Friend’s House

Another anonymous submission! I posted it earlier, but had to take it down a bit to fix something.

Tom was hanging at his friends Drake’s place. Tom has always been a little shy and it was his first time at drakes house. They weren’t super close but Tom didn’t have a lot of friends and decided it would be best to go and socialize rather than not. Tom was new to town after his parents moved. It was doubly hard that they moved during his senior year making it harder for him to penetrate already set friend groups that late in school. They both sat on a beaten couch in a small living room playing video games when Drakes dad walked in. He was a large gruff man wearing nothing but a wife beater and basketball shorts that were both a little too tight and small showing the bit of weight he’s gained and his laziness that keeps him from getting any more clothes. He had a pretty tan body and a farmers tan. He was a hairy man with brown fur covering him and his face He strutted over to the two boys with his eyes on Tom.

“What are you two up to eh?” His dad asked.

“Just playing video games dad.” Drake said.

“And who is this one?” He asked to Tom.

Tom sheepishly held out his arm for a handshake. “My name is Tom Mr. Hoss”

“Nice to meet you Tom, you can just call me Bob.”

Tom nodded his head and broke the eye contact as quickly as possible. Bob feeling the awkwardness smiled. “Heh well I guess I’ll just see myself out then gwahaha. You too have fun!”

Bob turned around revealing a major ass crack leveled right at Toms face who was doing his best not to look right at the hairy butt. It shook side to side as he walked out the doorway but paused right before he left.

“Oh wait, on last thing…” he said as he lifted a leg.


Mr. Hoss let out a huge fart right in Toms direction while Bob couldn’t stop laughing. Drake rolled his eyes while Tom did his best to disregard the smell and “joke”.

A while after he left Drake explained that his dad farts all the time and that Tom would just have to get used to it. It’s not everyone sense of humor, but he’d have to get over it.

They continued to play video games until Drake left to go to the bathroom. Tom sat there by himself analyzing the situation that he was in. A new house, a new friend, and a new situation to being at a different place. Tom is smaller than most kids his age and was a timid person. He was lost in his thoughts when Mr. Hoss walked in. Tom watched him make his way over to the couch. He lumbered his enormous body toward little Tom and was seemingly ignoring him.

“Huh I guess the boys left…” he said. Tom was confused as to what he was getting at.

“Drake? Drake?!” He yelled. Each yell lifted his belly a bit and it jiggled with every step. The bottom part of his belly poked out under his tight undershirt showing off some belly hair. He stopped right in front of the couch facing away from Tom. Tom was once again confronted with his friends dads ass crack.

“Hm… I guess they’re not here!” Bob said and promptly sat himself down right on top of Toms small body. The huge red gym shorts pushed right up against Toms face without warning. His ass cheeks were on top of his face cheeks and they were pushing Tom down to the cushion. The weight put on Tom was gargantuan as the small boy was squashed under this massive man. And audible CRUNCH sounded as Mr. Hoss set all his weight down. Toms face was right up in his ass. It smelt impossibly terrible under there.

“This isn’t quite as comfortable as normal!” Mr. Hoss said as he started wiggling his as around on the poor kid. He grinded and bounced on him squashing more and pressing his face and body against his massive bottom more and more. With each movement more crunching and squashing sounds could be heard making Bobs smile widen.

“This is your punishment for inviting that kid over without my permission!” Bob said to the flattened boy under him.

In a panic it dawned on Tom that Mr. Hoss thought he was on his own son. He wiggled and squirmed but it only brought him deeper and deeper in his ass.

“Ahhh this feels good though! Think I’ll be here for a bit. Enjoy the stench down there! You know I don’t wash up often and I gotta keep it smelly to punish you. In fact, I don’t think it’s smelly enough down there!” His gruff voice said. With that he let loose a fart that shook the entire couch.


Tom was blasted point blank with a fart that reeked. His eyes went to the back of his head. Suddenly he noticed he could see again as the massive ass rose up in front of him. Tom was stuck to the couch crumpled in the cushion. He twitched and tried to move but couldn’t. He tried to speak but was afraid he’d vomit if he let anything leave his mouth. He watch the huge plump ass rise above him and quickly descend on him again.


