Butterfly Faery

Last week I went to a butterfly conservatory. It was magical. I’ve been to many in my life and each time I visit, I encounter such memorable friends. Butterflies are beacons of transformation, love and manifestation. I sat in the conservatory surrounded by watercolors of wings and song birds. Sunlight, my partner and the fluidity of a waterfall. I was happy. I was at peace. I was free.

Release Meditation

Close your eyes. Breathe in deep.

You are free.

In this moment you have nothing holding you down.

Imagine yourself in a garden.

Under golden light and embraced by pastel pedals.

You have wings. Big, Soft, Beautiful wings.

The breeze softly beckons you.

Your wings embrace the wind and you begin to rise.

Fly. Be Free. Roam.

Fly with the butterflies.

Follow their colors across the sky.

You are wild, unbound, alive.