Buteo Buteo


The extremes of red-tailed hawk color morphs. White to very, very dark. Both are the same species, Buteo jamaicensis.

The bird on the left has an extreme lack of melanin production and the bird on the right over-produces melanin. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes, which also produce pheomelanin, which results in a reddish-brown color. Note that the bird on the left has a red tint to her tail even though her melanocytes aren’t functioning normally, this could be due to porphyrins and/or carotenoids contributing to the red color in red-tailed hawk tails as well.

Both birds still exhibit the common trait of being total derps (as demonstrated in the third set of photos).

April 25, 2017 - Galapagos Hawk (Buteo galapagoensis) Juvenile

Requested by: @marigoldfaucet

Found only on the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, these hawks have become extinct on five islands. They prey on invertebrates, small lizards, snakes, and tortoise and sea turtle hatchlings, and also eat carrion and food scraps from humans. Nesting at any time of year, females form groups with several males, breeding with all of them and raising the chicks together in a system known as “cooperative polyandry.” They build nests in low branches or on the ground from grass, bark, leaves, and other materials, reusing them for several years. Classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, they are at risk due to persecution from humans, competition for food with introduced predators, and their small range.


This young buzzard arrived at the centre recently after being found in a stable not flying. It had been calling repeatedly for its parents but sadly they had not returned.

Whilst showing no physical injuries, it was thin and weak and needed some rest. It was moved into one of our pens and will be released back to the wild when it has recovered and grown up :)

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Child of Never - Jonathan Meiburg

The whole of ‘Buteo Buteo’ is on bandcamp and the following lyrics most definitely have some mistakes, which I’ll work on fixing.

Mary I think
That this grief has come with me to stay.
It’s spilling like light,
through the doors and the rooms of our day(?)
I can’t chase it away.

So come down to the sand
where the waves wash and comfort your bones
And where all of this sadness can sink to the bottom like stones
And then leave us alone.

The light in the air
hanging blue and green over the trees
And the smell of the grass
While the water climbs over your knees
Cry because you are free.

Oh stars and June bugs
In clouds hanging over the fields.
By the wall where soldiers once shouldered their weapons and kneeled

There’s rain on the roof
And there’s rain in the forecast tonight
And the city is reborn and the sun may surrender it’s light
And surround us with night

The Winter will come and will cover the water with ice.
Just like every beautiful thing that you longed for in life.
It names it’s own price