“Ahhh that feels great! Don’t piss me off boy cause-“ Mr. Hoss was quickly cut off.

“… dad?” Tom heard Drake say.

Thank god! Drake was back to stop this madness.

“Drake? … that means that…” Mr. Hoss slowly got off the couch to reveal an absolutely destroyed Tom on the couch. Stink lines were basically radiating off of him and his body was almost completely flattened. He almost looked like a cartoon character. Rather than being sympathetic Mr. Hoss and Drake bust out laughing at Toms misfortune.

“Gwahaha!” Mr. Hoss roared holding his belly with each laugh. “My bad kiddo!”

Tom was still stuck and stunned unable to react or process the humiliation that just befell on him.

“Bet you didn’t like that too much huh? It’s not all roses up in there bud!” He said as he walked out without any sort of apology. He smacked his ass and let it jiggle. before he left and turned to say “bet you liked it didn’t you though? It’ll come back to get you boy!”

Later that night Tom tried to get his parents to pick him up but they both were too busy and said he had to spend the night. Horrified he tried to find another way out but after an hour he admitted defeat. His new plan was to go to bed as soon as possible. Tom said goodnight to Drake who wouldn’t allow Tom to forget the humiliation that happened to him by recounted every detail with delight and laughter.

“I mean you were in his ass cheeks! I don’t think I could’ve seen you in there. Just one hand poking out until he farted all over you and blasted you out his ass!! Ahahaha!”

Tom walked to the guest room and hopped on the bed to sleep off this awful experience. He still smelled the awful fart and couldn’t get that giant ass out of his mind. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Tom was slightly awoken to hear a creek of the door but too tired to react. He was then startled up when he felt a warm presence on his chest. Groggily he opened his eyes to see a giant mound of flesh over him. A huge belly was above his face and two thick thighs were on both sides of his head. Above him was a bulge popping from what looked like a speedo. Before he could process what was happening they dropped on his face.

“Mmpf!!” He struggled but the weight was too much and the belly was too big to see who it was. The balls were warm on his nose and mouth and smelled like sweat and manhood.

“See! Isn’t is fun!” A voice sounding like Mr. Hoss came from the opening of the room.

“Oh this is great!” The man on top of him said. “This little pipsqeak looks so scared! Bahaha! He’ll be a good little bitch for the night!” A face leaned over the belly to reveal a man with an even larger stature than Mr. Hoss with a black goatee. He sported and evil grin and wavy eyes. Tom wondered if they were drunk. His heartbeat skyrocketed fully realizing the danger he was in.

“I brought a little hic* sorry I brought an enormous friend over. After the fun I had squashing you wimpy body under my fat ass I had to share the fun!” Bob said holding on the wall to keep his footing. The man on Tom rubbed back and forth switching from his ball sack on Tom face and the beginning of his ass. The man held on the head board with his right arm showing off his hairy armpits. Tom could smell his B.O. from there. It was bad if he could smell the raw ripeness from his pits beyond the full stench of his crotch. The man stood up in the bed to see the now red faced Tom quivering in the bed. “See he’s too scared to even move. Perfect victim!” Hoss said.

“Look buddy” the new man said kneeling above Tom condensing his massive belly to a semi circle. “I’m staying the night here too and there’s only one guest room so… I guess we’ll just have to share!” Tom eyes widened.

“Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I gotta tuck in my guest first!” Hoss belted out. He rushed to the side of the bed that Tom was on while Jack, the friend, moved out the way. Hoss slide his ass over to face Tom and hopped right on his face crushing it. Toms body that wasn’t engulfed by the ass flailed around trying to escape.

“Keep trying, you’ll just get deeper in my ass!”

“He can’t get deeper with that on!” Jack yelled. Jack kicked off Bob from the boy. Tom gasped for air. Jack stepped above Tom and smacked his ass for Tom to see. “Ready for the show?” He said with a toothy grin. Jack slowly started pulling down his underwear to reveal a hairy fat ass. This wasn’t just a fat ass, it was big enough to cover most of Toms body. Jack was also tall so the length of the crack went up quite a bit. Tom felt add sweat drip down on him and he tasted the salty and stinky ass juice. Tom bagged and tried to get up but as soon as he lifted his head Jack squatted so Tom would shove his own face in his as. Sweat splattered in all direction and all over Tom. Jack sighed in pleasure with the contact. He quickly backed up to shove Toms face between the wall and his ass.


