Butter (arguably) makes everything better – even tea. For Chime Dhorje, who works at Café Himalaya in New York City, the butter in the cup of tea before him ideally comes from a yak.

Yak butter tea is often referred to as the national drink of Dhorje’s homeland, Tibet. Tibetans drink it all day long — up to 60 cups a day, it’s said — though they’re not the only ones who enjoy it: It’s consumed in countries throughout the Himalayas.

In those lofty Himalayan mountains, a few cups of yak butter tea would be a welcome respite from the cold, thin air. And Dhorje tells The Salt that butter tea, or po cha, is a comforting reminder of home. But yak butter is pretty hard to come by in New York. So Dhorje, and anyone who orders it at Café Himalaya, has to make do with butter from a cow.

Tea Tuesdays: Butter Up That Tea, Tibetan-Style

Photo credit: Antoine Taveneaux via Wikimedia Commons

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