayPal. my email is**

thanks guys
(please reblog even if you aren’t interested it helps a lot)