Only Toms hand and parts of his forearm could fight against this huge man as the rest were covered by his flesh. Tom felt the warm flesh cover his entire face. He made the mistake of started to scream which left his mouth open and exposed to taste what was inside. Jack bit his lip and started grinding on the wall.

“Unf that feels awesome! I love dominating little bitches like you!” Tom smelt the raw sewerage and rotten eggs. He felt the sweaty ass envelop his face and move all around him spreading the stink. The ass moved off him but his face followed suction cupped to his. Hoss tried to pull him out but he was stuck.

“Here I got a plan…” jack said. Jack huffed up and tensed his body. Tom felt Jacks asshole move and his ass tighten around his face. “Hrpf! Hrrrmm!”


Jack blasted Tom out of his rear end with a giant point blank fart on his face. Tom fell back feeling the indescribably awful smell assault his nose.

Hoss joined the nude man and also removed his clothes. The huge hairy man grabbed the boy by his head and rubbed him all over his furry belly. Toms arms were desperately trying to fight but he knew he couldn’t and just had to take it. Hoss threw his head to the wall. Sitting up Tom was level to Mr. Hoss’ ball sack and shaft. He took a step forward and the swung side to side with each one. Toms heart was blasting. Just before he could move Mr. Hoss thrusted his crotch in his face. His sweaty ball sack landed right under his nose covering his nostrils. He went back for another thrust.




Mr. Hoss continued to hump Tom until the wall was starting to crack. After his final one he rested his belly on his head and leaned on his own stomach. The shaft slide down from Toms eye socket to his lips due to the sweat.

“Ahh that’s the stuff. I’m almost out of energy here” Mr. Hoss said. “But not out of this.” He spun around and jumped in the air. His massive ass blocked out the light above Tom and came crashing down on his face.


The whole house shook and the bed broke under them.

“Oops! Hope the bed is okay!” Hoss said. Hoss and Jack both laughed at this while hoss sat there, naked ass on Toms face. Each laugh bounced him more crushing Toms face more and more. Little farts came out with each bounce making a constant flow of gas and humiliation hit him.


“Ahh that feels great! Get ready, you’re my new fart slave boy!”

Mr. Hoss berated Tom with farts. His whole ass vibrated along with Tom. The farts spread all over Toms body and soaked into his clothes. Anytime Mr. Hoss got up it was only to jump back on the poor boy crushing him even more. Toms head felt like an egg that was on the verge of cracking. He was basically completely flattened at this point with a curve up where the ass crack was. He bounced and farted on Tom all night until Jack pushed him off and copied Bob. Jack was even heavier making this much harder on Tom. Jack enjoyed allowing Tom to see the fart so he would stop and centimeter above his face and let one rip right on him


They propped him up to lean against the bed sitting. Tom was on the verge of passing out but every fart snapped him back. They were keeping him awake by farting in him allowing them to torture him more! The both aimed their huge ass at him on both sides and released the largest fart for both of them yet.



They both blasted him with their sweaty assed spraying fart sweat at him. Both of them backed up until he was sandwiched between their asses. Tom struggled to get out but only his legs could move and they had been squashed too much to make much movement. The men grinded up on him. It was easy with the amount of sweat between them. The night consisted of the men finding new way to humiliate Tom. They shoved him in their armpit, wrapped him in their stained underwear they wore for weeks, sat on him full weight, took turns T-bagging him, used him as their sweat rag on every part of the body, and of course farted on him. Tom never has seen anyone fart as much as these two. After what seemed like forever Tom fell out of Jacks ass, crumpled and broken to see the time.

11:00 p.m.

“What? Did you think it was almost over? This is gonna be going allll night boy!” Hoss yelled. Tom shook in the broken bed scared and destroyed. They continued their unrelenting onslaught until the both passed out on him leaving him unable to move. Both made sure to have their asses facing/ on top of him to make sure the gas, farts, and squashing kept him up all night.