Buy your producs

Another great thing about capitalism is if you want to live like a commie you can. Buy some land produce your own food set up a commune, live capital free hippie lives, you are free to do so. You can’t live like a capitalist in a communist society.

Capitalism isn’t perfect it’s just wildly better. And a lot of the problems stem from corporatism not capitalism itself. And the over involvement of the government. For example most businesses that subvert the free market and screw people do so with the help of the government, the thing socialists want to grow and centralize more power in. What’s the evilest business you can think of? Insurance companies come to mind, guess what the government likes to make mandatory…insurance. The only thing that’s going to destroy capitalist societies is ruining the economy with socialism.

Let’s also never forget that socialist is the second half of national socialist 

Go Organic

I can’t stress enough how important it is to eat organic. Non-organic companies spray fruits and vegetables with pesticides and chemicals that have led to brain deformities, autism and diseases in future children, and not to mention the fact that when the workers spray the food they’re covered from head to toe. If they can’t ingest that stuff then why are we allowed to eat it? How is it possibly possible that we are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables that are sprayed with harmful chemicals meant to kill bugs but we are supposed to believe it won’t do anything to our health? Also, the seeds they plant are GMO seeds which means their DNA has been genetically altered to withstand the conditions of bugs and chemicals sprayed onto them. These seeds can only be grown ONCE, and the seeds from the fruit can not be replanted to make more. That is completely terrifying and the fact that people aren’t even remotely shocked or scared by this is worrisome.

Eating organic IS the way to live. We should be eating the fruits and veggies that nature provides which is grown WITHOUT genetically modified seeds and WITHOUT harmful pesticides and God knows what other chemicals they spray the food with. Eating organic is sustainable and 100,000x’s better for our health and for our environment. By eating organic we are supporting local farmers and supporting the fact that we want them to keep doing what they’re doing, and eating organic doesn’t have to be expensive. Try growing your own produce or go to the local farmers market and ask for “seconds” of the organic produce and most of the time it’s almost always cheaper.

Be smart people and start doing some research on how the food you eat is treated and what effects it is having on our environment and on ourselves! Now go and take a trip to your local farmers market today and see the difference in how the produce tastes and how your body will thank you for feeding it wholesome food :).